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Players Abroad: Fwayo back in Astra starting line-up

Fwayo Tembo has worked his way back into the Astra XI and was given his first league start of the season for the Romanian Liga 1 leaders when they drew 2 – 2 at home against ACS Poli Timisoara.

Fwayo playing only his third game since making a late return to Romania owing to visa complications after the off-season played 46 minutes in the game. He returned to action on 24th October.

The 26 year old attacker has only scored a cup game goal so far this season.

Astra are sitting four points clear on top of the Liga 1 log and will be hoping to sustain their good run of form.

Lubambo Musonda returned from international duty to help his club to a 2 – 2 draw against Ararat.

In Russia, Chisamba Lungu did not play for Ural in their loss at Zenit as he is out with injury.

In Israel, both Evans Kangwa and Emmanuel Mbola played 90 minutes as Hapoel Ra’nana recorded an expected 3 – 1 win over bottom placed Maccabi Netanya.

Mbola is one of the two players who have played every minute of Ra’anana’s league games this season.

Rogers Kola and his Veria F.C team mates will be in action on Monday while Noah Chivuta will play on Wednesday. The 31 year old has scored three goals from midfield in 28 appearances.

The Chinese league is on recess with Jacob Mulenga having finished as top scorer for his club Yongchan and seventh on the top scorers log with 13 goals.

In France, Stopilla Sunzu was not in the Lille team that played away from home while Emmanuel Mayuka played in his team’s 1 – 0 loss.

In the PSL, only Collins Mbesuma played while Bornwell Mwape was on target for Amazulu in the National First Division.

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  2. Good news for Fweyo,we need to assemble a strong squad. Fweyo,Mayuka and Jacob Mulenga we need these big boys to bring balance in the Chipolopolo team! To be Frank with you, Zambia does not deserve to be ranked 16th in Africa. Where is the problem? FAZ should work on working on improving our rankings before the draw for the world cup 2018 in October next year by taking competitive and friendly games very seriously!!

  3. Don’t worry, our rankings will improve after taking into account the demolition of sudan home and away. Some overhyped teams where lucy to pick a draw in Comoros due to referee baised officiating against comoros.

  4. For me Jacob is not a factor I see no place for him after kalengoools successful year both at his club and the national team

  5. Good to see for a change a lot of our pro’s are actually getting game time and are not bench warmers.

    In related news Nkausu is trying out for a contract at Freestate stars. His fight with Celtic has taken a rough turn with Nkausu’s business manager Glyn Binkin reporting the issue to FIFA.

  6. If our players can all be positive like mbesuma then come next year we’re going to be a team not joke with coz when you look at the player himself ntofontofo he was once almost finished but looking at him this time is again a complete player so if the fwayo,mayuka,Kola,mbola,Jacob can do the same and believe in themselves then we are going to have a team not having faith in strikers who score 1 goal in 50+chances like Jacob and mayuka at the moment

  7. Some thing off topic. I would like to remind fellow bloggers on this site about some of these pertinent issues we may have noticed or missed during these days of high competitive WCQs that crowded our TV screens the past few weeks. A number of facts emerged about our game on the continent such as:
    (1) did fellow bloggers notice the state of the pitch in Sudan, when Zambia played there? which stadium can you compare with here in Zambia?
    (2) did fellow bloggers notice that the ground used by Ghana against Comoros was so dry that it had dust coming off the feet of players as they ran around the pitch? which ground is like that in Zambia?
    (3) did fellow bloggers notice the buses used to ferry national teams in Nigeria? Mukuba; Kitwe Boys High School type; which Premier League team still uses those busses in Zambia?
    (4) did fellow bloggers notice the type of Team Busses Nkana, ZESCO; Green Buffaloes etc use?
    (5) did fellow bloggers notice that school kids in one West African country go to read for their examinations at a filling station in the night: where do school children do that in Zambia?
    What does that tell you about the level of development in Southern Africa compared to elsewhere in Africa?
    I Rest my Case.

    • Southern Africa is well developed and advanced. You will never find a motorbike being used as a taxi or as public transport in Southern Africa.

    • of all these observations made ,how has your so called development translated in hosting any major CAF organised competition since her inception.Do you mean to tell us CAF has been blind to select u to host any major tournament oblivious of your so called international stadium ? the last time i checked ,any serious footballing country in African that u claim is undeveloped has hosted at least an AFCON. How many has uor so called ‘DEVELOPED’ country hosted? SA self aren’t bragging even though they’ve hosted rugby,WC and a host of other major events.
      On the Ghana match,it rained heavily that day so what has dust got to do with a wet pitch? unless u want to tell me in your landlocked country rain begets dust and the sun begets mud,or for a fact that u r starved of sea breeze,u wash uor face upwards?

      • CAF has always been blind and very corrupt not to select Zambia to host. We bid for the 2019 hosting of CAF. Corrupt Hayatou gave it to his fellow west africans. Why are you giving excuses that it rained heavily? Ghana has the worst stadiums in Africa (cattle grazing fields for that matter). Stop giving useless excuses. Enjoy your mediocrity you okada infested country.

        • u say mediocrity? u have forgotten such catchphrase has been uor bedfellows since the inception of football,so CAF has been biased since 1960s to be ignoring uor ‘developed’ infrastructure for those in the west,tell me if not for uor country’s dullness and vision-less,uve always been attributing uor failures on CAF,when shall u pepo grow up.
          Ghana having worst stadiums as u claim has been able to host uor shameful country not once,not twice but number of tournaments of which uor pathetic country was not only grateful to be welcomed but marveled at the beaches and sea breeze of which most of them have not countenanced before,Nigeria hosted the rest of the world in the u20s around year 99/2000,that one too was biased on the part of FIFA right?i can only presume such infantile assertions can only come from someone who poo from the mouth and eat through the anus.

          • You are very stupid person who has nothing to say or do. I do not want to waste my time with such a cunt like you. You’re morally bankrupt !diot.

  8. @Kasama Boy, You’ve raised very important points indeed. In addition to that, Kenya also used run down minibus ferrying players from hotel to stadium. Guys Zambia is far above most countries when it comes to that. Our stadium Estadio De La Levy is tops standards. Just look at the pitch now, number one. The Marcopolo buses ferrying players from hotel to stadium are of high standards. Well said Kasama Boy.

  9. It’s good that Fwayo Tembo is finally seeing some playing time at his club. This is what i have been talking about. We need all our top players to be active at their respective clubs and then bring that form/match fitness to the National team!

  10. so now you Zambians want to compare economies? Using a luxuries bus does not make Zambia anywhere close to the biggest economy in Africa(Nigeria)

    • Why are you hating about this? Why should it bother you or why are you concerned? No one mentioned Nigeria and no one invited you to comment. Why are you concerned? For your info Nigeria is ‘big” economy in numbers (quantity because of your explosive population, 170 million) only, and not in terms of quality.

  11. I for one was not comparing economies, but about the things we noticed during the past few days that we were exposed to a lot of conditions existing elsewhere on mother Africa, especially the level of development in different sub-regions.
    I was not even talking football, that is why I called it off Topic.
    We use these observations to share and learn from each other.

  12. @ Kasama Boy….Talking of issues which bloggers seem to hv missed: did anyone read abt the thieving bastards at Football House?! How has this affected football development over th years? These are matters to be debated upon by serious minded soccer fans don’t u think? The fact that Nigerians ferry their Green ‘Boko Haram’ Eagles in Rickshaws to and from stadia is of no consequence to us.
    The fundamental issue to concern us is whether Kalu and his minions are getting rich ‘in the dark’ whilst everybody is sleeping! How does this affect sponsorship? Shud we petition the executive to resign and an interim one immediately appointed? There is no way the situation shud be left to continue as usual!

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