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No excuses over CHAN exit, says Kamanga


FAZ president Andrew Kamanga says there are no excuses for Zambia’s quarterfinal elimination from the 2018 African Nations Championship.

And Chipolopolo assistant coach Aggrey Chiyangi says it is painful to bow out of the competition at the same stage for the second time in a row.

Zambia on Saturday lost 1-0 to Sudan, failing to register a real shot at goal with the only real threat being midfielder Kondwani Mtonga’s glancing header that was bravely saved by goalkeeper Akram Elhadi in the 23rd minute.

Reacting to calls by fans back home for the dismissal of the technical bench, Kamanga said the technical committee would sit to review all aspects of the team’s performance and chart the way forward.

“We are disappointed that we have lost at this stage of the tournament we were just close to the semi-final. But football being what it is, it’s got only three results: you either draw, win or lose. But in a knockout stage, you only have two possibilities, it’s either you win or you lose. It’s just unfortunate that today we couldn’t rise to the occasion so the result is there to show for itself that we lost 1 – 0,” Kamanga said.

He said fans’ anger was understood when results were bad.

And asked if the coaches’ lamentations during post-match comments that preparations could have been done better, Kamanga said: “We don’t want to give excuses, but we did plan to camp the team in Morocco much earlier but we had challenges organising the travel which only happened a few days before the tournament kicked off. But again the coach took the team to Mongu I don’t know whether that again is positive or negative but I can’t answer for him. But we remain committed as an association to continue giving the coaches enough time, enough friendly games so that the teams are adequately prepared. That I think is something we remain committed to do…. No we just didn’t perform; we played four games, won the first two, drew the third one and lost the fourth one, so we just have to look at that trajectory. We may sit here and give excuses.”

Kamanga said Chipolopolo simply failed to perform as a team and cautioned against apportioning blame on individual players.

He added that the association was disappointed because the target of reaching the semi-final as a minimum was not reached.

Head coach Wedson Nyirenda did not appear for post-match interviews on Saturday but delegated Chiyangi.

“It’s very disappointing that we did not utilise the chances that we created. That is the only disappointment,” said Chiyangi.

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  1. The team prepared very well. They won first two games and draw the last in group stage. they qualified as group leaders. The technical team failed to come out with a winning fomula. Tte boys lacked endurance and offensiveness. The lacked mobility plus composure. Apart from this there was no leadership in the team. The team skipper failed to command the defense. It will be very unfair to put blame on mangweni . The young star need guidance. And he deserve another chance.. We struggled against our bogey side. The is also coward how can you speak in front of the boys that sudan it was going to be tough. Thats frivolous of triviality. I salute donashona malama..

  2. Chelsea starlet Charly Musonda has arrived in Glasgow ahead of a loan move to Celtic.

    The 21-year-old attacker is set to sign an 18-month loan, similar to the initial deal that took Patrick Roberts from Man City to Celtic, according to numerous sources.

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    Musonda has made three Premier League appearances this season, grabbing one assist, while he has scored in one of his two EFL Cup appearances after breaking into the first team.

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  3. Lets face facts. Zambian coach failed the nation.The team qualified with a game to spare. A reasonable coach would have used the remaining game to experiment and rested vital players for the quarterfinal.We mentioned to him about the use of holding midfielders leaving out attacking midfielders who could dictate the play and create the killer passes. there is no way You can win games by just having the defenders kicking the ball to the wings without an elaborate attacking players to free the wingers.WITH THIS COACH ZAMBIA IS GOING NOWHERE.

    • He did that deliberately so that he can deplete the team and sell that game …hw was paid .,.never shud we use a local coach at a tournament… They sale games wada fire this coach ..

  4. Kamanga let us be honest .Wada coasted the entire nation so he has to be blamed for the loss. How do You select your players. This guy can’t even pass the ball. No cohesion. You leave creative players tembo and chama sate sate. You picked plungas. With this attitude zambia should forget afcon
    You Will be suprised by Brave warriors come October. Players as well very selfish. Every time when you loose you too much excuses. We are building the team
    For how long are you going to afcon you need player’s with experience bring back mbola,sinkala lumbambo Musonda. Wada please learn to listen.

  5. We Had What It Took To Dig For The Trophy But Bcoz Of Poor Management By The Coach We Failed. Ba Faz Pliz Sit Down And Analyse 2 Matches ” Zam Vs Namibia & Zambia Vs Sudan” The Coach Totally Confused Our Players. Faz Should Consider Recruiting A Foreign Coach If We Ar To Qualify To The 2019 Afcon. Zambia’s Good Performance In The World Cup Qualifiers Was Engineered By BChambeshi Not WNyirenda.




    THIRDLY, ZAMBIA NATIONAL TEAM IS NOT FOR TWO TEAMS ONLY ZESCO AND ZANACO. SO FAR WHat has these teams won in african competitions?

    There are better players in other teams better than that Kapumbu fool, Kambole, SAMU.

    Please dont take Zambian Football personal.

    If you want sponsors, KAMANGA, contact me . I can sponsor your team and pay you money FOR YOU to ENSURE THAT YOUR PEOPLE remain at home and leave better players who are not your nephews to go and represent Zambia.

    Kamanga, I thought you have money enough to avoid chosing your nephews to represent Zambia.

    We need Kalusha back. Kamanga you are a plank. GET OUT

    • Kalu cannot come back, it would be loss of sight of him, let others take over if Kamanga has failed. There are many Zambians who can lead FAZ. If you are seeking for a job, then you are doing it in a wrong way…

  7. Football without kalu its like having sex with a condom and you expect results. People blame for failing adminsration wise. What about technical wise. Why do you hate him to extend of not consulting him.. How can zambia lose to team whose dosenot know the names of his players.. The sudanesee coach he took over five weeks ago. Shame on you wada wada.

  8. corruption. Nepotism. Tribalism these are the obvious results. Please promote beston chambeshi even if he is not a tumbuka or an eastermer for the sake of the nation

  9. Is this the real Tony Mash that is usually so balanced in analysis. What an unbelievable Change in tone. Gents, the Kalu era is gone. lets embrace Kamanga’s progressive administration and move on. We lost because we didnt have an offensive midfielder to create chances. This is Wada’s fault. He failed to administratively evoke punishment on Cletus Chama and Fwayo such that by now we would have moved on and those two would have provided the much needed services that we lacked. Can i fire Wada for that ? i dont think so, the positives so far outweigh the negatives. We are going into the Africa cup qualifiers as a much more solid outfit with a good percentage of the team made up of local players. We can still fix what broke at Chan. Send the coach for some tuma short courses in tactics when the load of games is reduced. Give him freindlies but equally let him explain his Mongu stunt ! this is the 21st century.

    • Sending Wada wada for any course is a waste of resources. At this rate, Wada Wada should not be making rookie mistakes. He should not be personalizing issues. This is a national team job. He needed to put personal issues with certain players aside for the sake of the country, but he failed to do that and that cost us the tournament and therefore he need to be fired immediately.

  10. Kamanga is useless for putting up with this Wada Wada nonsense. This guy needs fired immediately. Dictator Edger Lungu needs to stay away from football matters.

  11. Fire the coach is useless and pathetic .holding grudges with players. How can you have personal vendetta with your players. Faz put your House in order.

  12. Though i am Nigerian, i always support Zambia unless of course when we are pitted together as was the case in the CAF World Cup qualifiers. Sudan did not win the match, rather, the Zambian coach threw the match away. Sudan had only ONE chance in the match and that resulted in the goal. We had your kind of situation with our former coach, Sunday Oliseh who came, quarrelled with all the experienced players in the Super Eagles and chased them away. The FA got rid of him fast and employed a matured coach, Gernot Rohr. The national team is bigger than everybody and if your coach cannot bring in experienced and youth to balance, you fans should pressure the FA to fire him, period.

    • Well said my brother, For your own information, Nigeria is second country we support in Zambia, save for the times when paired in the same group. The coach has a bitter I wonder the punishments he gives to his children with this heart he portrays on their peoples children. The man is heartless

  13. Never ever or this should be the last the we shall send a national team at major tournerment under a local coach ….never ever …njala hunger insala is the main problem … That’s why they will alsway sell games to betting syndicates ….you don’t need a Uefa A …whatever u call it to know that other players where supposed to be tried in the Namibia game …and that key players where supposed to be reserved in the Namibi game … And this black animal goes to try players in a crucial game ??? His plan was to deplete the team so that he can sale the game period ….

  14. Who is Bobby Williamson?

    Looking at the amount of time. Use Quicksilver as the only quick fix or make him park of the technical bench for new coach.

    Fire Wedson no need to waste $ sending him to study.

  15. I have great respect for Wada Wada because I have had been with him at Nchanga Rangers and Chingola Secondary School. Not only that Wada Wada is the who has put ZESCO and ZANACO where they are today. He is good coach. But he missing the opportunity to do better. Here in Zambia we have 20 MTN Premier Teams. He can organise trails by picking three (3) players from the same position from every clubs in Zambia. Three (3) good goal keepers, 3 Number Two, 3 Number Three, 3 Number Four, 3 Number Five, 3 Number Six, 3 Number Seven, 3 Number Eight, 3 Number Nine, 3 Number Ten and 3 Number eleven total Thirty Three (33) players. Then choose Twenty Three Players from them and drop the rest. You will see how the team will perform. Rather using finished players like Malama, A Chama, Mtonga and Sstophila Sunzu; they playing days are numbered.

    Where Isaac from Power Daynamos? he could have played better that that shirt number 2.

  16. I was one of those who backed wada wada,but I have to admit that the performance was not good for the national team.But am one of those who dot easily give up on people.As to the decision on firing the coach,ave my reservation. I can only say,Faz should do a postmortem of the national team performance .They should honest to themselves and to the coach.If they contributed to the teams bad performance, then, they have to apologies to the nation,And if they did everything requested by the coach,then they can remove him.

  17. Never engage a zambian coach again …its over no chance should extended …to anyone chapwa .these idiot go their to sale games using all sorts of tactics …

  18. Firing the coach at this moment is not a good option, and who can replace him? . Beston Chambeshi is equally impotent of a coach , he was part of the Technical bench jn Morocco . Do not forget that Wada and Quicksilver have similar tactics , if you followed how the U-20 played then you will know. Chambeshi played almost the same team during the U-20 Afcon last year , even when we had beaten Guinea and Mali in the first 2 games, he could not rest the first team and try players like Kenneth Kalunga etc who were bench warmers . The result was fatigue crept in and we struggled against SA in the semis. Similarly , at the World cup , we won the first 2 games with a game to spare but he used the same team again to play Costa Rica , we lost and later in the quarters we struggled against a weak Germany but lack was on our side. Against Italy , we know the story . The U-20 performed was highly talented with individual players but the coaches were incapable of reading the game , this costed us the World Cup Final again England. when you are in a cup final , its everybody’s game .

  19. Local coaches fail to manage the team this Wada is very pompus for nothing look at his phylosophyof play for the first time zambia coud not put together 4touches passes the team was unbalanced this idiot must be fired!! Fathty and Beston can do better

  20. infact all local coaches are good for nothing we dont want these local idiots find a european or southamerican good coaches who wont demand big money are plenty than this kangaloo coaches

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