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Patson, Kabaso dropped as Chicken names squad for Kenya

Chipolopolo coach George ‘Chicken’ Lwandamina has dropped Patson Daka and Kabaso Chongo from the 23 man squad named for the Kenya game with Israel based duo of Evans Kangwa and Emmanuel Mbola missing out after they failed to pitch up in time.

Lwandamina named the final 23 man squad which includes recalled veteran striker Collins Mbesuma with two U20 full backs Benedict Chepeshi and Boyd Mkandawire who are both likely to be named in the starting line-up on Sunday.

Also axed from the team which was training at the Heroes stadium this week are the Nkana duo of Walter Bwalya and Kayawe Kapota.

On the two Israel based players, the ZamFoot Crew understands that there were administratively hiccups which made the players fail to turn up.

The Chipolopolo fly out of Lusaka for Nairobi on Friday and will travel back immediately after the match.

The Chipolopolo play the Harambe Stars on Sunday 6 September at the Nyayo Stadium.

Final 23 man squad:

Goalkeppers: Kennedy Mweene (Mamelodi Sundowns), Daniel Munyao (Red Arrows), Jacob Banda (Zesco United),

Defenders: Aaron Katebe (Maghreb Atlantic), Kabaso Chongo (TP Mazembe), Stoppila Sunzu (Lille, France), Christopher Munthali (Power Dynamos), Boyd Mkandawire (Napsa Stars), Benedict Chepeshi (Red Arrows), Donashano Malama (Nkana)

Midfielders: Chisamba Lungu (Ural FC), Rainford Kalaba, Nathan Sinkala (both TP Mazembe), Chisamba Lungu (Ural FC, Russia), Kondwani Mtonga (North East, India), Buchizya Mfune, Jackson Chirwa (both Green Buffaloes), Benson Sakala (Power Dynamos), Solomon Sakala (Kabwe Warriors), Paul Katema, (Red Arrows), Lubambo Musonda (Ulisses, Armenia)

Strikers: Collins Mbesuma (Mpumalanga Black Aces), Jackson Mwanza, Winston Kalengo (both from Zesco), Friday Samu (Green Buffaloes)

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  1. Its good that patson daka and that kapota guy have been dropped the two don’t deserve call up from the national team there were not active with they club too bad for evans kangwe and emmanuel mbola

  2. We dropped two places; from 71 to 73. Only solace is that Kenya is 116. Sad that United Arab Emirates is 70, Trinidad & Tobago 56, Guinea 60, Equatorial Guinea 62 and Congo 59. A win in Nairobi will improve our ranking. GO CHIPO GO

  3. Keepers- Mweene K, Banda J, Munyau D. Defenders- Sunzu, Katebe, Munthali, Chenpeshi, Mukandawile, Malama, Midfielder- Kalaba, Sinkala, Mtonga,lubambo, Chisamba, Benson,katema, mfune, Solomon, Strikers kalengo, Mbesuma, Samu, Mwanza, Kalengo. these are the players in the 23 team.

  4. Let the players be chosen on merit. If the coach feels this is the best 23, so be it. Patson and Kapota should long have been removed dropped from this squad. The two boys still has a lot to learn. They are for the future. Good luck Zambia.

    • But i feel there is too much of Patson’s name on people’s lips. Okay he has not cut the grade for this outing, that’s fine. But should we surely derail a boys confidence by heaping such amount of dislike on him when the people with the job think that he has something to offer?

      • You wont kick a ball for all your high blood pressure. Poor team selection???? Good coaches will build legends out of footballers and teams out individuals. See stupid i do have something to say!

      • So you think niwe waishiba ukulanda te? People can criticise when it’s necessary. If you are mediocre, not everyone is. You’re luck Zamfoot deleted my earlier comment.

        • I go through zamfoot postings like an addiction. We lost a good guy who used to say weleee, I could make out his voice even if I never had chance to meet him. Rest in piece bro. That’s what writing gives you, interaction with another mind. Even insults we do read them…its that bad. That was my opinion Billy, I hope the coaches read this staff from you guys that’s why I support them because they have a chance to make history with the job in there hands.

    • Sure sure sure ba chicken what has come over you to drop kabaso chongo, you have made a very big mistake, why should you leave kabaso chongo and take boyd mkandawire, believe me the kenyans are celebrating because in the absence of emmanuel mbola you should have used the experience kabaso chongo on the left back, now ignorance which has defence has been applied, the best this to do is to declare this game as a lose to zambia otherwise kukaba ama BP kubantu abengi. Thanks

  5. useless coach how can u drop players like kabaso chongo. this is not u-23 chepeshi and mkandawire they wil do nothing to the kenyan wingers, mark my words.

  6. Honestly Spaeking Mkandawire cannot be compared to Lawrence Chungu(Power), Chishimba(Nkana)and the Zanaco left back. Can this boy compete with kenyan strikers? We should improve on team selection if Zambia is to qualify to AFCON. Our strikers will score but we are going to be let down by our defence.

  7. Modern football doesn’t play names. New entrants are welcome. You have to evolve this team towards the young players to get back to the top.

  8. Surely lwandamina is a f**..chicken how do u drop Walter Bwalya for Jack mwanza and Kalengo? In the absence of mbola how do you drop the more experienced Kabaso ‘mbambande’ Chongo the most prefered right back for TP currently?

    Ladies and gentlemen i now believe this guy is not suitable for this job and do not be surprised if you see the Zesco contigent of Jack Mwansa,kalengo and Mtonga at the expense of the talented guys. One would have loved in the absence of Kangwa, Mayuka and jacob a more intelligent player to partner Mbesuma and we were conforted with the availability of Walter Bwalya.
    In order to accommodate his jackson mwanza and kalengo, he has frustrated the following players

    Mayuka, kangwa, Walter Bwalya, Sate Sate, Patson Daka, Luka lungu etc these are arguably better than those two dick heads who have remained to don our precious national colour. THIS GUY MUST LEAVE PLEASE, HE IS IRRITATING TO SAY THE LIST. THIS NOT THE CHAN TO FEATURE THE 37 YEAR OLD KALENGO AND 36 YEAR OLD JACK MWANZA

    • chief we dont play names in socer but rather form and fitness as well as being able to compete with others in . you can be prefered guy at you club not at the national team. some of you even if you blame george from submissions i can see that you worse than george. please you cannot a be a jack of all trades let the man do his job thats what he does everyday

  9. We are in trouble With our left and right the absence of mbola chongo should have made the team or nkausu otherwise am seing kenya pushing our defence with a full force from wings there by exerting alot of pleasure to sunzu and in case sunzu z substituted for whatever reason who partners katebe

  10. Good, Good,Good job lwadamina.indeed you are a great coach,if it was janza he would have included that useless Daka .the team is fantastic &we will record a big win here in Kenya. Let me tell u Kenyan are shivering just from when they head the call of mbesuma.Let’s support our goerge lwandamina&the team.

    • Okolo you must be the nephew to lwandamina, how do you praise negative selection? We are talking about the dropping of kabaso chongo the player who ensured that Neymar failed to score in the international friendly match we had with Brazil.believe me ukuwina iyi bala ni kuluse lwakwa Lesa. And this is be un professional and and unconsiderate (like what chisamba lungu said an insult) how you call someone from congo and only to be dropped, to me that is a state of being unstable and double minded

      • Great,u are right about kab aso Chon go.It is really shocking for dropping such a good defender.In the absence of mbola kab aso chon go would have been the best option. kkikiki…great there is no relationship with the coach.

  11. our defence is weak we only have katebe as a strong defender, muntali is a suspect, sunzu is not 100% feat, chepeshi and mkandawire there chan or u-23 material. poor selection wil cost us in kenya.

  12. I believe the technical bench did its job. We called for axing of Kapota and Patson. Now we say his left brain is intelligent he axed them. But that his right brain is dull he axed Chongo!

    Kanshi finshi tulefwaya?

    Go Zambia Go!

  13. Kenya will not be pushovers as some sections want to portray. Kenya have a team that could even draw vs Nigeria away from home. They drew away to Congo in their first game and I am sure they will fight hard to win this one. To make matters worse we Zambia have always been bad travellers, so to say we shall win this game something we can say as supporters but inside and based on past performance, since AFCON2013, many people have doubts

    My biggest problem and fear with the team is that we do not have a reputable striker in this team. Many will argue and say what about Mbesuma, yes he is a good player, but the days he could soccer goals just like that are long gone. His goal scoring rate in the SA league tells the whole story. In addition the Kenyans know him very well and wont give him space. Maybe Sunza can help by scoring from dead ball situations (my hope)

    But then what can one do now? Nothing but to wait and see how things will go. In football sometimes you never know, just to see the unexpected happen

  14. Ba zamfoot what’s going on these days? I expected to see the final list of players selected in the article above. I don’t know if I’m being too critical of you but I hope you understand that without the actual list here this article serves absolutely no purpose to some of us.

  15. Goal Keeper-Mweene n Danny Munyau
    Midfilderz_Kalaba,Sinkala,Mtonga,J chirwa,Lubambo Musonda and Chisamba
    Strikerz_Mbesuma,Kangwa,Walter Bwalya and Luka Lungu.

    This could make a Difference not ba Amateur Basalile

  16. Eish easy to see the usual negative spirit is still flying its wings high among my fellow Zambians. Even before a ball is kicked or playing style seen or anything for that matter, the coach is getting insulted left right and centre. Wise people would wait to see before they judge.

    The same Mbola, when he was first picked people called HR names for picking some unknown 16 year old ahead of seasoned players and yet today they are the same people calling for his inclusion. If we insult the coach every time he picks new U20 talent when are we ever then going to discover the next Mbola????

    Lets not jump the gun bane, maybe Kabaso Choongo’s style did not fit in with the system the coach will deploy in Kenya or maybe the player came to training with the personal to holder position attitude so the coach has to instil level headedness. Lets not be too quick to call names bane’ lets wait and see what the coaches thinking is.

    Who even know for sure these boys will play the fullback positions, maybe the coach will deploy Munthali in one of the full back positions, defenders tend to be very versatile remember. Lets keep it level headed people and support our own for once.

  17. Goalkeepers: Kennedy Mweene, Danny Munyao, Jacob Banda
    Defenders: Christopher Munthali, Stoppila Sunzu, Boyd Mkandawire, Aaron Katebe,Benedict Chepeshi, Buchizya Mfune, Donashano Malama,Benson Sakala,Solomon Sakala.
    Midfielders: Chisamba Lungu, Nathan Sinkala, Rainford Kalaba, Jack Chirwa, Lubambo Musonda, Kondwani Mtonga, Paul Katema.
    Strikers: Collins Mbesuma, Winston Kalengo, Jackson Mwanza, Friday Samu

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