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Mayuka on the verge of completing a move to Russia

Southampton forward Emmanuel Mayuka is on the verge of clinching a deal with Russian top side Krylya Sovetov of Samara.

The Director General of the club has confirmed that the Zambian forward is already in Samara and the they are hoping to complete the deal.

“We are in talks about the transfer, certain agreements have been reached. We were hoping to have him in the spring, or as soon as an opportunity came up, and we invited him to the team,” the Director told Rusfootball.

The report further states that Mayuka has already arrived in Samara, and is now at the club.

” He will meet with the players, head coach, and will also see the club infrastructure.”

“We are negotiating the terms of the contract. It will be too soon to declare that the player has been transferred. The contract is not signed yet, but certain agreements we have already made “- quoted Shashkova” R-Sport “.

Krylya Sovetov are currently tenth on the log with three points from four games a point and one position behind Chisamba Lungu’s Ural.

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  1. What happened to the Spatak Moscow move? I guess the bad publicity by British media jeopardized it all. Anyway its better than nothing.

  2. Good for him. I hope they reach an agreement soon bcos transfer window deadline is closing in.

    But what happened to the S. Moscow transfer?

    • Not ifyo we need mayuka emmanuel to come and play again in the game against kenya, do mislead the coach, he is one of our best strikers, remember what happened to the zambia team after he was injuired, who else scored for zambai, ukwesha ukubikamo ba sate sate tapali nangu fimo ifyo bacicilemo, ukweshako ba Jackson mwanza that was now destroyin and we appeared as if we did not know what we were doning, leaving mayuka is a big mistake a coach can ever make, chicken pliz don’t be mislead by abaice aba no tuma comment, we need big and experienced players like jacob mulenga, rodger kola, mayuka emmanuel,chisamba lungu, isaac chnasa even mbesuma colling can add value to the squard, this is the big tournament where we shd not make trial on some players,this is not church tournament but AFCO qualifying game be serious twqasebana sana pafula, its time that we start winning

  3. Yes he needs to settle down and regain his lost form. Settling down is not the main thing here but rediscovering his past form, alertness, goal sense and scoring boot.

  4. Never heard of that team before. Mayuka is slowly followin mbesuma’s footsteps curtains will finally close on him. Anyway gudluck mate

  5. The Zambian league is even better than the racist, non profitable, good for nothing so called RUSSIAN league!!

    This dude is not smart it his agent or agency is not smart it they don’t care about him that much becasue if they do,they have to sit down with his club, terminate his contract and then find him a club in the Saudis,UAE etc! I mean the arabian league where he can gets some oil monies whiles playing day in and out!

    I think, sometimes, the agency treats west African players diff from other Africa players becasue there is no way any Ghana or naija player ll allow his agency to treat him like they are doing to this dude!!

    Some players are simply lazy and not smart and I think mayuka is one by trusting every move into his agency hands!!

    Dude, simply has to move to the Arabian league to build his confidence and forget about these European leagues cuz time is not on his side!!


    This guy has lost his confidence and he wants to go and destroy his career in the racist RUSSIAN league!!

    • I agree with you my brother, mayuka is great, just observe how may players mark mayuka, more that one,that confirms that he is dangerous, its just time and opportunities to score, yalishuap pa england, look at Baloteli that one who was scoring great goals at manchester city, now tell me how many goals did he score for livepool last season, you will not undewrstand, if your friends does not want you to score you can not score coz they will not pass the ball to you to score, they will rather try to shot though on the wrong position of scoring. So mayuka is very important for this game, wqe need him, and he should start no pa bench NO

  6. Let him be given space and time to rediscover his form. Otherwise his potential has drastically been reduced because of the Southampton scandal(scoring 1 goal) for all his time there. Their is absolutely no need to call him for the Kenya game because he is off form. Better you call players who despite playing in inferior leagues are having game time.

    • Who told you that he is off form? Remember what happens to Rodger miller at the world cut when he took his team to the world cup all the players who were in form failed to score but Rodger miller who was out of form scored, scoring is not all about form but change and opportunity to score. So not ifyo muleibepa

  7. Let’s forget about mayuka for a while and squeeze the best out of amakula tukwete. Mayuka needs time 2 settle otherwise in the end he will score an own goal with his problems.

  8. If only he had gone to Portugal or Turkey, not to racist Russian. Once he just Fails to perform in a game and the monkey chants start that will be the end of him. The weather also is very uncivilized in that cold siberian climate.

  9. Mayuka does not deserve a call up,let him finish all the paper work and have game time.He will be considered in near future as he is one of the best strikers in Zambia.In place of him why can not we call Friday Samu,that young man has attributes similar to Mayuka.If given chance Friday can be our best target man at senior level,U23 and CHAN team.If we play Friday on top and Singuluma behind him then we can make some changes accordingly and timely.J.Mulenga and R.kola should be called to the squad as we be playing away,experience and inform of these two will help us.

  10. Mayuka really deserve national team call up. Kenya named a number of unattached payers .. We need his experience .. And after all he will attached very soon ..

    • @ Tony you say “Mayuka really deserve national team call up. Kenya named a number of unattached payers”. So it is like do as my opponent have done! Takawba ifya ba Kenya fwabo

  11. Welcome back sir u are lucky u don’t hv a REPLICA blogger that’s what happens on zamfoot wen u r away 4 a longtime. Balapyana…

  12. Our strike force is a mystery, at this moment we dont have form and we dont have chemistry. Lwandamina will have to figure out who to play. I doubt Mayuka or Jacob have enough running in them for the whole game…

  13. lwandamina cant win a game in nairobi he is a pathetic coach he cost us 2 points against guinea bissau. janza was better than this man. usless faz 4 failing 2 engage an expertrate coach.

    • He has to win as he has no other choice. A draw or a loss will not be excepted by any fan/supporter with Zed soccer at his Heart.

      If Lwandamina knows very well he can’t win the Kenya game, let him come out in the open and tell the nation that he is not capable of winning the Kenya game, and let FAZ find someone else

      Never say yes to a job you fully know is out of range of your abilities. No one will laugh at you but rather many will respect you. Not va bu indebwana takana ife. Nangu ku panga ishina awe


  14. The former z owez better than the latter. Remember the insults u use to pour on Janza? Nw pipo r saying he’s better than Lwandamina. Ironic!

    • lol that’s an observation that is also bewildering me, really now, how fickle are we as supporters?? Now all of a sudden Janza is a better coach???

  15. There is no way mayuka will be available for the Kenya game that game is just 3 weeks away. He is about to sign a contract with a new club. He needs time to settle down, familiarize himself with club, players, stadium and fans.

    Zambia is the last place for him now. He’ll surely bounce back to the zambian team in future.

  16. Mayuka’s europian carier ended in Switzerland with young boys fc when he was truely young. Just like @idi amin gaddafi (Selfmade) said, Mayuka should think of joining Arabian league, ngacashupa came back home, join Div 1 side Kabwe worriors , get married, drink mosi to boost our brewary industry like Fwayo Tembo & chill.

  17. Good he has managed to keep on in Europe. Russia is a big league with champions league pedigree teams. I will not take the emotional it’s a racist league crap. Even the EPL has an amount of racism in it. If he does not have the mental strength to be bigger than a couple of stup!d bigots then he certainly does not deserve to be a professional footballer plying his trade in these leagues. He might as well ask for a transfer to TP Mazembe or Amazulu (wait there’s xenophobia is SA so I guess maybe I should say to Zesco)
    It makes you wonder if some supporters really have good will towards this boy’s career. How can you in all honesty think him joining the Russian premiership is bad.
    For me I hope this is a wakeup call because I honestly don’t see redemption if he again fails to tick in this league. After failure in both England and France he really needs to step up. Chisamba has shown what mental strength can achieve, he is now captain of his club in Russia……so much for racism!!!!!!!
    I hope Mayuka comes out of his shell and gets his much needed game time, goals and confidence. I agree that he should not be called for the Kenya game. If chicken George puts him on the bench this will further negatively impact his already low confidence.

    • Russia is the last place for black player to play football mister!!

      Football is more than what happens on the field!! In fact, what happens off the field determines the outcome on field!

      If a player is hooted and racially abused, he totally loses his confidence!!

      There is no big African Player that has fare well in the RUSSIAN league due to one basic problem which is RACISM! Again, us quite ridiculous that, u ll compare racial slurr in Russia to epl!! The racism in Russia is a massive compare to other elite leagues!

      Again, in Russia, it doesn’t matter if a player cna score 50 goals in a season, what matters is his skin color!!

      The RUSSIAN league us poor with low incentives as well as poor infrastructures and if u care to know, the Arabian is better and has far better infrastructure than this racist league!!

      Lastly, check these players out and tell me what they have in common in the RUSSIAN league!!

      Wakaso Mubarak, doesn’t want to go back to his RUSSIAN club!!

      Waris, hated the RUSSIAN league and left his club!!

      Emmanuel frimpong was racially abused and ridiculously punished by the RUSSIAN fa whiles the fans were left off the hook!!

      There has been a lot of documentated reports in Russia how they abused African players as well as footballers and am surprised u can’t see that!

      • Mister (as you have chosen to address me) I am not blind to the fact that there is racism in Russia but you make it sound like it is the only league suffering this problem. Even the Italian and spanish leagues have huge racism issues. Big men don’t run from a problem they confront it head on hence my example of Chisamba Lungu. If all the black players heed your advice to never play in Russia how will the racism ever stop?
        Don’t BS yourself about player salaries in Russia. When a black man player, Samuel Eto, was the highest paid player in the world it was when he was in the Russian league. There is a South African player who in one interview actually said that the best salary/wage he got in Europe was when he was in Russia. Russia has champion’s league representation meaning more marketing opportunities for the African players and more money for the clubs.
        In every situation there will be challenges so if a player will let all the challenges he faces affect his professional life on the field he will always have poor games. Even in leagues where there is no racism there are other challenges to the players, weather, home sickness, culture shock, etc.
        If it’s the career you chose, man up, grow some b@lls and perform to the best of your ability instead of being a cry baby because someone gave you a banana on the training field.
        I don’t condone racism, I live in a very racist country but I certainly will not let it define the success or failure of my career.



    2 and half years after winning the AFCON 2012, we Zambia have only 6 pro players playing in Europe, while our brothers in West Africa have hundreds. Food for thought. The question to be asked is? Why this trend. It is not now this has started but dates back to the late 80’s up to now. What is it the West Africans are doing right that we are doing wrong. You go on the BBC sports website 95% of transfers involve players from West Africa. Just gone the trough the list

    Most Zambian players that have attended trials during the period I have mentioned did fail the trials.

    -Peter Kaumba – failed trials in France
    -late Bizwell Phiri – failed trials both in France and Canada
    -Saku failed to make the grade in France
    -Felix Katongo – failed to make a grade in France
    -Patson Daka – failed in France
    -Dude Ngoma – failed trials in France
    -Douglas Mwamba – was made to play for the reserves for 2 years at Brøndby FC
    -late D. Makinka – failed trials at Liverpool FC
    -Ndlovu of Nkana – failed trails in Israel
    -Elijah Tana – failed trails in Belgium
    -Mbesuma – failed to make a grade in the UK
    -Justine Zulu – failed in Israel
    -Nkausu – failed in Sweden
    -Clifford mulenga failed to make the grade in Sweden
    -Bornwell Mwape – failed in Sweden etc

    The list goes on. The big question is why is it like this? Surely there must be a very big & good reason for this as it can’t be coincidence

    What is it the brothers from West Africa have, that is missing from our players. This beats me

    • I guess part of it has to do with numbers. When a PSL club puts out word that they will be holding trials you will find one or two Zambian players and yet will find close to 20 west African players. Obviously just like the lotto the more hands you play stands a bigger chance of winning. When I was told how Nwanko Kanu had a hoard of Nigerian players in his house when he played for Arsenal and he was supporting them to go and attend trials anywhere they could in England that showed why they have a bigger presence, they do it but loading the numbers so that even if they only get a few hits its still more hits than everyone else in the rest of Africa. My 2 cents.

      • I like this topic but I will take it left a little. Lets compare apples with apples, why is it that South Africa which is closer to Zambia in skill (yes behind us but close) are able to land players in prestigious leagues and these players actually get game time and yet our players cant.

  19. Why does the West dominate African football?
    Post categories: Football
    Piers Edwards|11:58 UK time, Friday, 19 November 2010

    Gyan, Ayew, Eto’o, Toure and Drogba have been nominated for the BBC African Footballer of 2010
    The BBC shortlist for the 2010 African Footballer of the Yearhas underlined West Africa’s dominance of such awards – because around three-quarters of winners of both the BBC and Confederation of African Football(Caf) accolades hail from the region.
    Great names stand out: Jay-Jay Okochaand Nwankwo Kanu (Nigeria), Abedi Pele and Michael Essien (Ghana), Ivorian Didier Drogba, and Roger Milla and Samuel Eto’o (Cameroon) to name but a few.
    Liberia’s George Weah, meanwhile, is the only African to be crowned Fifa World Player of the Year.
    Weah also won the BBC award in 1995 and this year, another West African will join him – with Drogba and Eto’o joined on the shortlist by Yaya Toure, Asamoah Gyanand Andre ‘Dede’ Ayew.
    And it’s not just a matter of a few talented individuals – look at the results and you will also see that West Africa’s footballing pre-eminence is unquestionable:
    Cameroon, Senegal and Ghana are Africa’s only ever World Cup quarter-finalists; Nigeria and Cameroon are the continent’s sole winners of Olympic gold, while Nigeria and Ghana share six Fifa world titles at U17 and U20 level.
    So what explains this superiority?
    “Such dominance always comes down to genetics and environmental arguments,” sports scientist Tim Noakestold me on the line from Cape Town.
    “West Africans are bigger and stronger than the rest of the continent – with the world’s best sprinters originating from the area.”
    “East Africans are of course the distance runners – with a much smaller, lighter frame and the southern and northern Africans largely share that build.
    “But West Africans’ physical attributes would mean nothing unless there’s also the right environment and sportsmen train hard.”
    Football wannabes exert themselves across all Africa but the eastern and southern regions, despite huge enthusiasm for football, still trail far behind.
    East Africa has never qualified for a World Cup and its two Nations Cup titles would seem paltry – until compared to southern Africa’s solitary win, although former champions Bafana Bafana are one of two World Cup qualifiers from the region.
    So how have Egypt – whose players have physiques which are nowhere near as powerful as many West Africans – won seven Nations Cups, three more than anyone else?
    “Egyptians compete successfully because they’re doing something different,” Noakes explains.
    He believes they compensate for their lighter frames with superior ball skills, much as players like Lionel Messi, Xavi and Steven Pienaar, to given an African example, are doing.
    But interestingly, despite the Nations Cup victories, an Egyptian player has won just one Caf best player title and two for the BBC (the latter differing in that it is voted for by fans rather than national coaches).

    A West African, Liberia’s George Weah, is the only player from the continent to have been crowned Fifa World Footballer of the Year (in 1995)
    In 1998, Morocco’s Mustapha Hadji won both – and he is, remarkably, the only non-West African to have won the Caf title in 21 years.
    “I don’t know if I’m surprised by this,” the former Aston Villa, Coventry City and Deportivo La Coruna star told the BBC’s African sports programme Fast Track. “Nearly all Egyptians play at home so the media and public elsewhere can seldom watch them.”
    With impressive facilities and salaries, many Pharaohs, even those as talented as Mohamed Aboutreika, show little willingness to go abroad.
    Meanwhile, other nations simply cannot place their players overseas as easily as West Africa, where success for national sides offers opportunities for individuals and lures agents aplenty.
    “In Kenya, we only have one Fifa-approved agent and right now he’s relocated to Australia,” says football official Hussein Swaleh. “We know very few agents – one in Fra

  20. “In Kenya, we only have one Fifa-approved agent and right now he’s relocated to Australia,” says football official Hussein Swaleh. “We know very few agents – one in France, one in Sweden and one in Qatar – and have none in England because no one’s interested in Kenya.”
    That’s because, despite MacDonald Mariga (Inter) and Dennis Oliech (Auxerre) contesting the Uefa Champions League, Kenya’s Fifa rankingis below the UK’s work permit threshold of 70th place
    This makes it hard for an African from such a country, and over 70% of African nations fall outside this stipulation, to win a contract with a top European side, meaning the cycle of failure goes on – while West Africa is awash with both agents and academies.
    Agreeing that West Africans are far stronger physically, Hadji believes it’s not the only area where the region boasts an advantage.
    “Mentally, West Africans are stronger than us and I’m still unsure why North Africans don’t have as much hunger or give up quicker than others,” he says. “Our skill levels are the same but it’s mentality that makes the difference.”
    There’s no doubting the mental fortitude of some West Africans.
    Ghana’s Sammy Kuffuor, who won the BBC award in 2001, is a good example of a player who maximised his innate skills to reach the top, eventually winning several German titles and a Champions League with Bayern Munich.
    “When I joined Bayern (aged 17), I faced a very big challenge as there were five or so German internationals in my position,” he tells the BBC. “So I had to get psyched in my mind to reach the top and, as a young boy from Africa, needed to give 150% to get to the first team.
    “But I always knew I would make it as I was so determined.”
    And maybe that determination also came from seeing a fellow Ghanaian like Abedi Pele shining on the world stage.
    “The goal of many young children is to be like their country’s great heroes,” says Noakes.
    “And if they’ve already seen it happen, that makes a massive difference and it is far likelier that it will also happen for them.”


    French Ligue 1 giants Lille OSC have announced the one-year loan signing of Ghana youth star Yaw Yeboah from Manchester City.

    The 18-year-old will play under former Ghana national team assistant coach Herve Renard for the 2015/2015 season.

    The Right to Dream Academy graduate leaves the English giants Manchester City after joining their youth side three years ago

    He was linked with a move to Swiss giants FC Basel as well as Dutch Eredivisie outfit FC Utrecht but preferred a move to France.

    Yeboah was one named the Most Valuable Player at the 2015 African Youth Championship in Senegal where Ghana won bronze.

    He was one of the standout players for Ghana at the 2015 U20 FIFA World Cup in New Zealand.

    Yeboah becomes the first Ghanaian to sign for Lille in 25 years after legend Abedi Pele left the club.

    • Renard is giving back to Africa, we need more Renards, not all those useless punks that come to get African money and the disappear. Good luck to the Ghana boy.

  22. Zambian players are lazy too much leisure. They are too comfortable. Check out the migrants that attempt 2 go 2 europe every year (majority West africans). Self-slave-trade no wonder they never fail trials. They don’t call them 4 trials they take themselves 4 trials.

    • I think you’re right. We have a very “you have arrived” mentality i.e. you get to the next level and get comfortable rather than strive for even higher.

    • They lack discpline, that’s all. Kalu, Charly, Chris Katongo, Jacob Mulenga (Mayuka in Israel and young boys) all succeeded because they were disciplined. Fwayo is luck to get a second chance otherwise he was going to be another flop. Check the list and you will find out that 50% of those that failed lacked discpline with a good example being Clifford Mulenga or fat, always eating Mbesuma. Mbesuma’s talent is a pain to have lost in that manner. This guy was leathal..he left foot, mouth watering, but ba nawona malight nama meat pie ku mangalande, awe sure ni kudwa ngati ni homeless person. Plus after national duty outings Mbesuma would stay ku kitwe for extra week drinking Chibuku mu matavern and that is real reason he flopped in England.

      • Ala wa nsekesha ati ” ba nawona malight nama meat pie ku mangalande, awe sure ni kudwa ngati ni homeless person”.

        Vi malight vi nyaka nyaka ka and lot of cooking oil (saladi pa ma meat pie ati nombe fwya nona, kanshi ni lyeni

        Hahahahaha……………..You have cracked my ribs

  23. Good luck Mayuka. Young man has all the tools to be successful in any league, just needs time, opportunity, and the guile to take the bull by the horns.

    • We all wish Mayuka to be successful, but I should point out that time does not wait for anyone. It is up to Mayuka to make things work. Kalu, Charlie cool, Chris, Jacob, Kola etc have/are done/doing well because they were/are focused. No fan/supporter advised them, they just managed on their own

      The problem with Mayuka is that this is his third chance after UK and France. Let us see how things go well in Russia if at all he will be signed, as what we are hearing now is only ilyashi

      I wish him the best, the rest is up to him

  24. He’ll be another success story in Russia like the Legendary Samuel Eto. Its almost like somebody who has burnt the bridge behind him leaving him with no option but to conquer what lies ahead.
    Chisamba will help psychic him too.

  25. Where do u get such info @ first spartak moscow, then unknown club(russia) and now watford. Next we shall read he’s movin 2 Asante Kotoko or Kano pillars.

  26. @ Justic Lukanga ,It all comes down to genitics..the west africans are physically stronger than other africans..this is why they were transported as slaves to america,south america and the Bahamas…we see this evident today as Black Americans are dominating sports its because of the west african gene that has been maximized through training and food in the usa. In other words or eg an african american athletes is a west african on super steroids due to the availability of good infastructure food and more…its a hard fact to swallow the reason why southerb africans cant play soccer as good as the west africans is the same reason why west africans cant beat east africans in long distance or high jump. This is because of genetics..

  27. @ Justice Lukanga Kafusha and the Minnows, your comments are interesting and to have a balanced picture I believe that we also need to look at the list of West Africans who trek to Europe as (il)legal immigrants. They are in their thousands. Some go by boat from Senegal to just try out their luck in football. How many of these boots are captured in Italy an d sent back? hundreds and thousands a year.
    On the streets of Rotterdam, and other big European Port cities you will find hundreds of store aways on ships from West Africa who arrive in Europe and start playing community soccer hoping to legalise and eke a living in soccer, a lot of them have failed lamentably while comparatively a only a few have excelled. If you compare the number of those who have failed to those that have succeeded then you will understand that Zambia is just another statistics.
    So to have 10 players succeed you need to send 150+ soccer players to try their luck.

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