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Soccer Betting Odds Explained

Soccer is a trendy sport, the most popular sport globally; fans worldwide are keen on football matches, players, coaches, etc.
And for fans, seeing the game and being informed about their famous players and teams aren’t enough.

Fans and enthusiasts alike love betting on soccer matches. Sports betting is the most popular form of gambling in the gaming market; millions of people spend tons of money on sports betting, and those who aren’t fans of soccer tend to bet often on soccer matches. They also bet on simulated reality league matches, proving how big the port betting is.

For those new to sports betting, placing reasonable bets can be hard, and understanding soccer betting odds well enough is a great way to place great bets and maximise your chances of winning. When significant soccer events like the World Cup and Euro Cup are ongoing, fans, punters, and enthusiasts place millions of bets.

Soccer Betting Explained

First, to understand sports betting, you need to know more about the soccer game; the essential workings of soccer. Soccer is a low scoring game, and it’s played in 90 minutes – in two halves, each half is 45 minutes long.


The money line is a crucial way to bet on most sports, all you need is to decide the winner of a match by establishing odds on the side you feel might win, and this bet is made based on implied probability on the side you think might win.

However, soccer is a low scoring game, and a match can end up in a draw after 90 minutes of a game, so the three-way money line is a preferred betting method for most punters.

3-way Moneyline

The 3-way money line involves soccer punters placing bets on the side they feel might win or draw. Soccer betting oddsmakers assign odds based on the win probability of each team competing, and also, a match ending up as a tie after 90 minutes of play determines odds.

Spread – Goal Line

Spread is another form of betting in soccer; it’s also called goal line or handicap. Soccer spread odds are usually between 0.5 and 2 goals, but odds can vary based on the competitiveness of both teams.

The favourite team to win the game between the two competing teams might have an odds of -1.5; this means the team can win after scoring two goals or more. At the same time, the team with a higher chance of losing gets an odds of +1.5, which suggests that they might lose the game after conceding a goal.

Asian Handicaps

Asian handicap is a very complex form of betting, it’s for a fact that Asian games usually end with fewer goals scored, and in Asian handicap, punters distribute their stakes evenly. They stake on different game results. And these odds can be 0.25, 0.50, and 0.75 goal handicaps.

For example, a team might have an Asian handicap of -1.75, and when the team wins after scoring two goals; if you bet $50 on that odds, your winning could be $25, and if you stake $50 on an odd of -1.5, your winnings can be anything from $12-$14.

Over/Under Totals

Over/Under a total in sports betting involves oddsmakers setting odds based on the probable number of goals a team can score. You bet on the final total of goals you feel the team might score; it could be one, two or three. And most importantly, if the goals scored will be under or above a certain number.


There are numerous types of soccer odds; they come in different forms and sizes; understanding American odds is the most common way to understand sports betting odds. Even more so, European odds.

Most betting sites offer detailed guidelines to understand how to bet effectively on soccer matches. By reading these guidelines and understanding them enough, you can make reasonable soccer bets and maximise your winnings.

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