Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Patrick Ngoma returns to Red Arrows

Zambia U23 striker Patrick Ngoma has returned home after severing his relations with his Egyptian club Al Ittihad the understands.

Ngoma who moved to Egypt in August 2015 is reported to have had issues with his club failing to meet some contractual obligations.

“The failed to keep the boy as expected and it was difficulty for him to concentrate on his football,” the source told the ZamFoot Crew.

“He is now a free agent and will start training with Red Arrows his home team in the coming week.”

Ngoma is the second Zambian player who has had a dispute with Al Ittihad after Felix Katongo also left the club high;ighting similar issues.

Katongo has since been sanctioned by FIFA for breaching his contract with the Egyptian top flight team.

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  1. why is it that when these guys head to egypt they say its a stepping stone. it seems to me its the end of the road.

  2. Arabs are some of the worst racists on this earth. They have no regard for blacks. I ve stayed with them, they are quite uncivilized

  3. @ NAZO….no no no noooooooo! You r wrong! You r now saying th Egyptian league is no good, the other time the South African game is notup tto scratch for our players! What next? I will tell you the truth my friends, the Zambian league is crap, pure shit! In terms of administration at club level,referring is sub standard, the calible of club officials mis belo par. The laxst Fsz admin claimed the game has improved! Pure self serving bullshit. We need to sit up and listen to comments and .observations from some of the experts in Zambia; physicality of our players, diet,tactically bankrupt, the list endless. I remember a time when a top scorer in our league always ended up a leading scorer. In RSA league!! Today our boys are not good enough. Today JJ Were is shining in th Zambian league? God help us. The plain truth is that the last five years have been a disaster in terms of development. We were headed in the wrong direction. Hero worshiping was our kundoing. All is not lost. We can change course!

    • @ slim: Is NAZO saying the Zambian league is better than the Egyptian league or he says that our players shouldnt go to Egypt? Get back to his statement and re-wind.No need to scream.

  4. Another casualty. For our players going to North Africa is like chasing the wind….sheer waste of time and efforts. Why they never sit down take stock, I don’t know! Is it desperation turning them deaf and blind to facts each time an offer comes? As sb said already, Arab racism is worse than White racism…we know that from our ancestors ku Itabwa…These immorable Arabs maimed, killed and stole until they were militarily defeated.

  5. To be honest I saw this coming. I am not surprised. I wish Mayuka well at Zamalek. Hope he prospers and stays longer at that club. I know Arabs; not good people at all.

  6. The truth is he is not an export material, how many did he score at arrows? less than 8 in a season, our players lack descipline

    • @Matero boy, I am here, your boys at Zamfoot are filtering my comments and that annoys me, so I decided to take a break, besides no news that is interesting here most of the times, its same old same. Our teams going to the Arabs and getting whooped as always.

  7. aron katebe is back at zanaco because mogreb of tunisia have not paid him $223,000 the same applies to felix katongo and patrick ngoma they are racist and that is true .

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