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Zambia U20 arrive from Senegal

The Zambia Under Twenty National Soccer Team has arrived in the country from Senegal.

The team touched down at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka at 21:00 hours

Chipolopolo were in Senegal for the 2015 Africa Youth Championships.

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  1. In 2007 our under 20 beat Uruguay at the world cup. That team had cavani and surez. Our zambian team had Sunzu, Mayuka, fwayo and Clifford mulenga. Sunzu and Mayuka later won afcon. That is the greatest under 20 and this bunch of lousy losers are nowhere near that standard. I still say we keep some of the outstanding ones for the olympics.

    • Where is the greatness when they are either failing to make the grade in Europe or are in China? For me 1999 team with Sinkala (Germany), Nsofwa (Israel), Kampamba (Sundowns enroute Russia) etc was even better but nothing near best as well. Awe ba john, let’s not celebrate the best among not the best.

  2. In certain countries they would be returning to a few lashes on their buttocks…

    We are on a downward spiral. The last two Afcons and the poor showing of both the U17 and U20 teams is evidence of this. Our FA leadership need to brainstorm and figure out the cause of this. Most likely though what will happen is the same old head in the sand approach.

    • The same with our envoys in the African club championships (Zesco and Power), who face elimination in the second leg of matches with their respective opponents. Its really a sad moment for Zambian football.

  3. Where is Kalu and his executive in all this?
    The coach must stay and buy a team for 2017.
    How many preparatory matches did the team have before the tournament?
    You can not reap where you did not sow.
    Next will be the under 23 and then the women who we even failed to ferry home from their last tournament.
    Let us not blame the coaches as the administration is doing zero in making our women and youth heros

  4. Just watch NIGERIA spell GHANA tomorrow. We did it two yrs ago at U17 level and we gonna do it again tomorrow. The good thing is that each time we beat GHANA i celebrate with fresh ghanaian pussy… Tomorrow wont be an exception. Go NAIJA gooooooo




  5. I want to ask a question to all zambian nationals. Is zambia the poorest country in africa? After all these failures with the national team. It’s clear that local coaches cannot handle anything we have gone back to the era when we would get whipped by Cameroon. That kalu said bonetti was an incompetent coach so why is he maintaining honor Janza. So the question I’m asking is zambia so poor it has failed to hire and expatriate coach after all the disaster it has seen? Is zambia so poor it cannot make any changes to the failures we are seen? In other countries Janza would have been fired with immediate effect.

    • Not at all, just that we end up at the Strategy (the how) and leave out Business Models (how to create real value in monetary terms like you allude to here).

    • Zambia is not poor. It is the poor mentality in people that is the problem, and inability to do things the right way. Being content with mediocrity is another problem as well as inability to aim for excellence. Thats my opinion.

  6. It is very worrying if a team like the under 17, which has been together for close to two years can perform in such a disastrously. Clearly there is something we are missing. A 2-5 bashing is usually associated with penalty shoot-outs but it is unbelievable it is happened in normal regulation time of 90 minutes. Ironically, it is happening after FAZ has trained and churned out more coaches than ever before. The performance on the pitch does not match the soccer accreditations bestowed to our coaches. There is a need for a serious wide-based post-mortem and figure out where we are missing it.

    • ROK, would you accredit FAZ with churning out more coaches than ever before, please explain and expand on this.

      For me it’s not good enough and i can see there needs to drastic changes, but let me not say what these are yet, just that involves our coaches our admin and our whole philosophy. It doesn’t matter certificate we are putting on our coaches neck for the time being it is simply not good enough.

  7. If I were u I would rather reserve my comments until de match is over, de reason been dat anytime nigeria is in blistering form ghana stops them, anytime nigeria goes to a match being favourite against ghana they lose. I blatantly know the satelites ar not playing well but will never rule them out in a game against nigeria cos dat is when they always prevail. U don’t hav good records against ghana in de u’20 so my bro watch de space.

  8. pepo lets stop crying over spilt milk. it’s time we get bak our feet and plan the way forward as stakeholders in zzambian football.

  9. @ John, what are thinking by asking that question? If u are only refering “poorest” in terms of football only still the answer is no. Zambia is just struggling in football by now while interms of economic activities which improves the lives of the people, Zambia is doing better due to good policies under PF govt with massive infructure improvements.

  10. I wonder what criteria the DISGRACED AND CORRUPT FAZ executive used to select these bunch of small boys. Football is officially dead is this country. We are now incapable of competing at international level and the results are there for all to see. FAZ has destroyed football in this country!

  11. @ Mumbi I am asking if zambia is too poor to afford a coach. Burkina Faso fires their coach immediately. It means zambia has no resources to hire a new coach and conduct a clean selection process. It is a poor country hence the results you see.

  12. @Paradox, bushe ba FAZ can’t engage some of the local companies to fund teams like the U23, U20, and U17. This is the same thing I was telling you guys back when FAZ said too many teams had qualified for tournaments for them to be paid adequately. I said FAZ was basically unprepared for success and you people thought I was talking nonsense. Now look where we are.

    • that the goal of every association. qualify all national teams to afcon competitions. faz must have budgeted in anticipation of the teams qualifying or seek help in advance to meet the cost.

      • Exactly brother, but they didn’t. It was made very clear from the excuse that was given when they failed to pay the womens U17 team that this association was not geared or prepared for success.

        • we need a president that is based here in Zambia. busy going round looking for funds. if kalu was based here am sure he could have sourced alot of funds from organizations. him being outside hasnt helped in any way. how can u leave things in the hands of george kasengele sure.?

  13. When is the election guys??? Now i have truely had enough Kalu’s admin. Thank you but no thank you for the future. We take our chances.

  14. We all know that its bcoz of our poor associatian planning that is resulting in poor perfomance by our players. This ranges from poor preparatory games, always camping in RSA, Poor travel managements, dubious selection of players, questionable appointments of coaches, eg (Janza), Arrogant and corrupt FA boss using a remote control to run his association. etc, etc.
    Once all those problems are sorted out, Zambia will be back to where they belong.

  15. your leaders are visionless and have no idea about what planning is..come to ghana and learn from kwasi nyantakyi,our fa president..we ghanaians dont tolerate nonsense.within 2008 to 2015,no sports minister has reign for more than one year because no one is older than the nation.we fire you when you show any immaturity..we would have beaten kalu up if he was to be our fa president because football is a national passion

  16. We don’t need to learn from trophyless nation whom we eliminated on 8th February 2012. The problem with our soccer administrators is corruption. They even engage coaches whom they know are puppets to them. If you think of Kalusha, all those campings he organises for our teams in RSA where he stays, he always gets a cut from hotel managements and other logistics. Investigations from all those camping will reveal too much.

    • Ba Mumbi, please don’t think one victory over Ghana means you have nothing to learn from them. Their success at all levels was not achieved overnight and without foresight. So would you rather take lessons from Sudan whom we failed to beat after 2012 or Ethiopia whom we also failed to beat?

      FAZ had a very good blueprint for success which was blown out the water. You all just want to throw everything out of the window. Ask Generalisimo about the FAZ youth program and instead start from there so you can try and understand where the plan went wrong. You are just speaking out of anger and you want to amputate the arm without even doing any sort of diagnosis.

    • Not till now, u were making some good contributions. Stop the animosity against Ghana. After all is said & done we ard ALL Africans with similar plight. Corruption is deep in our roots & when it comes to soccer, that is no exception. The resultant effect is sometimes overlooking the competent people & making do with border line persons. We just need a bunch of honest people to overhaul our systems. GOOD LUCK, Mumbi
      For the first time, l have been reading some constructive opinions from you. Bravo, my brother.

  17. hahaaaaa,Mumbi remember the exact day Zambia beat Ghana en route to Afcon victory in 2012.
    What a historic feat it was and certainly the begenning of Football in Zambia.
    Swallow your pride my friend cos there is a lot Zambia can learn from Ghana.
    Before you agitate for the exit of Ba Kalu,just pause to reflect about his replacement and do a cost benefit and SWOT analysis of the two in contention;else things will worsen.
    FAs earn percentages in player transfers hence the high rate of young Ghn talents leaving for Euroland is funding our FA coffers to administer football;invest in infrastructure and the results will come
    viva Gh

  18. Sometimes you need such humbling experiences in order to make you start working.I remember how the young Hichani Himoonde was torn apart by Nigerian strikers in the opening match of the Congo 2007 under 20 Africa cup.Dennis Banda took his position in the subsequent matches of that tournament.It was not the end of life though for young Hichani who as we all know has the Senior Africa cup Gold medal somewhere in his cabinet. What is key is for these boys to learn from this disappointment and start working to raise their game.The group comprising Gift Kampamba,Sinkala Andrew, Zulu Emmanuel,Bakala Ian played at the 1999 and even drew against the eventual winners Spain but never reached the potential they promised.

    • What difference does it make? The young boys gave it their all but it was not enough. Preparation might be key. Even if Germany does not prepare well enough, Azerbajan may give Germany a tough time. You do not reap what u have not sowed.

  19. mumbi,since you reason like kalu,then you will continue to see your analysis come true only in your can learn from lesotho since you could not beat them in their yard,or sudan and zimbabwe..listen,when ghana stop partaking in football,they will still be regarded as one of the greatest football nations in african continent.kalu is just as arrogant as you who combine arrogant with ignorant but are always failures.envy us as we always move to the beat us in 2012 and what has been your end? failure

  20. you fell the moment you won the 2012 afcon because you thought you have reach,and you began to live on that past glory instead of working hard.the problem is not getting to the top but remaining at the top.that is consistency

  21. Ghana vs Nigeria—-this evening

    Ghana U20 coach downplays Mali defeat Ghana U20 Sellas Tetteh has played down his side’s defeat to Mali saying they will be up to the task against tournament favourites Nigeria. The Black Satellites were beaten 1-0 by the Eaglets on Sunday in Mbour courtesy a powerful header from captain Ichaka Diarra on a corner. Ghana’s inability to top Group B means they will now face sworn-rivals Nigeria on Wednesday in the first semi-final despite the wish of both countries to faceoff in the final. Tetteh is refusing to attribute his side’s defeat to the four changes he made to his starting line- up for the final Group B clash. “It is very good result for us and we have to look at cards and all things and this was an opportunity to see other players so clearly we took a calculated risk to see,” Tetteh told Accra- based Joy FM. “I would not say it is because of that we lost so we are going to put our house together and face Nigeria. We are capable.”

  22. World Cup ticket nothing if we’re not champions – Manu Flying Eagles coach Manu Garba has said there will be no point in qualifying for the U20 World Cup if they do not come away with the AYC title in Senegal. Nigeria face perennial rivals Ghana in Wednesday’s AYC semifinal in Dakar. “There will really be no point qualifying for the World Cup, if cannot go there as champions of Africa,” said Manu ahead of the semifinal. “Our tournament starts with this game and we have to be prepared to win it so as to stay on track for our main target, which is to be champions of Africa. “This is the final before the final, it will even be tougher than the final.” Interestingly, both the Flying Eagles and the Black Satellites clashed last month in two warm- up matches in Ghana. The first match ended in a 2-2 draw in Accra and the second, which was played in Tema, was won 2-0 by Nigeria.

    • Ghana ll shut him up today!!

      Anytime, naija is on fire in any touranmemt, Ghana beat and eliminate them!!

      He is talking too much and Ghana ll shut him up!

  23. Will Flying Eagles keep goal king prize?

    Nigeria’s Flying Eagles have scooped the goal king prize at the last two AYCs and Taiwo Awoniyi and skipper Musa Muhammed are very much in contention for the award at Senegal 2015. Uche Nwofor was top scorer at the 2011 championship, which Nigeria won in South Africa, and two years later Umar Aminu also finished as top scorer. Both strikers scored four goals each. And now Awoniyi and Musa have fired three goals each, like four other players namely Sidy Sarr, Ibrahima Wadji (Senegal), Silvere Ganvoula Mboussy (Congo) and Sundowns Tryoane (South Africa).

    Flying Eagles midfielder Ifeanyi Matthew is one of four players to have netted two goals apiece thus far. The others are Chris Bile Bedie (Cote d’Ivoire), Dumisani Zuma (South Africa) and Hamidou Traore (Mali). Fifteen players including Nigeria’s Christian Pyagbara have scored a goal at Senegal 2015. For the group phase of the biennial championship, a total of 43 goals were recorded for a 3.5 goals per game with Nigeria’s Flying Eagles the highest scoring side with nine goals.

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