Wednesday, December 6, 2023

FIFA Women’s World Cup: Spain 5-0 Zambia as it happened

11:34 Full Time: Spain 5 – 0 Zambia (Abelleira, Hermoso x2, Redondo x2)

Zambia will play a formality match against Costa Rica and return home


11:21 Double sub for Zambia

Ochumba and Vast phiri in for Katongo and Lushomo

11:18 Goal Alert: Spain 4 – 0 Zambia (Abelleira, Hermoso x2, Redondo)

Goal Alert!

Hermoso’s rebound goal goes in and is given after a VAR check

11:07 Goal Alert: Spain 3 – 0 Zambia (Abelleira, Hermoso, Redondo)

Musesa is out paced and Redondo goes round the keeper to score in an open goal

10:54 Sakala with another

Eunice Sakala scrambles a save on the line on second attempt.

10:28: Half a much needed breather for Zambia

10:24 Kundananji – Banda combine well

Again it’s that combination which has been the highlight for Zambia

10:21 Good save from Eunice Sakala

That save from Eunice Sakala is one of the highlight of the first half

10:13 Barbra Banda goes on a maze run

A good run from the captain as she takes on defenders.

corner kick to Zambia

10:05 Still no way out for Zambia

The Copper Queens need to come out of shell and try to try a bit of football

10:00 Spain are dominating

The European giants are taking the game to the Zambians

9′ GOAL ALERT! Spain 1-0 Zambia

Teresa Abelleira shoots from outside range from a Jennifer Hermoso assist to give Spain the lead.

09:00 Full Time: Japan 2-0 Costa Rica

As routine a win as Japan will have as they beat Costa Rica to put them on the verge of a place in the last 16.

If Spain avoid defeat to Zambia in the coming hours then Japan go through

08:42 TEAM NEWS: Goalkeeper Eunice Sakala starts

Eunice Sakala stars for suspended Catherine Musonda

08:37 Japan 2-0 Costa Rica

Japan is leading Costa Rica. 20 minutes to full time

08:15 Zambia face Spain

Zambia, who are ranked 77th in the world, are making their debut in the tournament and opening fixtures rarely come more difficult than Japan and Spain.

Zambia initially did well against Japan, restricting them to one goal before half-time, and will be determined to build on that against Spain.

However, they will be knocked out if they lose and Japan secure at least a point against Costa Rica.

Rachel Brown-Finnis’ prediction: Zambia will hopefully have learned from what happened to them in their first game, but the scoreline here depends a lot on Spain, who have a tendency of taking their foot off the gas a little bit.

I still think Spain will win and go through, but it could be a closer contest than their win over Costa Rica. 3-1.

Key stat: Spain managed 46 shots against Costa Ricat, while Zambia did not manage any against Japan.

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  1. When they kick the ball in the air we go where it will land and not trace its flight…its a skill though. But Ireen Lungu??? Its a tough game football…you d9nt wait for it.

  2. The Copper Queens have off the field unresolved issues which have affected their performance. Their captain narrated a few of it .

  3. I expected better performances not what I have seen in the two games. The Germans are wondering how they list to such a team

  4. Some of these girls possess the bare minimum skills of football. That’s the reason why they could not spend 30 seconds with the ball at their feet . Zero! Even when there is no one marking them they would rather kick the ball to wherever to get rid of the burden…..

    & with such a display ATI we need a promotion. Salary and allowances parity with the male teams is fair enough for now otherwise people will just think Qualification to a tournament is enough….

    From 7 something’s to back to back 5 goals on a global stage is evidence enough to just pack en go girls.

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