Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Renard leads Ivory Coast to AfCON gold

Ivory Coast goalkeeper Boubacar Barry saved two penalties and scored the winning spot kick to give Herve Renard’s side the African title after a nail biting end to the final which saw 11 spot kicks taken.

The two teams were locked 0 – 0 at the end of extra time and it was Ghana who looked headed for victory when they led 2 – 0 after the first two penalties.

However, Renard’s lads kept their nerves to and pulled back to send the game into sudden death penalties and eventually won the game with the 9 – 8.

Former Chipolopolo coach Renard goes in the history books as the first coach to win two Africa Cup of Nations gold medals with two different teams.

Ivory Coast XI: Boubacar Barry, Kolo Touré, Eric Bailly, Wilfried Kanon, Siaka Tiéné, Serge Aurier, Yaya Touré, Serey Die, Gervinho, Wilfried Bony, Max Gradel

Ghana XI: Brimah Razak, Baba Rahman, Jonathan Mensah, John Boye, Harrison Afful, Kwesi Appiah, Afriyie Acquah, Christian Atsu,   Andre Ayew, Mubarak Wakaso,                Asamoah Gyan

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  1. Fluke coach has won haha. Give the man credit and stop talking rubbish. There’s only one herve renard full stop unless you got no brain lol

  2. ivorycoast was bound to win this cup they were too good. it has nothing to do with herve. anyone can win the cup with iv cost. herve is just lucky

  3. herve found a team that knew wat it was doing they were determined not to loose again. weve got too many blind people on zamfoot kanshi

    • Same team (Golden generation) that has been failing to win it in 2008 (losing finalists), 2012 (losing fianlists), 2013 (quarter finalists) and HR just once he gets it..

  4. I was not going to celebrate the Ivory Coast victory very much but with the kind of behaviour portrayed by this guy idi amin gadafi I am really happy for ivory Coast.From no where he just started attacking tc soccer man.
    This is very good dose for those Ghanaian wailers.
    let the wait for the AFCON cup continue…. aha aha aha …

    • Typical zambia thing! U discover renard and discard without using him to the max! Meanwhile Boneiti wants his money, those chickens in FAZ must be eaten!

  5. herve is a crap coach all sensible bloggers know that. anyone would have won the afcon with this ivorycoast team. they were determind not to loose again. to ghana well done but too bad better luck next time tho am not seen u winning it for twenty years. we won ours in 2012 wen we could!

    • hahhahahaha mr vindicated….. still trying to push your supposed vindicated agenda…kekekekeke!!!!! don’t you know how ridiculous you sound just now….. HR has just made history two Afcons in three years…now that’s calling a spade a spade and not a big dirty spoon……kekekekeke!!!!

      • Ba Steve.They make dilute the essence of analysis on this forum with their childish rants.A civilized person knows when to call it quits!Quit this song Stumpy or whoever you are!You must be a loser in your life!

    • If anyone can win with Ivory Coast and Herve Renard is not a factor, why did it take Ivory Coast 23 years to win a second AFCON Trophy? Why didn’t any other coach in the last 23 years win with Ivory Coast? This was the third AFCON final for Ivory Coast since 2006, why did the other coaches not win the 2006 and 2012 AFCON finals?

  6. when it comes to the hole africa we stand tall i swear no team in africa can march ghanas talent even with our kids.we just need a little bit of luck juuuuuuust the x factor daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn i cant seem to understand.hiting the cross bar twice i swear just unlucky .thy cant and will never march ghanas talent
    i just dont know why it end up like this for ghana every day during chan same thing happened

    • Yeah Ghana always talking. Hey your team played better tonight but couldnt score. So its the way it goes.

      Commiserations, we know Ghana is strong. You dont always need to talk.

  7. Well done Renard, congratulation Ivory Coast and hard luck Ghana! Sorry guys never mind about the two wizards, you cannot change stupidity. They will always be like that. It runs in their families.

  8. I am glad Ghana lost so the loud mouth fans can swallow their pride, but I am sad for Kwame as he does not deserve the pain.

  9. Congratulations to the tactics coach ,statistics dont lie . We dont need to be graduates to understand that HR is a good coach. When you say HR is a lucky coach then you are more likely to look out of mind as the future still looks so bright for him.

  10. Congratulations Herve and Cote d’Ivoire on a great tournament. Hard luck Ghana, especially being 2-0 in the shoot-out, that has got to hurt. If Ghana had a better tactician like Renard, it would’ve been different. Physical trainer lucks out again 🙂

  11. Felictations Renard African Football specialist. Haha

    Oh how poor Zambia is at this moment, we need a direction. Not from Renard though.

  12. Dede Ayew crying like a wife that just her husband…kekeke I wonder how the loud mouth fans took it. I can guarantee you, they are having night mares especially on those shots that hit the posts…enjoying the pain inflicted on the loud mouth fans.

  13. if herve is a good coach ask yoselvs bloggers, can he manage to coach zambia right now and improve our rankings? look at how he failed at sochaux wen he had average talent, or at cambridge, or angola, or in algeria. herve is like mancini, a lousy coach who hides behind very good talent. ask yoselvs why he was knocked out in group stages in 2013. the motivation our team had that won that afcon was gone!

    • Well maybe we lost and were drawing because of our unambitious players that are warming the benches and are trekking to China and India? Ever considered that as the reason? Janza failed too and he is useless.

  14. Plz let us accept rena has done it, u should hv heard wat x players were sayin about him. Even kolo said rena is a gud coach, he has changed that team mentality. They play like a team now nd u can jst c how cool rena was, he has grown nd he is stil growing

  15. Renard has now beaten loud mouth ghana 3 times out of 4 games hahahah!!! Ghana can not hire Renard due to their pathetic souls full of hatret and jelous. They will bewitch him infact, watch this space.
    NB: ghana can not win afcon with 16 teams at the tornament.

    • No Ghana beat Angola in 2010 to qualify for 2010 AFCON finals…HR was Angola manager at that time…Why do you guys always have this rivalry. Ghana is a giant in Africa football and just accept it. They are a better side than Zambia. Great teams are not measured by just by just only one trophy…Netherland is a great team…The fact is they have not even won a WC. Ghana didn’t participate in AFCON since they won in 1982 for almost a decade because of instability in their country. This is some of the reasons they have not won it…But they have been to many finals and Semis and that shows their pedigree! You are no where near Ghana!

    • Penalties is just a lottery…There is no magic about that…It does not make someone a great tactician when a team wins in penalties.

      • I don’t think anyone can dispute the fact that Ghana is a powerhouse in Africa or the simple fact that Zambia is not in their class. I think the praise for Herve Renard is not about winning the penalty shootout, but the fact that Ivorycoast did not lose the match and ultimately ended up being champions. You do realize that Herve Renard has not lost an AFCON match since the 2010 quarterfinal loss to Nigeria on penalties. Either way, he deserves credit, just like any other coach who has won a tournament on pks ala Italy 2006, Germany 1990, Egypt 2006.

  16. I have always said it….stupid pipo like John and his lapdog should not be given space to show their dullness. …ati “Bonneti’s team won the Afcon’…..renard is useless. …..bla bla bla. ….bushe Renard ni Mwana wa Nyoko? ??? mwalitumpa mwambushi ….renard has been vindicated

  17. HR has won again, John shut up!

    HR has won again, John shut up!

    HR has won again, John shut up!

    HR has won again, John shut up!

    HR has won again, John shut up!

  18. It was Ivory Coast time to win, it was destiny. HR is a good coach, Zambians just talk a lot. We need a European coach.
    As for Ghana, they are not far from winning that cup, apart from Gyan, most of them are very, young. Ghana will win next tournament.

    • Apparently it is rocket science for some people. Just now you will hear the same old redundant line “if he was a good coach how come he couldn’t beat Lesotho, Sudan, Ethiopia……..blah blah blah” and then there will be a follow up vindicated spoon is a spoon line…..kekekekeke!!!!!

      Eish further proof that common sense is not so common….kikikikikiki!!!!

  19. Congrats Rena and IVC for winning it but it was not simple coz Ghana played very well and penalties are very painful. Mental strength failed our friends from Ghana coz after leading 2 zero in penalties the cup was theirs but they let that IVC Goalkeeper to intimidate them so much that they grew cold feet. My deepest condolenses to our very good friend and fellow blogger KWAME NKRUMAR, sorry bro your wait to lift the cup has been postponned. It was painful for Andrea Ayew who cried like a baby. HR has shamed STUMPY and john who have personal hatred for the guy, whether you like or not HR has made history and you have to live with it. But it would not be wise to engage him coz we are done with him, it was funny to see Patrice running around fighting like a child to get a grip of the trophy. That was an epic final and worth it coz two giants met and men were separated from boys.

  20. soccerguru :

    Let me repeat what you have just said. “Bushe Renard nimwana wanyoko ?” I support you mr soccerguru. These I..dio.. ts must lern to be in their confines

  21. Ghana had no goalkeeper for penalties, his diving lacked agility to save even a single shot. There is no way you can win if out out 9 shots the goalkeeper can’t save a single shot.

  22. Stumpy and John bushe have you even ever appriciated your parents for giving birth to you guys though you are foolish? Muletasha Evy and jealous will jx kill you,you realy have imitima shandoshi.Renar is a good coach,ok let ba wiso coach ivory coast kumone ngakuti bawina.

      • But why? This guy has said nothing about Ghana or you. You are seriously misdirecting your anger and frustrations my friend. You need to have a cold drink of your choice and sit somewhere without looking at the computer and looking to pick fights. The statement above by Chanda Chanda was directed at John and Stumpy, nothing in there about Ghana.

        You have a young talented side full of potential, the Ivorycoast team you lost to was the same way some years ago. Guys like Drogba have even retired before this team finally lived up its true potential. Ghana has all the ingredients to be a dynasty of trophy winners, its going to take a little more time that’s it.

  23. tc soccerman :

    I understand your annoyance because of that grueling encounter you had with that Idi boy. Please try to remain calm. After all the team you rightly supported has won the cup. Lastly please tell me, How many teams were participating in AFCON when Ghana won four times

    • @The Bullet, Happy Monday. I understand. To answer your question Ghana last won the AFCON when only 8 teams where allowed to play in the tourney and there was no color television..ouch that’s a long time.

  24. semi final it was a juju spiderman doll. in the final it was spraying powder on the goal posts. ohh ghana will juju bring u succes?

  25. where is John and Kay Hammer now? they have been vindicated fo calling a spade spade not a big spoon. Bonetti has done it fo Ivory Coast again.

  26. ZF since we cannot change stupidity, why can you change it for us by blocking it for us? We are tired of reading it from stumpy and john.


  28. Ok gents I think its enough of wailer bashing. The bashing should only continue if they prove hard headed enough to continue supporting the nonsense logic that HR is not a good coach cause he failed to beat Lesotho and Ethiopia.

    Back to the drawing board for our senior national team. I think our FA should get a serious coach and they should embark on that right now and not a month before the qualifiers. The next set of qualifiers are extremely crucial as it will be both Afcon and world cup so the sooner we get a coach the better so he has time to adjust and understand our type of game. Janza still has quite a bit to learn and sorry to say we wont make it with him at the helm. Even if we go local lets get the seasoned coaches like Wada wada and Chicken George. Lets also keep fingers crossed for our junior sides and pray that they do well.

  29. It was written in the skies> History favors and remembers winners! CIV and HR are winners. Respect to them and also to the vanquished because without them there would be no victory.

  30. hehehehe mumbi an paradx wether u like it or not ghana is a big house hold name and better than ivory coast in all aspect of foot ball been it junier level or seniour level i can feel ur jelouse for ghana keep on displaying ur stupidy i can see that u guys ur heads stuck in ur mums pusy it was through with the help of hummer an chissel u wer able to be resciued from ur mums pusy.that wy u will keep on exporting players in the kunfu leguea and the congos

  31. Do you have to beat all the weak teams for you to be rated the best coach .even better teams in England lose to teams in lower ranks .those who call HR useless are a bunch of dogs barking in their own backyard after renard screwed their women, definitely its impossible to forgive him.

  32. Latest report, Stumpy and john nabaisundawila and ukuinyelawila after getting the news. Please let them go away they are smelling.

  33. Win tournament via penalty is just lottery and there is no tactics about that. This game could have gone anywhere. Wake up guys some of your debates don’t even make sense!

  34. : The Hervé Renard debate!!!Retrieved from Chipolopolo Boys page

    After seeing several ‘opinions’ and ‘facts’ plastered all over facebook following Ivory Coast’s triumph last night,I just couldn’t take it anymore!!!
    -The most ‘offensive’ post has been the common,’Renard is a chancer-anyone could have won with that Ivory Coast squad’….what an alarming statement to make!!! Ivory Coast had not won a championship in 23 years,how many coaches have coached their team? How many great players have graced their side-yet it took ‘chancer’ Renard to win them their trophy,Renard must be some lucky guy to be ‘lucky’ with both Zambia and Ivory Coast!!
    Lets start from the BEGINNING people; when HR was just a physical trainer for Ghana-what were Kalusha Bwalya’s words when asked why he hired HR,an unknown at the time? Kalusha says he ‘noticed’ HR at one of Ghana’s training sessions and wast instantly impressed by how he conducted his training sessions for the Black Stars; now take into account that this is Kalusha Bwalya,I am pretty sure it takes a lot for you to impress someone with his vast knowledge on the game in Africa and the World for that matter! Fast forward and following his appointment in 2008 to the Chipolopolo,HR took Zambia to the quarter finals of Angola 2010-a feat Zambia had not done in a few years following that 3rd place finish at SA 96. Again,the naysayers will argue-CHANCE!! Ok,lets move on.
    -HR left Zambia for Angola; that relationship didn’t last however. He returned to coach Chipolopolo for a second time in October 2011 and led the team to its maiden AFCON triumph in 2012 over Ivory Coast,ironically,in a penalty shootout aswell!! Zambia beat favourites Senegal,Ghana and Ivory Coast on the way to lifting the title,but STILL,it was labelled ‘lucky’…Renard 1-0 Haters!!!
    -HR left Zambia after failing to defend the AFCON in SA and failing to guide the team to the World Cup in Brazil. He took up the post of manager of French Ligue 1 side Sochaux-he was given the mandate of steering his side clear of relegation. It was a case of so near yet so far as Sochaux lost its last game of the season and was relagated to Ligue 2. Anyone who followed Sochaux under HR will tell you that he genuinely transformed the team and gave them hope of beating the drop. Unfortunately his is a profession of results and the naysayers will have this ‘fail’ to point to. So,we will give them a point-Renard 1-1 Haters!! Even up to now,a visit to Sochaux fan pages alike shows a fondness to HR-they still remember him up there in France! HR quit Sochaux shortly after the club was relegated. He later took up the Ivory Coast post and as they say,the rest is history…Renard 2-1 Haters!!
    -I will be the first to admit that HR used to ‘frustrate’ me as a fan sometimes especially with regards to drawing or losing to opposition that we should have clearly beaten-Lesotho,Sudan come to mind immediately. But to deny the man all the hard work that he has done is just plain jealousy and envy (sorry but that’s what it is!!). How many here know that during HR’s time,he led the team in EVERY training session? He was involved in every aspect of the team’s training-one national team player once remarked to me that he could not believe HR was way fitter than him!! HR’s way of coaching is done to the basics,be fit,follow instructions. How many times did HR leave out players whom us fans thought should have made the squad? Us fans thought it was because of ‘grudges’ but when infact,it was a simple case of players being too ‘lazy’ for him to coach effectively.
    -In the end,it’s a matter of opinion on whether you think HR is a good coach or not but in the words of a famous rapper,’men lie,women lie…numbers DON’T!!!’…two AFCON trophies in the space of 3 years,if that’s all down to luck,can someone PLEASE steal that white shirt of his and give it to Janza-heaven knows he needs all the luck in this world!!!

    • Nice piece my brother…I think HR is alright. I neither think he is crap or good. I don’t even understand the debate sometimes…All I can say is winning tournament via penalties can be luck though…Ivory Coast could have won 2 Afcons via this same penalty lottery!

    • LOL. This article is awesome…hahahaha. That white shirt lol.

      I honestly believe that you can’t call HR a fluke coach without calling Zambia fluke champions.

    • This is very awesome article!You almost broke my ribs when you mentioned about stealing Herve’s white so as to hand it to Janza. I think Janza has worked with Herve long enough to know some of the tips Herve uses to win trophies.

  35. I have tried to resist talking about Herve Renard but I guess I should just let it out. Firtsly let me state that the attitude of looking at others being lucky in my view is what has led to the country being in the state we are in. There is no such thing as luck in this world and people should realize that everything is done with hard work. What exists are opportunities and if you do not take those with open hands and work on them you will never progress. This talk of HR being lucky is neither here nor there. Firstly, Opportunities are presented to everyone just like all the other coaches that coached Zambia and the Ivory Coast in the recent past and no had achieved any of what HR has achieved. Secondly, when you go to Europe there is no such thing as someone being lucky, even in the coporate world what speaks for you are results based on the resources that are given to you. HR has used the resources given to him and produced AFCON champs. Whether you say he found great players or not it does not hold water as great players have all existed and not all have tasted glory. In conclusion, I know a lot of people may dilike HR for whatever reason which in my opinion is their feeling, I firmly believe you can never take away success from a man. His CV will always show 2012&2015 AFCON winning coach and no amount of words will ever take that from him. That is what hard work does, it pays and no one can ever take it away from you. Ever wondered why we Zambians are good at coming up with snegative stories of successful businessmen? it is that negativity that has caused this country to lag behind. My thoughts

    • well said.Hevre Renard is a Champ!No doubt,I Wouldnt be surprised if a top club picked hime.Besides.he has alot to go in terms of age.The sky is the limit for him.

  36. Renard is a lucky guy the ivory Coast is simply the best in africa. He has been at the right place and time and he should be thankful for his luck. I don’t rate Renard. But congrats to the people of ivory Coast you have really built a strong team

  37. If you have nothing sensible to say, it is better you just shut up, and give chance to others who may bring fresh ideas. I for one is fed up with same rantings

  38. @The Bullet, Happy Monday. I understand. To answer your question on Ghana last won the AFCON it when only 8 teams where allowed to play in the tourney and there was no color television then..ouch that’s a long time.

      • Nah, we were waiting for the real competition, not fluking the records by beating nobody as Ghana used to do then, now the real thing started, can’t beat anybody.

        • You are just funny…You win one AFCON and never participated in any WC, and haven’t even won any game in AFCON since you won, makes you think you are better than a team like Ghana…You are no near even my SA….Ghana is consistent and as I have said many times they just lost a lot of AFCON finals by penalties which could have gone the other way…Penalties in football is always lottery!

          • Don’t even bring SA in the conversation, I had an impression that you was Ghanaian trying to get some credibility, but now you see you are a clueless South African trying to be relevant here. Look South Africa, We Zambians teach you football ok? South Africa league is useless without Zambian players. What you could win the cup on a foreign soil, and the one in 1996 was a fluke so don’t get me started. Just stick to rugby.

    • No story there..just words of a disappointed politician trying to heel wounds of the loud mouths fans. Give them false hope.

  39. tc soccerman :

    If what you said is true, then I don’t understand the hype about 4 afcon wins. It is like Sudan coming to boast about being champions in 1957 when there were only 3 countries participating. Can you imagine soccerman

    • Exactly, these guys like to hype themselves that is why God is punishing them. They will not win anything until they humble themselves and quit running their mouths. I said it before, the only way they win at junior level is because they age cheat and when it comes to senior level they can’t compete with real men. They could not prove me/us wrong.

    • It is not a matter of hype…Ghana is a very formidable side…They have qualified for WC on three occasions and done well…They have won a lot of Juvenile world cups.. Stop being jealous of them and learn from them.

      • Stick to rugby, the more you try to relevant here, the more clueless you sound. The Ghanaians themselves have been humbled, so need for you to start acting like you are their diplomat speaking for them..maybe your intensions are right, but keep your ignorant support of the loud mouths to yourself. We Zambian don’t respect Ghana because we beat them at home and at neutral ground. Ala we could beat them at their home if they don’t use mind games. We bean the same team they fail to beat when it matters most, so that’s what counts, take it or leave.

        • Many teams have beaten Ghana…We beat them in Kumasi and eliminated them in AFCON they co hosted 2002.I just don’t understand you Zambians and this believe that you beat Ghana..Liberia etc. have all beaten Ghana before. It is no magic to beat Ghana but they still a great side and a very good football nation. When it mattered they beat you to eliminate you from WC qualifiers which you were even given free 3 points.

  40. Wow! so glad the elephants of CIV won the AFCON trophy. 33years and still counting since the blackstars last won the trophy. If you want to hide something from a ghanaian this days…hide it in an AFCON trophy.

  41. Ghana was the 2nd country after Sudan to win afcon with only 3 teams. Most countries where not participating as they where non CAF members, members where those homonsepians countries who where active in slave trade as most of them still have its people living in Europe after as offsprings to slave homonsepians. e.g Welbeck,

  42. some zambians are funny.no matter what you do u cant compare your players to that of Ghana.Look at the awards.Ghana won everything.Best player,goal king and the rest. we have a better and a young team and many youngsters are being sent to europe.We will definitely win in 2017.mark my words.you may not even qualify.

  43. Look South African, I understand you trying to be all cuddle and lovey dovey with the loud mouths, but this is not the site to do it. We DO NOT CARE AND YOUR ARGUMENTS ARE VOID HERE, GET THAT? GIVE US GHANA ANYWHERE ON THE NUETRAL GROUNDS AND SEE WHAT WILL DO THEM. IF YOU WANT ADD YOUR PATHETIC BABOON BABOONS AS STAND IN. WE WILL DEMOOLISH GHANA AND BABOON BABOONS Anytime. We OWN SA Premier league and you make the payments, how about that?

    • This mentality that Zambia beats Ghana is stupid and luck of understandings of football. How many games have both played? check your stats and they have not even played many games…Some were even forth place in AFCON…Mali always beat Ghana in fourth place in AFCON so what is your point. They lost to you in Zambia with a weak side and you couldn’t even beat minors to qualify.Ghana have to many teams and lost to B Faso last AFCON semis so there is nothing special about beating them in Zambia…They even lost to Uganda recently in the AFCON qualifies so what is special for Zambia beating them in Zambia? Most Ghanaians don’t rate and hate Zambia there way you guys do here…To be honest they don’t see you guys as football giant and even after beating them in AFCON i.e. fluke they still have never been scared of Zambia!

    • Loud mouths.???..I have lived in Ghana and also lived with Zambians my brother…Ghanaians who come here on this website may be loud and annoying but the truth is when in Ghana they don’t care much about Zambian football…They don’t talk much about Zambia…Even when you were about to go to Kumasi they didn’t see you as much as a threat like you think…You guys got into this illusions that you have won AFCON so you have arrived and definitely going to beat them to qualify for WC. But what you didn’t realise is WC qualification is not achieved by beating the strong team in your backyard. You need to beat other teams both home and away…Losers!

      • The only loser I see here is you, trying to pick up a fight with us..Let me ask you, what in it for ya? Bored huh? We keep spitting nonsense, but just don’t push it to the limit, unless you can bring it.

  44. South africa 3 world cups, Angola 1, soon lesotho,botswana,nambia will qualify for a world cup before you southern african minnows Zambia. After so many years of independence 1 fluke afcon, talk about uselesness.

      • Haha lol, dominating what? Just because we let you play for all that apartheid none sense you went through does mean you were dominating..you only dominating Mozambicans that comes and kill lucky Dube and you can’t do nothing about it. Or maybe you can dominate Lesotho. Why do you think you have been canceling Cosafa cup that you thought you would use those to dominate mighty Zambia? Because Zambia has been dominating you from long ago. From 1996-2000, we let you compete with us and beat us some games in order for sad butts to heel from apartheid, so I would take that as a courtesy if I were you and quit trying to kiss the loud mouths Fan’s butt as you are doing right now. Good try though. Now shut up coz your 15 minutes is up!

    • Dude grow up and try continue to search answers to your loss yesterday and quick acting like a little kid. Provide source of your quotes and the last I checked a lot of these footballers as ignorant as you are..never went to school to get a formal education, so it does not surprise me that you are even quoting the nonsense you are writing, here. Ghana will always sniffing the cup that all to it for now. You can’t play African football, its for real men, keep shinning on the macaroni/cheese eating Italian players.

    • Alex zz, i think best you’re specific with Zambians that have beef with you than insulting us all. Otherwise the choice is yours if that is what makes you happy. The same message goes to those Zambians that take pleasure in insulting Ghanaians as a whole….

    • Haha your butt must be really hurting pal. I feel your pain, only difference I am enjoying it. I hope you are losing a lot of sleep.

  45. @Amos Mumba, please don’t mind about john and stumpy, they are wizards. I just don’t know why ZF have allowed these disgraceful chaps to Zambia to bring their ignorance in public for years.

  46. @Tc Soccerman says, It doesn’t matter if Ghana has not won AFCON for 50yrs or never won it before. Being in 2 finals within 5 years and qualifying for 5 semis in 3 consecutive times is amazing and makes them a force to reckon. You can choose to be jealous of them but some of us admire them. If it wasn’t this AFCON, Ghana had never beating SA in AFCON and had not even scored a goal yet we respect them!

  47. @Tc Soccerman says, It doesn’t matter if Ghana has not won AFCON for 50yrs or never won it before. Being in 2 finals within 5 years and qualifying for Semis 5 consecutive times is amazing and makes them a force to reckon. You can choose to be jealous of them but some of us admire them. If it wasn’t this AFCON, Ghana had never beating SA in AFCON and had not even scored a goal yet we respect them!

    • Keep respecting them and bowing down your knees to them, we Zambians will always bash them given a chance and we consider them and average team who alswys choke when it matters most. Worship them all you want, but not us. We compete and we don’t care what name you have on your shirt, we will beat you..really good. That’s the Zambian mentality. If you don’t like it then too bad.

    • You mentality of respecting other teams like that speaks volume, nowonder your pathetic bafana bafana was bashed 5-0 by brazil at home, yet an understrength Zambia went and lost by 2 mistake goals on a hostile environment that 90% was supporting Brazil. With every resource South Africa has you still suck at the game, so please save yourself some dignity and quit trying to make me think that your team or ChokeGhana is better than Zambia.

  48. heheheheheheh that how minnows behave their football knowlege is totally zero.u will keep on expoting players to the india leguea and chines leguea .hehehehehe GH is still africas power house wether u like it or not dumy go hung a transformer harter @tc soccer man

    • The monnows, you are healing really fast, very impressive. If I hug the transformer then it be a huge loss to you Ghanaians as I, together with a lot of Sensible Zambian keep reminding you that you need to stop building castles in the air. WIN THE AFCON IN RECENT YEAR AND THEN COME TALK TO ME, Until then you are IRRELEVANT.

    • We beat South Africa at will any time when the game is not fixed to make them relevant. We supply them with our players in their league because they suck so we make it interesting, while getting their money. There is proof what more do you need.

    • Dude lets keep the debate clean and quit calling me a coward. Don’t drag me to your low life insults, I am past that and a lot of my respected Zamfoot bloggers asked me to stay away from that nonsense. Clear? And by the, since you are lazy to learn simple things, here a definition of a coward and I am far from that in any way as I have been pumping some senses in your knuckleheads. So here you go A coaward is “a person who lacks the courage to do or endure dangerous or unpleasant things.” You are welcome, I just saved you some embarrassment as you won’t be calling anybody names you don’t know what they really mean. See it pays to be a troll after all.

          • Son, you’re nothing close to my level neither education nor wealth, that’s why I won’t reduce myself to your level. An ass like you…I just let my 500 magnum revolver speak to you, big fuckin’ idiot.

  49. Ghana is a giant of african football played in their loud mouths not on the pitch. That full called @ south africa is a ghanaian street kid, dont mind him Tc soccerman.

  50. @Lebron James wanna be, Yeah yeah, I head that before. keep dreaming. You won’t get me start. I am better than. What education do you have..to come and start crap with me? magnum my butt! is it that bicycle you are talking about or are you a valet parking boy? Either way more power to you. Advise don’t pock you stink nose where you have no business, this whole convo was about South Africa and the minnows, now you wanna join the party, you better know the rules i.diot.

    • Ati Lebro James, could not come up with name than a wanna be? I just when I thought “ba some of Us” where all gone now a moron gets to start some crap with me telling me ” you’re nothing close to my level neither education nor wealth” What education do you have? All these rubbish black market degree to purchase from the street and you think you can come and talk crap to me? Who the heck do you think you are. DON’T YOU EVER COME TO MY CONVO AND TALK CRAP AND ACT LIKE $h!t don’t stink, because it does and I will remind you that fool, now go back to your cave where you came from.

  51. @Lebron James wannabe, if you want this to continue with this crap hit me up later in 6 hrs I will have time just before my cyclones game tonight, right now I gotta go to a meeting and have some deployments to make after that..just incase you are interest to know why I won’t be responding to your nonsense to started with me..imbecile.

  52. Looooooool,



    DAMN!! -WHERE IS JOHN? Kekekekekekekeke..

    ( – DONT TELL ME U PPL ARE ON JOHN -)Hahahahahaha!!

    • With all due respect to you Kwame any sensible mind/individual would know that a lot of my arguments are mostly in retaliation to the trolls that’s come to our site to talk nonsense to us Zambians or make fun of our teams little(if you will) accomplishments which by the way, are very proud of just as you guys are with the blackstars of Ghana. For your sake and truth, a lot of Zambians love Ghana football team and its success, but speaking for my self, I HATE THE LOUD idiotic classless fans that come here to talk nonsense on our team or thinking they can come here and dictate what Zamfoot should be reporting on. I hate people that I don’t even know to come and think they can tell me what to think and believe, SO @Lebron James wannabe, I am on you, wait until I get free time later. You started this, so you better finish it.

  53. Tc Soccerman I don’t care less about Ghana…I prefer my SA but I just don’t agree with your jealousy plus I think it is fact that Ghana is great and a better side than Zambia in African football!

    • @South Africa, my assumption is that you are an educated fellow..not claiming as @Lebron James wannabe, but if you consider it as jealousy then I my bad, my thing is I hate Ghanaians coming with their loud mouths thinking that they can troll on site while we watch them spill their nonsense..nah not on my watch, I don’t let that happen. Your assertion that Ghana is better than Zambia is based on opinion. Its like comparing apple to oranges. Ghana has not won the AFCON for a long time, Ghana has gone to the world cup the last one being the dubious on considering house they treated us on the return game..but that’s history. Point is I do respect the Ghana team just not the idiotic fans with an EXCEPTION of you. Thank you for being a class act that you are. You Deserve all the respect from the ZAMBIA public. I declare. As for the rest, they can go to hell.

      • This part was mostly directed at KWAME”Point is I do respect the Ghana team just not the idiotic fans with an EXCEPTION of you. Thank you for being a class act that you are. You Deserve all the respect from the ZAMBIA public. I declare. As for the rest, they can go to hell.”

      • Ghana didn’t beat Zambia by any dubious means…The ref didn’t do anything in Ghana’s favour…It is your traveling organisation that costed you. And there is no evidence that you would have beating Ghana if even you had good travel plans. The table below is what happened:

        P W D L GF GA Pts.
        GHANA 6 5 0 1 18 3 15
        Zambia 6 3 2 1 11 4 11
        Lesotho 6 1 2 3 4 16 5
        Sudan 6 0 2 4 4 14 2

        Minus your free 3 point from CAF would have made Zambia finished with 8 points as compared to 15 pints. You were no where near Ghana. You lost the qualification by losing to minors and drawing with minors in your own backyard. Get this out of your mind that Ghana cheated you. They never cheated you. If that is why you are so obsessed with them fine…This mentality that you have won AFCON and as such you had arrived because you had beating Ivory Coast and Ghana means you were going to qualify for the World Cup was never smart. Zambians developed some false hopes that wasn’t realistic…You qualify for tournaments by beating teams home and away not by beating the stronger sides. I knew right from the onset that you were never going to qualify ahead of Ghana and I still know you are not going to qualify this decade. You need to develop youth teams and that is the secret. You also need to have good organisation next qualifiers and last but not the least you need to work on your FIFA rankings otherwise they will pair you with a strong African side that has experience in qualifying for these tournaments. I respect Zambian football especially in the 90’s not the fluke that has made you guys so noisy!

        I love Zambians as well.

        • I respect your analysis, but I have a problem with you calling my team fluke,because we ain’t. how comes the AFRICAN POWEHOUSE(as Ghana like to call themselves) HAVE FAILED TO FLUKE IT UP ALL THIS TIME? We are not flukes, give us respect,your own commentator refered Zambia a a top class African footballing nation when Mbesuma smashed that goal in Nelson Mandela cup and you are here like the Loud mouth Ghanaian fans calling us flukes? was it not Chris Katongo that came and dismantled your bafana bafana by scoring 3 goals in the first 20 minutes in 2008? That was no fluke as you had Benni, steven pienner in the team and we made you kiss dust before you brazillian coach. The team of 90’s was creame de la cream no doubt, but the recent team stood their own. Give them credit and don’t be envious, by the way we are all one people as most of Zambia’s ancestors migrated from SA during the shaka war, my great grandparents too, so fact is I like South Africa due to that connection, but don’t get it twisted, we will beat your bafana bafana and Ghana at any opportunity given, its what competitors do, not scared because of names. Nah. So DON’T EVER CALL US FLUKES.

  54. Are you guys telling me that one of the four times Ghana won afcon, it involved three teams. Let us be serious with winning afcon

  55. Tc soccerman. Let’s just cease fire bro. You are stooping down to a level where am sure you don’t want to be either. Let’s not throw insults at eachother. I know your frustration with people trolling the site, but do you honestly think your approach will help? You say you are professional so deal with this with some of the same professionalism. There are good Ghana fans just as much as they are unreasonable hate filled ones and the same applies for us Zambians too. Don’t fall into the latter category. Just a word of advice.

    • @positive,i have occasionally popped up to c hw u r faring,gud to realise excluding uorself from the shame some have exhibited above,did not give my BS a chance at all in this AFCON if u can remember some of my comments pre-afcon ,yet my guys did well,like South Africa pointed out earlier,penalty kicks r not exclusive preserves for the experts,thats to say ,it can go either ways. better luck to u and Ghana another time,atleast we can hope to better our performance some day to come,alll the best.

  56. Too many comments on this topic. The maximum comments on each topic on GSN is 2 either by Banger or Paradox. Any way its a bueitful site of real football analysts in africa.

  57. Lets admit Zambians have a love/hate connection with Ghana. How else do you have Ghanians on this site? I had Ghanaian teachers in high school in Lusaka, good guys, I must say. I must say Ghana is not far from winning Afcon with that youthful team.

  58. In addition to possessing football skills, a team must be able to exhibit humility in order for it to Win Afcon. Humility is lacking in the so called power house of Africa. It is worse for the fans. They win Afcon even before the ball is kicked

    • Another uncirrcumsed Zambia baboon who mistakenly has grown to give bbirth h!

      U pathetic old wretched, uncircumsed Zambian pig! Lol

      Take adv of the free uncircumsion campaign in one of the Zambian slums and stop your madness hahaa

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