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Understanding the concept of home advantage

It is likely that many fans of plenty of sports have noticed their teams play slightly better when performing at their home venue. The online sports betting on site also allows you to place wagers on the best performing teams too. 3 sports where this is particularly noticeable include:

  • American football;
  • basketball;
  • and football.

This is the concept of home-advantage, and it is actually quite interesting to discuss, as plenty of intriguing things can be uncovered. Make some online sports betting on the 1xBet site today, where all the aforementioned disciplines are available too.

Some factors that contribute to this occurrence

When a team plays at home, they’ve got the crowd on their side. There’s this incredible energy when fans are cheering for you. It’s not just about feeling good, in fact, it actually pumps up the players. In European football, for example, home teams win like 64% of the time. Virtual sports can also provide interesting results, and by going to the website you will be able to wager on them too.

But it’s not all about the fans. Being at home means you’re in your own space. You know the field, the locker room, even how the air feels. In the NBA, teams at home win around 60% of their games. It’s something related to feeling comfortable in familiar territory. And speaking about the NBA, all its matches and teams can be wagered at this moment by going to the 1xBet website.

Traveling and referees

And let’s not forget about travel. Away teams have to deal with flights, strange hotels, and all of that. It’s tiring, and it can throw you off your game. This is super noticeable in places like the USA, where teams might be flying across several time zones. The extraordinary 1xBet online casino is profitable, and it is an amazing place to use prior to the next major sports events.

Oh, and there’s this thing about referees. They’re not doing it on purpose, but sometimes they get swayed by the home crowd. It’s a subconscious thing, leading to better calls for the home team. It’s a subtle effect, but it can really make a difference in close games. The 1xBet online casino is a highly profitable place, where you can play while you wait for matches with great referees too.

The funny thing is, home advantage isn’t as strong as it used to be. With better travel, smarter sports psychology, and tighter refereeing, the gap’s getting smaller. Like in the NFL, home teams used to win around 60% of the time back in the 70s, but now it’s closer to 52%.


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