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Lwandamina: I will continue as Chipolopolo coach if….

Chipolopolo coach George Lwandamina has said it is up to the people who gave him the opportunity to coach the Chipolopolo to decide his future as national team coach.

Speaking in the wake of Zambia’s quarter final exit at the CHAN tournament, Lwandamina said he is willing to continue in his current position.

“This is a national call and if I’m called upon to do a noble cause, nothing can stop me.”

“I will continue if the people who gave me this opportunity want me there. The employers will be able to make a decision on my behalf,” the Zesco United coach said about his future with the Chipolopolo.

With Zambia’s run in the CHAN tournament ended by a loss to Guinea Conakry, it remains to be seen if ‘Chicken’s” mandate will continue.

Lwandamina has to quickly turn his attention to Zesco United who start the CAF Champions League campaign next week on Saturday against Al-Ghaza of South Sudan; it remains to be seen if the club will withdraw their coach to concentrate on club duties.

Lwandamina has presided over 14 games with a record of 7 wins, 4 draws and 3 losses in his 7 months stint as Chipolopolo coach.

Zambia’s next engagement is a game against Congo Brazaville 23rd March, 2015.


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  1. If FAZ want this man to coach, give him a contract so that Zesco can hire someone in his place already. FAZ likes to just drag local coaches along, and its wrong.

  2. Those who are calling for George 2 resign are brain emptied don’t u know tht chipolopolo qualified on expense of Guinea? Look at assistant refere disallowing correct goal.

  3. This is what happens when you hire someone who has the luxury of having another top job waiting for him. You get the feeling that Lwandamina doesn’t really care what Faz does to him since he’s got the “job security” of being Zesco’s coach. And who’d blame him? However, the long term consequences of this doubling of his coaching role will be that either Zesco or the national team or both will lose out big time.

    I cannot buy into how Faz are failing to rope in someone who can at the very least teach our boys the basics of modern defending and attacking football. Someone to instill in our boys the discipline and belief needed to execute a proper game plan. Surely not everyone out there is demanding $25,000. And besides, the cost of having mediocrity on the technical bench far outweighs whatever amount we can pay a foreign coach. This has nothing to do with not believing in our own. Hate to say our own just ain’t good enough for the job.

  4. Local coaches have one common problem. Their selection is centred on the teams they coach & those they coached previously. Look at the team he selected, it was full of ZESCO & GBFC plangas.1.J.Banda(zesco), 2.D.Musekwa(ZESCO),3.S.Kabamba(GBFC),4.B.Mfune(GBFC),5.A.Chama(GBFC),6.J.Chirwa(GBFC),7.Mulao(ZESCO), 8.C.Chama(ZESCO) & Katongo(GBFC).Does it mean we only have these two clubs in Zambia?

  5. Lwandamina is Useless..full stop. He has cost the country at the expense of selecting players he likes. Rubbish. We need a new coach…en mot this Nonsense

  6. George Lwandamina is tactically inept. Zambia were so predictable throughout the tournament with the long ball to the left wing hoping for a cross into the centre where Katongo was lurking. One wonders what Mulao was meant to do in that match. A team that is incapable of holding possession can’t go far in any tournament. Lwandamina must do us a favour by stepping aside and Chintu Kampamba must depart with him.

  7. I was also wondering how on earth can two clubs represent the association with sixteen team’s Leagued. then this Lwandamina philosophy of kicking the ball to whom it may concern is a cancer I am seeing extending to clubs.

  8. But why was the team made up of mostly Zesco united players? Are there no good players from other clubs? This is what is pathetic about local coaches. Useless corrupt fools, but it starts at the top..whick Kalu.

    • @TC the problem is farther compounded by the fact that there appears to be no one with the balls to pose a serious challenge to Kalu for the presidency.

  9. Coach Lwandamina…..and his Chicken bench! What is Kampamba doing on that technical bench! Is he the team chaplain? This is a bunch of jokers, in any case Kampamba can’t even cut it at club level; how in the world does he find himself at national level? Simple: they are Kalus puppets! Let’s get rid of Kalu the nonsense will depart FAZ.

  10. Let’s us try Hanif Adams for FAZ President. Friends of Kalu must alert him to risk involved if he continues in office. Somebody is busy digging out his dirty dealings!

  11. Be factual in the way you make comments. I’m not a fan of Chicken George but let’s be fair when making judgement. Only 4 out of the 23
    players came Zesco utd. GBFC contributed 5, Zanaco contributed 4, while Choma Eagles contributed 3. Kabwe Warriors contributed 2. The rest of the players were from Power and Nkana. Red Arrows players were excused. I wonder where people get some of the things they post.

  12. I challenge Kelvin to name the line up for all Zambia’s games & name the clubs where players come from,I’ve already set an example above.If at all he selected the players on merit,why didn’t he balance the team? Instead he used mostly players from ZESCO & Buffaloes.Waiting for u to challenge me.Full stop!!!!!

  13. The game Zambia is currently playing is totally unZambian. The team could hardly string 3 passes without losing the ball. The ‘tactical’ approach of the Zambia v Guinea game was almost the same as the one employed in the Zambia V Mali game except in the former, this did not matter as the game was a mere formality suffice to say the team never shot at the goal for 90 minutes. How on earth does one defend for the 45 minutes of the first half in a knock-out stage of the tournament? One would have thought they were defending in order to proceed to penalty-shoot-outs which even exposed them more.
    I had written off this team before its departure to Kigali and I am going to write it off during the Afcon 2017 and Russia 2018 world cup qualifiers. All in all, the team did more praying than playing during the Guinea game as if they were in a Synagogue. Anyway, personally I was not disappointed because I never expected them to go anywhere.

    • Watching Zambia vs Guinea was an absolute eyesore. You really feel sorry for the ever faithful fans that travelled all the way to Rwanda to cheer the boys on. What a waste of time and money. And seeing the players praying so desperately reminded me of someone who never bothered to study but prayed vigorously just before exams. Long time ROK

  14. These guys thought God does not reward hard work and and the use of brain…
    the chicken did well knowing that in Zambia we don’t have coaching brains that’s why he said we did our best
    Well ba chicken and faz including you ba zamfoot I know you have access to these chaps
    Morden football has evolved
    even me without football history can tell that Zambia is way back in the 80s
    these don’t they watch other leagues to learn something
    I like former president rupiya banda what he said when he was watching obamas sown in into he
    “Mai banda bwela uwone ba president ba zoona not ise”
    Atleast he admitted
    so ba chicken pls watch what your fellows are doing and learn from them
    Am I supporting you to continue. ..hell no. I have a choice you are what we have
    are we improvin don’t ask that question
    can we qualify to fifa WC
    not in this life with faz admin n chicken

  15. Zambia vs Uganda
    J Banda (Zesco)
    D Musekwa (Zesco)
    S Kabamba (GBFC)
    C Munthali (Power)
    A Chama (GBFC)
    S Phiri (Zanaco)
    J Chirwa (GBFC)
    I Chansa (Zanaco)
    C Chama (Zesco)
    C Luchanga (Dynamos)
    C Katongo (GBFC)

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