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Uncertainty at Young Green Eagles continues as players are left wondering

Players at Eden University National League side, Young Green Eagles have been left in a state of uncertainty, the ZamFoot Crew understands.

The Zambia National Service-sponsored outfit has not given the players any headway as to what will happen this coming season.

According to a source who spoke to the ZamFoot Crew, The players are yet to resume training and have not been given any information about what is happening at Kafue’s Khosa ground.

“We the players have been told to wait until now no decision,” the source said.

“We have not resumed training and we have not been allowed to move to other teams. If for instance with less than a month to the league we are told the team won’t be there then how do we find new teams?

“If they say we will participate how do we even get ready in a week or 2 to the league when we will be competing with colleagues who have been training for two-plus months,” the source added.

Another player told the ZamFoot Crew that the players are not allowed to move to other teams as the club is blocking their moves.

“We are just waiting if you train with another team they like you, They block the transfer meanwhile we are just home.”

According to ZamFoot Crew sources, Young Green Eagles may not play in the 2022/2023 National League season but there is no clear picture as to what will happen to the players.

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