Friday, April 12, 2024

Mweene snubbed again…Kalaba is new Chipolopolo captain

Chipolopolo midfield genius Rainford Kalaba is the new captain of the team.

Kalaba has taken over from Stopilla Sunzu who has voluntarily relinquished the arm band, saying he wants to concentrate on his core responsibility as a defender for the team.

Speaking at a brief handover cerrmony in Coach Honour Janza’s room this morning, Stopilla said he was grateful that he had been given such a big responsibility especially that his reign was during the qualifiers for the 2015 Africa cup series.

And new Skipper Rainford Kalaba emphasised the need for collective responsibility saying though he would be the one to wear the arm band he recognises that the other senior players are captains in their own right. Senior players present at this ceremony were James Chamanga, Kennedy Mweene, Vice captain Nathan Sinkala and Davies Nkausu.

And coach Honour Janza says he is happy with the humility of Sunzu who has decided to put team interest above self, saying that his action is a true mark of great leadership.

By assuming this role Kalaba has entered the hall of fame of captains for Zambia which include, Kalusha Bwalya, Christopher Katongo, Elijah Tana,Jones Chilengi,Dickson Makwaza,Ashious Mwelu among others.

Kalaba has officially been presented to the team.


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  1. Nice one. Kalaba deserves to be captain. He is mobile on the pitch and commands respect from his fellow players. Thanks Ba Sunzu for your humility. Our prayers have been answered, although we would have loved Mweene to be captain. But Kalaba is equally captain material. This will give Kalaba the morale to perform better and lead by example. Good move.

    • This just confirms the problems within our National football team. PB is to blame for having appointed Sunzu and Sinkala as cap and vice, leaving out senior players, after CK was kicked out. This does not solve our problems but will add to divisions in the KK11 lol. Why make the change now especially after criticizing Sunzu’s move to China

      Iwe chi Janza you really now proved how stupid you are including your supporters. How can you make such changes at the 11th hour?

      You Janza and PB have killed Zed football period

  2. Ok……before I sound like sour grapes,congrats to Kalaba-please lead us back to the ‘promised land’ if you can!!! Secondly,WHY wasn’t the ‘vice’ captain made captain??? And thirdly,IMO,I think Mweene should have been made skipper-he should have really pissed off some’ big guy’ for him not to make the cut,lol!!!

  3. Master! Lets support the man. He is one of the few surviving senior members of the squad and commands respect. He still has more years in his legs.

    The headline is opinionated and sends a negative messages.

  4. Sunzu is not vocal at all. I think him relinquishing his captaincy is a good gesture though a very bold one. A Captain needs to be on top things all the time, and Kalaba is the right person for the responsibilities of being a captain.

      • I also believe Sunzu has jitters for camera and mic, It might be a way of pushing the spot light away at AFCON. Besides he’s just too mute.

        • Zambians inferior complex…English is important and so is Bembe and Nyanja…the French, Japanese, Abrabs, Russians all use their own languages in press conferences BUT not us! Then we go ahead and laugh at others like ba Kwolwe crack at their own butts for failing to speak a foreign language!!The fact that you have an accent when speaking english means that you speak another language BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Now learn something from this…

  5. Gentlemen, by the way, Nigeria has already started camping their U20 team for Senegal while we have not even started thinking about camping. They want win all their games in senegal and already see themselves in New zealand. Now to me that is how you work towards wining tournaments. Hector Chilombo work up!!!!

    • ———————> Who cares NIGERIA is training U20..
      Nigeria didnt qualify for AFCON 2015.Nobody cares period. kekekekeke!!

  6. We are going to have divisions in the team. Janza iwe you call Chamanga from China and yet you the same person goes on to denounce the Chinese league and Sunzu’s move. Bushe mune walikwata tompwe iwe kwena? I doubt. Uli chipuba

    • What is your problem iwe kanshi? Why didn’t you apply for the coaching job yourself? Just leave Janza alone. Let him fail then you will criticise him after afcon. Have some courtesy man.

  7. Thanx ba Sunzu for your humility. At least you won’t have the head ache of looking for words to use in English during post match briefings. I know kalaba is able to speak not very bad English. Congrats Kalaba.

    • So English is the official global language?? hahaha. What of the Chinese, Japanese, most Germany captains who do not speak English??. Maradona was cap of Agertina but never spoke English, all his interviews had an interpreter. Yashani pa Zambia. Janza has cooked himself in his own mothers pot period

    • THE JUSTICE SAID -THE CHIPOS ARE DOWN..They cant win this years AFCON..

      WOT DO U THINK? Mr ANONIMOUSITY? Kekekekekeke

      • Kwame, Kwame, Kwame ! how many times have I called you? KIKIKIKIKIKIKIKIKIKIK
        am enjoying yo comments Kikikikikikikiikikikikik
        In 2012 they West Africa, co-hosted Afcon and we became Champions up to this time the world still call it a fluke , you continue calling us fluke Champions that MAKE BLOOD PUMP rapidly in my Right pulmonary veins and that bloke the inflow of OXYGENATED blood .But we coming for a second time, we can’t keep the trophy for 11 months . We are coming , it will be no retreat no surrender, it will be total war , we shall see borrowed words from Legendary Denis Liwewe MHSRIEP. We where copper Bullets when we gunned The Elephants of Coat Devour. This time we are coming as Noble Eagles with Sharp Copper nails with our wings loaded with copper bullets. The team has the eyes of a goal Eagle ,like Mayuka,Sate Sate,Singuluma,Mwanza,Kangwa,Musonda,Sautu and many more. Please spare us with this crap that we cant lift the cup once again. Chipolopolo iye ……. I would like you to say this after we play South Africa in a friendly match at 15:00hr CAT tomorrow. Write off Zambia at your own peril .

  8. Janza if you think the Chinese league is for tired legs what about the Indian one?? drop Sunzu and Kondwani then we see. Replace them with yourself and your master Kalusha Bwalya.

  9. Kkkkkkk wasn’t the vice captain supposed to be promoted? These people serious, and what about Mweene? If Zambia is going to do well in this tournament, it won’t be because of the technical bench, it ‘ll be just because of the determination of our players for the won’t wana be embarrassed.

  10. Dont just hate a person for the sake of it. I for one didn’t want Janza to take the team to AFCON but i’ll now give him the benefit of doubt & let lead the team & finally judge him after the tournament. For now, give him space.

  11. Dont just hate a person for the sake of it. I for one didn’t want Janza to take the team to AFCON but i’ll now give him the benefit of doubt & let him lead the team & finally judge him after the tournament. For now, give him space.

      Ohhh! so U think JUSTICE have a negative IDEOLOGY AGIANST THE CHIPOS? Kekekekeke

  12. If you think Janza is a bad coach,take a bath and go coach the team yourself..The post clearly says it was a voluntary act,why should we start being paranoid about it.

  13. sunzu is right.defence is the hati of game.being a central defender that is jersey five is nt easy.u like a captain ored.i agree with mandingo sunzu is a stable introvet.let his decision be respected its nt janza s problem.gud luck zed in tumolo s game.

  14. Ba Justice K, I’ve been a keen follower of Zamfoot and your comments have always been spot on. Whether you are correcting, commending or condeming some commissions or omissions, you’ve always done it in an honorable and respectful manner….. what has gone wrong this time around that you sound so unlike you???????? Is it really you posting those comments??????

  15. Let’s not waste our time talking on captainship . It won’t even affect the teams performance @ Afcon. Any player in the team can take up this mantle. Just advise our new captain to be friendly to all. Pantu kalibako akaifinya sometimes.


  17. Mweene was suppose to be the Chipolopolo captain. Let’s hope there is unituy in the camp. By virtue Nathan Sinkala was suppose to be the captain. But has no leadership skills. Mweene has and been a captain at Freestate stars and Sundowns. Kalaba should be the vice for Mweene.

  18. Its a very good move and it has come at the right time. When the master is at the top of his game the team perform well!! I can’t wait to see the master play with his heart when ever he gets on the pitch!!! Watch out for the combination of Kalaba, Chisamba, lubambo and Sate Sate!!
    Go Chipolopolo go!!!!

  19. You are right @Billy because supersport has not been given the rights to beam Bafana Bafana friendly games. @ Justice Kafusha, let’s support Janza, he has done well during afcon qualifiers and am also apiling to all fans let’s support Janza for now please!

  20. As i said it doesnt matter who is captain as long as we have 11 captains on the feild. We dont need to make any issues out of this….

    Mweene is great natural leader and Sunzu can still lead in his own way. Kalaba can shake hands organise the attack.

    Viva Chipolopolo, we are coming.



  21. Some people are now wishing for Janza to fail in order to prove their points which is not good for the national team.We have all raised our concerns but lets all understand that there is no time for us to start arguing with each other,Lets all unite and deal with that lost man (Janza) later….

  22. Some people are now wishing for Janza to fail in order to prove their points which is not good for the national team.We have all raised our concerns but lets all understand that there is no time for us to start arguing with each other,Lets all unite and support the boys and deal with that lost man (Janza) later….

  23. Kalu and Janza you two never stop to amaze me,not that the choice of the master is a wrong one,but I thought Mweene would have been made the skipper and the Master vice.What is just wrong with you Kalu,that is why you select Munthali,Malama and Chamanga.There is no depth in the team.

  24. Gentalemen, Sunzu has accepted that his vocabulary is limited that is why he has handed over the arm band to somebody else, if you remember when Sunzu, Sinkala and Kalaba failed to pitch up against Brazil, who was the spokes person for the so called Mailoni brother? It was Kalaba.Therefore,Kalaba should be the skipper and let us move on but i am still complaining about Jacob Mulenga, Rodger Kola and Felix Katongo.

  25. This picture shown speaks a thousand words. Look at Chamanga’s excitement for his teammate. The man is indeed a team builder. Wish there was room for Jacob Mulenga though.

  26. Why do some people boast of what and the qualifications they have as though the are able to buy a bag of meali meal for the all country.This is a football site let as not forget that and let as just talk about that not what,car,girl friend or whatever one posses.

  27. @KWAME NKRUMAH u can barely write good English yourself yet u r laughing at sunzu shame!anyway Rainford Kalaba a.k.a master a.k.a ba mupa deserves to be captain despite not being da most caped player.Watch out for pace frm ba mupa ladies n gentlemen.

  28. The squad z ok,but it just lucks the winger Felix,and two strikers Roger $ wishes 2 The tearm 2 today’s game.

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