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Kamanga summarises Kazala case

Former FAZ Vice President Richard Kazala was thrown out of Lusaka’s Government Complex on Saturday at the FAZ AGM

Below is a brief summary from FAZ President Andrew Kamanga on the events at Government Complex

“I will summarize where we are today. On the 6th of March 2018 Mr Kazala obtained an exparte order before the Kitwe High Court where he was allowed to register the CAS arbitral award. CAS had indicated that Mr Kazala should be given a hearing at the AGM so that he can state his side of the story before the FAZ Council,” he said.

“…On 21st of March 2018, Mr Kazala obtained yet another exparte order before the Kitwe High Court compelling the Football Association of Zambia to comply with provisions of the CAS award.”

“It was noted however that the award included some reliefs which had not been granted in the CAS award and substantially faltered the spirit of the CAS award as originally given.”

“On the 30th of March 2018 FAZ obtained an exparte order to stay the postage of the order obtained by Mr Kazala pending an application to have Mr Kazala’s second order being set aside. Further the matter has been addressed by the legal committee,”

“The agenda item relating to Mr Kazala’s appeal before the council should not be tabled for deliberation at this FAZ AGM as the said matter is now a full court matter and as such any deliberation in that respect will be subjudice.”

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  1. Mr. Kamanga If you are party to wasting tax payers money to a failed coach (wedson nyirenda)then you are also answerable.
    The money paid to coach wedson nyirenda does not come from someones pocket or bank account.
    Football of today is about winning and selection of players should be based on merit.
    The current national team is a total disgrace.
    Wedson nyirenda must go.

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