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Sichone compliments Chipolopolo Boys following win over Bafana Bafana

Zambia coach Moses Sichone has complimented his side following the 2-1 win over host South Africa.

Second half goals from Golden Mashata and Albert Kangwanda secured the Chipolopolo Boys to the Cosafa Cup final.

The defending Champions had bad start after they conceded first but recovered to book a place against Lesotho in Sunday’s final.

“A big compliment to the team, they have done well today after all the analysis we did, we saw South Africa, saw their strongest points and their weaknesses. We expect another tough match against Lesotho because Lesotho is one of the experienced teams. They have been playing for so many years together, we know that the game won’t be easy,” Sichone said.

“I went in the dressing room and encouraged the boys not to look down but pick themselves up. After that the team came back strong and we managed to equalize and scored the second goal,” he said.

“I know most of the fans, more especially back home, they did not believe in these guys but these are some of the things we know in football. For me the most important thing is the players, if they are able to make the fans happy then they have done their job,” he said.
“They are aware that when they are putting on the jersey, they are not representing themselves, they are representing the whole mother Zambia.”

And his opposite number Morena Ramoreboli said the semifinal was a cagey affair that was always going to be won on mistakes.

“We the same mistake we were doing in the final third in our defence to concede the first goal and exposing the space in front of the centre backs,” he said.
“The way the game was, it was so tight that whoever made mistakes will end up losing the match. it is just unfortunate that today it was us who made those mistakes.”

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  1. Our football game will only progress well fair play is emphasised both the players and executive. Players should be paid their allowances period. Execom should not intimated players. When funds are not available, inform players about unlike keeping them in the dark. FAZ WAFCOM performance has upset some big wigs because they must have been given kick backs. Match fixing. Even in this case why can’t we suspect match fixing. FAZ Execom do not discourage and dampen team morale.. We are not doing well with men, where our focus is, meanwhile women are doing very well. Pay them its there money. You boost about friendlies and yet you are eating their money. FAZ do not kill soccer.

  2. They have to let her stay with the team even if she is not playing games
    Because even other player who likes her presence will not perform well
    And she need to benefit equally like anyone as a part of the team justice must previl

  3. It’s difficult to progress in Zambia dear… after reading everything i have reached a conclusion that if faz really care for it’s human resource, it is a must that Nali should not be excluded, otherwise the future for the women national team may not be as bright as it will be if Nali is going to be there

  4. Its difficult to convince anyone if there is a cup of tea behind. The
    Issue here is that Zambian we love cash too much, that’s the reason why its difficult to go Miles in our activities. Actually its not about medical personnel or anyone else to single her out from the tournament it basically a personal division. We know what it means to have an injury but not in this case , honestly. Nali you feel it alone just be patient , to my lovely sisters of copper q
    Queens , what man can do, Even a lame can also do only if there will be ; hope, heard working, honest, team Work and love we will make it. Let’s show them our level Best its never too late work up and update your strength this is a different level. Nali will not play play with us just the one on the ground import her with more confidence she can be better than nali.

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