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Kashala: Local coaches have failed

Football Association of Zambia, FAZ general secretary Adrian Kashala says they were compelled to settle for a foreign coach once again because local trainers have failed to deliver the desired results.

While FAZ unveiled Aljosa Asanovic as new Chipolopolo coach, taking over from Serbian Milutin ‘Micho’ Sredojevic, the Croatian is not entirely new.

He acted as technical advisor to caretaker Beston Chambeshi during Zambia’s failed Qatar 2022 World Cup qualification bid.

Kashala said in an interview with the Sunday Mail that FAZ had no option but to hire a foreign coach to drill the Chipolopolo because of the past experiences with local coaches.

“I ‘m sure you know that we have rounded almost our local coaches within the country, and name which local prominent coach who has not been attached to the national team,” he said

“And we have tried almost all the cream of local coaches that we have, and also, with due respect, let us go back to our records and see how many local coaches have brought us medals and how many foreign coaches have brought us what they have.

“So we were not looking for a foreign coach, and we were also not looking for a local coach, but we were looking for a coach that will give us results, and it is that simple.

Kashala said the engagement of a foreign coach does not mean that locals have been excluded from the drilling the national team.

“We are going to have local coaches sitting on the bench to support the foreign coach,” he said

“So we do recognise the existence of our local coaches, but we also feel that we can involve foreign experts to bring in other expertise to our national team.

“And nothing personal, but we were looking for someone who was going to help the team.

[Zambia Daily Mail]

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  1. Local coaches fail to perform because thwy hate school. They’re too comfortable with Caf D and C licenses. That’s the reason why our local teams even fail to perform well at continental level.

  2. Popeye u r right, the local coaches lack the necessary education to make it at the high level. They lack the understanding to grasp the modern football technics. When you listen to Chambeshi, Chiyangi and other failures, they fail to explain why they drop certain players at times. Apart from saying it is a tactical move. The new coach must be assisted to expose and give chance to our pros and capable local players. Don’t forget the selections for the games against Zim and away to Botswana cost us qualification! The players are there, but you wonder how Mukeya was selected to be top man against Tunisia at the time when the chips were down. We needed experienced players but Chambeshi chose a dead midfield and Mukeya as sub top man to score against Tunisia! Against Zim Chiyangi dropped Sunzu for reasons best known to himself! Today the fella claims he has left a good team. No, local coaches have let us down!

    • Why can’t FAZ/Sports Ministry sponsor even 5 young people who are willing and able to go and pursue high levels of education in coaching so that we can have qualified staff in the next four to five years. By so doing we will have trained local options, better still they can make the best technical bench together who will steer our national team to better direction… I submit.

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