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Janza knows what I can do, says Chamanga

James Chamanga says critics of his call-up to the national team have given him strength to be at his best at the Africa Cup of Nations.

Football fans have criticised Chipolopolo coach Honour Janza’s inclusion of the China-based  striker in the team heading to the AfCON in Equatorial Guinea next month.

But Chamanga, 36 said concerns over his inclusion in the team had given him the impetus to do well at the AfCON.

“People that are crying for me not to be called to the national team are my fans, so for them to cry it’s advice for me to do well at this Nations Cup. They are advising me to say I need to be at my very best,” Chamanga said.

“When they see the real James, they will not complain. It’s a challenge for me to improve where I’m lacking.”

He said he was grateful Janza had noted that he brought more to the team than just his footballing skills.

Janza recently defended Chamanga’s call-up at the expense of other in-form players,  saying the veteran striker was a team builder who had intrinsic qualities of uniting the team.

“If the coach said that (I am a team builder), I have to say thank you. He has come under a lot of  pressure over my name. He defended me because of what he knows about me,” Chamanga said.
He said he would play his role as a senior player of encouraging the younger players to perform well at the AfCON.

Meanwhile, the team yesterday left in two groups for South Africa where they would be camped before playing a friendly with Bafana Bafana on January 4.

Copperbelt-based players led by TP Mazembe midfielder Rainford Kalaba left for South Africa via Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe Airport while those in Lusaka were scheduled to leave at 16:00 hours yesterday.

FAZ communications manager Nkweto Tembwe said the team will be in South Africa until January 10 before returning to Zambia and heading to Equatorial Guinea on January 14.


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  1. The success of Zambia will depend on the midfield. If Mukuka Mulenga will shine and our porous defense will hold their own, then expect the cup back home. For Chamanga I think the guy can do it if the engine room is operating well.Good luck GUYS.

  2. Well well I must say I am impressed with the way chamanga has taken all this negative energy directed at him and turned it into something positive maybe janza is on to something here.

  3. surely this guy is aleader, with all the kunfu names he has been given, he comes out very positive? am impressed woth his maturity though i cant put my money on him for the sake of fairness regarding his current form. That aside, 2012 faz was saved from been forced out of office after a number of clubs demanded the remove of kalu. every thing was however swallowed in our first ever C.A.N cup. i forsee a situation of kalus head out of faz should these opportunity be merssed up. every knows that afcon money plus two high profile frendly moneies went in to few fishes pockets. i say this because am reliably informed of the plans to repeat the 2011 formullar. my recommendation is that kalu should be transparent

  4. Chamanga is a pathetic striker if all these years he failed to perform at a high level what makes him think he will perform at 36. At afcon 2012 he started against Ghana and there is nothing he did till Mayuka replaced him and saved us. He is a pathetic striker and should not have been called. Against Niger in niamey he was one of the reasons we failed to score. Chamanga is expired and passed his useful life. Let’s see if he can prove me wrong.

  5. He is a waste of space on the team. we should have had Kola on the squad instead. AT 36, If i was Chamanga i would have excused myself and given the opportunity to a younger player. But since its a Zambian disease not to retire with dignity, selfishness creeps in until one is exposed. The last two games this man has played for Zambia he has showed nothing and done nothing, Drogba WHO IS A MORE ACCOMPLISHED PLAYER retired gracefully why can’t he???? Is he going there as a coach or assistant? If so let him be a part of the technical bench. Are we going to the AFCON to team build or to win? which player gives us a better opportunity to win games….? Kola, Jacob or Chamamnga? Janza’s explanation does not hold water with me PERIOD!!!!!

    • Thats some vague statement, or honestly put naive. “Zambia will be beaten at AFCON…” a team can be beaten in a group stage game but still win the tournament. I thought you could offer much.

  6. the team selection is very poor.the selected team does instil fear to any of the teams in our group.jaza is a useless man he does not select players on merit.james team builder chamanga bribed his way into the team.he can never be a motivator.players will never respect him simply because his old that is nonsense.the only player who can motivate players is mweene. he command first eleven jersey.

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