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Sunzu joins camp, ‘Sate Sate’ suffers minor knock

Chipolopolo Boys skipper Stopilla Sunzu has finally joined the national team training base in Johannesburg, South Africa.

And striker Ronald ‘Sate Sate’ Kampamba is a doubt for this Sunday’s friendly match against Bafana Bafana after picking up a minor knock in training.

Sunzu arrived Milpark Hotel were they have set up base around 7 pm CAT and the 25 year old who recently signed a 3 year deal with Chinese club Shanghai Shenshua.

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    • Stumpy we had differed in the past on various issues but this time around, I totally agree with you. Who will be scoring goals for us and against which team? I still have very serious reservations with Sate Sate and, although he scored his usual flukey goals during CECAFA last year, he can be household name at Nkana stadium but he is certainly not Afcon material. I am very serious about this and if he proves me wrong, I will be the first one to admit I misjudged him too harshly.
      The Afcon stage is not for rookies and novices and I honestly thought it is easier for Janza to polish Jacob and Mbesuma’s scoring boots than bringing in boys like Patrick Ngoma. I am if we are going to charter a plane to Equatorial Guinea, it is better we instruct the captain of that plane not to take off after the players had disembarked from it as we will need the same plane to quickly bring us home. Janza is more ready to go to the drawing board than the knock out stages of the tournament.
      During Afcon 2012, I wrote massively to encourage the boys but this time around, I have to regretfully advise I have already lost confidence in Janza and his Mickey Mouse squad, to borrow from one blogger here.

      • I don’t agree with you!Mbesuma and Jacob have failed to life up to their expectations even when they ve had one on one chances.That can’t be the case with Sate Sate.The so called novices are angry and will be with passion.Take the example of Ben McCathy at his AFCON debut in 1998.

        • And both Jacob and Mbesuma didnt make us come back on the first plane back home fromAfcon 2013 right? Sate Sate’s name should be Fluky (sp)-con sistently in the League (local), Zambia-friendlies, Afcon qualifier, CECAFA, Club African Championship/ Confed. Cup. He doesn’t owe anyone anything and his concern is only GOALS to shame his detractors. Mbesuma and Jacob wouldn’t have changed anything as besides there’s no Afcon in the past that they exploded! So on what are we basing our arguments that they’ll have made a difference.

  1. Good that Sunzu has finally joined the camp.Janza don’t think of dropping Mbola and Evans. Most players will be released over the weekend. For now just find a good formation to shoot down Bafana Bafana. Sunzu has added value to the boys in camp

  2. guys d.r.c have a powerful squad not janzas mickey mouse arangment. we stand no chance ive watched bolasie and mangongu. here we are calling local midgets. i didnt even know mangongu and bolasie were congolese. mbokani is a seasoned strikeR

  3. Good that Sunzu has finally joined the camp.Janza don’t think of dropping Mbola and Evans. Most players will be released over the weekend. For now just find a good formation to shoot down Bafana Bafana. Sunzu has added value to the boys in camp.Let’s support Janza, he won’t include Jacob Mulenga. Zambia will play good football come sunday.

  4. 2 strikers with ‘minor’ knocks and Evans still awaited on. Unless ni strategy I’m getting worried.. Imagine if Jackson Mwamza gets the aex pa final list? We get Mayuka and Chamanga as the strikers to depend on? Kola should have been assessedin the very least. Please watch his goals.

  5. Janza started well and he was actually taking some views of bloggers here. However, after having qualified the team, he thinks he does not need anyone else’s idea. Right now he does not realize that he has injury prone lame ducks in his team. These are Bruce Musakanya, Kangwa, Sate Sate and even Stophira Chio ng Yang Sunzu is not 100 PC feet.what I have observed is tha, during tournaments of the Afcon magnitude, players who are carrying injuries pretend they are fine so that they are included in the final team but only to limp off the field after a few minutes. Janza be proactive, getJacob and Chris (or any equivalent or better player) on standby. The way you have qualified the team is nothing when compared to the way the late Ben Pabili’s (Bamfuchile’s) almost 100 per cent but his team was among those booked on the f
    First flight back home.
    Don’t say nobody advised but I alive to the fact that advice is not mandatory and you may elect to ignore it.

    • Good worthy point, there are bound to be drop outs through injury. Defenders need to be put on standby, even Felix who i think should be one on standby.

  6. no jacob no cris no collins. sate is not afcon material the midgets too small chamanga is finishd. we r going into afcon without strikers mayuka in epl runs like headles chicken he has never created chance in 18Th. drc have a very seasoned squad.

    • So who are the Afcon material? The ones that miserably flopped at the Afcon 2013 and were failing to qualify us to this same Afcon until Janza took a very well calculated risk. People we’ve been in this situation before where novices were carried to the Afcon all because of dinosaurs overstaying. I had consistently called for the young ones to be introduced just after the Afcon and World 2014 flop, but we thought it wise to continue with the same tired legs we want to call Afcon material. Awe Ba Stumpy on this one, I’m with Janza, perhaps Kola yes, but Chris we’ve been told became a liability (so over-confident is he that rumour has it that he was saying in a drunken stupor that he’d go to the Afcon come what may) while Jacob the same people that booed him at Levy want to make him a right to the selection). Kalu’s Afcon team which included as novices the same people we want to call Afcon material was booted in the first round. if Chris was given three chances (2006, 2008 and 2010) before winning it in 2012, why can’t we be as patient with abaiche tukwete? Let’s be realistic with our expectations. I’ll still stand by Janza even with a first round exit.

      • Uncle bobs word there and am wondering why some bloggers will keep on calling on for the inclusion of old (dinosaurs )as u put it.

      • As of now i stand by Janza, if the boys do their all and there is cohesion in the squad but we go out i will still stand by but not otherwise.

        I think the dinosaurs did their all for Zambia, the last 3 years i wouldn’t blame anyone player. The problems of the last years can not be attributed to one person , coach or group. It was a wider collective problem if truth be told.

        Some players like Jacob, i appreciate their dedication and willingness but are very limited in ability to help zambia. Not their fault but just the way it is.

    • How many games and goals does Kola have for Zambia. Let me find out one thing-how come Chamanga is judged on not scoring and missing while same rule doesnt apply to others that bring size ububabe (seeing as in brawn and not brains)with no goals. WHich is better a midget with goals or a giant with running about tossing and turning with a very low goal average. For the records Sate has scored 2 goals in 3 games for Zambia this year, can we have what the bigger sized guys have done.

      By the way, Ba Rok and I continued our debate off-line-kekekeke

  7. Has Janza been to the AFCON either as a player or in any other capacity. If he has I expect him to know that the AFCON is a big tournament where he can’t afford to go with Sate Sate who in my view is a midget as the main striker, who will appear like a school boy playing against big, strong tasted boys! We can’t depend on Evans & Sate Sate both midgets as our main strikers. pliz Janza call Chris & Jacob for experience, stability & guidance.

    • Ba Anita , we appreciate you so much. You called for Mtonga’s inclusion and Janza did that , on Chris and Jacob its a wrong call, in as much as they may small boys but all we need are goals and not experience without goals. You score you win , you dont score you draw or lose and you are booted out early like in 2013. Is that what you want?

  8. @Uncle Bobs, I for one will not stand by Janza if we get knocked out in the 1st round. He has carried players that are not international standard like Munthali and Malama. These are players that are too slow for afcon and lack basics like having a defence positional sense. They were clearly a liability in the qualifiers. Kampamba may have scored a goal but his overall contribution to the team was negligible. Janza’s midfield was overrun by all our opponents and we relied heavily on wing play. You can’t go to Afcon with a weak midfield. Sinkala clearly needed someone to partner him in his deep midfield position. At Afcon, size matters and we are going to struggle should we meet teams like Senegal and Mali because we have no height in midfield and upfront. Kola and Jacob would give us an advantage aerially and at set pieces. Besides, Jacob an outstanding goal return for Zambia. Out with the midgets!

  9. By the way, please do not stop calling even if when Sate Sate fails to score (kekekekekeke). Guess what, on this Kola boy, I have to embarrassingly admit I do not know anything about him. If I ever watched a game involving him, I never actually noticed him but have just been hearing Kola, Kola from bloggers here.

  10. I hope we won’t be baptised with goals like what happened to Brasil. Janza is like Philipe Scolary the former Brasil coach who thought he knew everything about Brasil only to be humiliated by Germany. Janza will swallow his pride after the AFCON but the problem is he will have already damaged our reputation in African football.

  11. Going to Afcon with Sate Sate and Kangwa as your main striking partnership will back fire devastatingly and I know people will be saying we have learned the positives from the forthcoming defeats. These lads, in my view, should have been options when the Mauka/Jacob combo cannot deliver. Janza seem to be doing everything wrong since he became big headed after qualifying the team.
    I am disappointed that Janza has failed to manage Chris. Are saying next time he is going to fail to manage Kennedy or Rainford then these should also be banished from the team? My belief is that, if a player has made a mistake, punish him, let him save the sentence and then have him back and not punish someone endlessly. Even convicted criminals like George Mpombo and Stephen Masumba have served part of their sentences and Masumba is now back serving his constituency. Coaches have managed Balloteli who can do and say awkward things at times. Let us not pretend that Kennedy and Rainford are happy to be captained by young Sunzu. Our team seems to have all the right ingredients for a potential disastrous outing but I am not wishing them bad luck.

    • wise words MR ROK. i wish voices like yours can reach stubborn ears at football house and to both kalu and janza. u need to be writing articals in major newspapers like daily mail and the post.

    • Ba mudala ba Rok,the era of Chris Katongo is gone.We must expose bena Sate Sate and Kangwa the same way we did for chris and company before they matured and finally made us all smile in 2012.That exposure must start now.With due respect to the bulk of the old guards that won us our first Afcon trophy,their legs are clearly tired as evidenced by the way we struggled in the qualifier for the 2015 tournament.

    • Indeed, just like My good old friend (now) Paradox , I am humbled by the postings of you, MR ROK. Nothing hides the factual truism that you are a football enthusiast. Your arguments are sound even if l have reservations on some of the issues. Your honesty in admitting issues u are not abreast with speaks volumes. For the first time, again, l unreservedly agree with paradox that you should be writing pieces for some of these local newspapers so that your opinions could reach a wider audience.
      People of your calibre are worthy of emulation. PLEASE KEEP IT UP AND “no turning back”.

    • For me Chamanga and Jacob have had their chance, the chance it now falls on the Sate Sate and Kangwa young ones though they are, that is why we have Mayuka and Freedom Singuluma who are now in their prime to back them up. Kola could have been in this team but his club form never improved in time to justify his entry into this Afcon, maybe he has had a short stick one or two times but anyone blaming Kalu for not kola not being included is deluding themselves. I can easily say if i think Kalu has been in the wrong but that is not correct in this case. Kola is a huge talent which is why i included him our best strikers league, but he does need to refine his game and keep good club form, the two main things keeping him out.

      I agree with you ROK about Chris and the way he has been demonised which to is not right. Should and could have been handled better. If this is the way you start is it the way you carry on?..

      Our defence still is a worry, i wish Janza had picked central defenders with alittle more pace and strength. The youth in midfield is great but alittle mire experience in there by way of Felix would not have been bad. Other than that im happy with the squad. We need cohesion when we lose the ball and when we attack especially in the final third. Chisamba should be the main setpeice, corners and freekick taker. I think he can be better than Kalaba from what we saw in qualifying.

    • Ba Rok, Evans and Sate Sate are not used at the same time but with Mayuka (harassing and bullying) which better than having two blind men Mayuka and Jacob (the easiest and most predictable combination for any smart defender like i used to be-ask anyone that was at UNZA around 87-90). Janza has done the right combination (brain/brawn) than having brain/brain or brawn/brawn). I’d rather even have Ngonga than Jacob (best suited to be an athelete!!!).

  12. If I was Janza I wouldn’t have let Munthali anywhere near the team. The guy is very slow, lacks positional sense and very poor in his judgement! If u were watching the champions league in which Nkana was involved, u will realize that 90% of the goals Nkana allowed was because of the deficiencies of this Munthali! I still insist that this team still needs Chris K. He may not be an automatic starter but u will agree with me that each time he is introduced he brings stability to the team. Where we have leakages in midfield those are noticeably sealed upon his entrance. He might have lost a bit of his speed but his work rate, passing accuracy and determination is still there.

  13. Am positive we wil do wel at de afcon.Mweene and kalaba are nt selfish like chris over de captainship given 2 sunzu ad sinkala de team is united.

  14. After watching Ivory Coast v Congo, Tunisia v Senegal…….
    Chipolopolo need experience upfront. Sate Sate & Evans could be backup!
    Already One Sate Sate has Malaria + Fatique lol. Perfect excuse to call Jacob Mulenga (He is fit & tall) we need him against Tunisian & Zairian Giant Defenders.

  15. @uncle bobs perhaps you havent looked at the squad d.r.c have asembled . that bolasie is tall and strong. hes able to hold off 2 defenders. that is why there is chan now. its were u test out midgets like sate sate and ngoma . personally i insist even as a nkana fan sate is not afcon material. drc will steam roll us. this will be a sham of an afcon because we dont have a thinking coach.

    • @stumpy. I think some times u shod be mindful with words u use on other pepo. how can u call sate sate a midget sure. the boy has no problem with his growth nor is he a dwarf like person.

    • Stumpy I’ll only agree with you if you admit then that we don’t have Afcon material at all as the same guys you want flopped big time (Afcon 2013). I,ve seen the Zairean (DRC) squad and very good from afar but far from good!

      Ba Rok and I finally agreed on something-our calibre has really gone down but with what we have Sate Sate and Evans are able to stand shoulder high. Let’s not forget that Evans and Sate won us the Cosafa Cup a few years ago. Do we still want them to stick to Chan and Cosafa Youth. If that is the case, let’s forget about them and get the same Huge Strikers who will never score more goals than these boys at any level!

  16. lets not blame jazza for this mess.kalusha is the one who is coaching with blue tooth.jazza told zamfoot that i rate kola but kalu does not . kalusha is the head coach of chipolopolo.

    • For me this discussion can even be simplified further. In 2012 we won afcon were we reliant on jacob or chamanga. And in the qualifiers too. Zambia plays better with faster strikers. Jacob and chamanga play better at club level because their team and style of play supports/suits them. Not so Zambia.

  17. A lot of you guys are negative minded people!!
    Say whatever rubbish about Sate Sate and the other guys but that won’t change the love I have for the lads!!
    Uncle Bobs keep it up my man.

  18. @Push cool you r right most of these bloggers are very negative like they started watching Chipolopolo in 2012. They are talking about the size of the players as if it has anything to do to win the games. How whr our player sizes compared to what Senegal, Ghana n CV
    had. Look at Hazard at Chelsea, the Iniesta, Messy at Bacelona……..size without skill and will is nothing.

  19. Not Afcon material, standards, height. My question is: when Zambia won the Afcon were our players taller than the current team? How would these players gain experience if they are not exposed now? Players will improve by taking part in such tournaments. Let’s support the team. This is a post Chris, Mbesuma, Jacob era, we can only say thank you for your contributions to the motherland. But Chamanga? Yaba.

  20. For those of you who are calling inclusion of Chris and Jacob you are being unfair to us , two qualifying matches we used these players without any impact . Let me take you back before AFCON 2013 He Chris said we dont have pressure to defend the cup and what happened during the tournament we were the first to pack , but that happen in football . Why are you still calling on players who can only perform at there clubs and others cant, this is 2015 and please spare us with the available players in camp. On Sate Sate its is very unfair to attack the young lad. Useless coach HR(borrowed words) never called this boy but we hard few individuals throwing fire on this armless boy. This is 2015 and we need to leave the hate we had in 2014 and move with a spirit of reconciliation and forgiveness. Sate Sate is Zambian and this is his first Chance to excise his birth right as Zambian to play for Zambia at AFCON, the boy can be average but he has a proven record as top scorer for 2 season in ZPL what else do we need from this armless poor boy who can not defend himself here. Sate Sate young man I foresee u can be like Chitalu if only you focus and think about goals whenever you are given Chance . God bless Zambia

  21. By the way Zamfoot has reported picking up a minor knock in training. Major and minor which is worse , kindly educate me on this one for those who are busy cursing the boy

  22. Those who understand the dynamics of how tournaments are won and lost will agree that our provisional team is imbalanced and lacks quality in key areas. We won the 2012 afcon thanks to the fact that our first eleven literally picked itself. That aside, we had a depth on the bench – players who could come on and change the complexion of the game. We had a coach who had the entire dressing room on his side. Folks I support this team through and through, but I’m a realist too. If we’re going to Equatorial Guinea for the sake of exposing our players then bravo to Janza. But if we are seriously harboring any thoughts of being contenders (not just participants) then i’m afraid we’re dreaming in colour. Zambian football wouldn’t suffer just because Chris and Jacob were to be recalled. Love them or loath them but the simple truth is that we don’t have ready made replacements for those two. Sunday against RSA will bring reality closer to our eyes. I hope am wrong.

  23. Whatever happens at the AFCON will support our team. Cause that’s the size and skill we have at the moment as per the average Zambian size and skill. Viva chipolopolo do us proud and ashame these Zambian soccer novices who don’t know what skill can do from any size of a player.

    • Mr One Zambia please learn to respect divergent views as you do not have a monopoly of opinions on Zambian or indeed international football. We all watch the games you watch and perhaps some of us have even watched more football than you.
      As Zambians, w would like Zambia to win Afcon 2015. However, given what is obtaining on the ground, some of us have serious doubts and if you are convinced we are going to win, that does not make us football novices. Let us debate and discuss issues with respect and maturity. I for one have supported our team to the hilt from as far back as 1973 but this time around, I do not think the team we have will go beyond the knock out stage. Let me also be frank and tell you that I am a very bitter about the way Chris Katongo has been hounded out of the team by Janza whose only played for the Tamanga boys. You do not hound out the only Afcon cup winning captain like that. This man is a disciplined soldier who has played under several coaches. Fine if he has lost form, there is a Honourable way of getting him out of the team.

  24. Mbola and Kangwa will only join the team on sunday after fulfilling their league obligation. Therefore, they will most likely miss the Sundays game.

  25. This formation will suit Zambia.


    1. Mweene

    Nkausu 4. Munthali 5. Sunzu 3. Mbola

    6. Sinkala Mtonga

    Kalaba Musonda


    • Mandingo, this squad look good with the exception of Munthali. I would rather put Katebe ahead of Munthali. Munthali will cost us a lot.

      Zambia Squad

      1. Mweene

      Nkausu 4. Katebe 5. Sunzu 3. Mbola

      6. Sinkala 8. Mtonga

      11. Kalaba 7. Musonda
      10. Singuluma

      9. Mayuka.

  26. Yes, Rainford “The Master” Kalaba is the new Chipolopolo captain.
    Kalaba has taken over from Stopilla Sunzu who has voluntarily relinquished the arm band, saying he wants to concentrate on his core responsibility as a defender for the team.

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