Friday, April 12, 2024

Irfan arrives in Ndola ahead of Chipolopolo training

Chipolopolo Boys assistant coach Irfan Kawri has arrived in the country ahead of this month’s back to back 2017 African Cup of Nations against Congo.

The England based assistant coach arrived in Lusaka over the weekend and connected to Ndola and will be part of the Chipolopolo Boys’ afternoon training session at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium.

A fortnight ago, the ZamFoot Crew revealed that Irfan will return to the team after he failed to go with the team to CHAN tournament due a personal reason as he had to return to England. That brought a lot of uproar from the soccer fans.

Now with head coach George Lwandamina in a fixture overload as his club, Zesco United are expected to leave for West Africa for a CAF Champions League return leg against Horoya in Conakry, Guinea either on Tuesday or Wednesday, atleast the national team will have someone to drill them together with Chintu Kampamba.

The local players have arrived in Ndola ahead of the 2nd phase of the camp.

Foreign based players will join after this weekend.



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  1. This is the most ridiculous arrangement for the Zambia national team I have ever seen. So far there has been a revolving door of assistants, which does nothing for the national team as far as long term planning or setting any targets. It also undermines Lwandamina because it just looks like FAZ do not trust him to do the job. So far there has been Labohm, some Mexican guy, and now Kawri. Next week…who knows.

    Hire a coach or give Lwandamina a standing contract. Simple!!

    • The government has no money to hire an experienced coach. Lwandamina is likely to have a tight programme with his club.Under these circumstances,it is only logical to make the best out of a very difficult situation. No FA in Africa can afford a top coach without government funding.Lets give chance to the guy.Lwandanamina can only be permanently contracted if he is assured of a salary which FAZ cant afford at the moment!His best interest lies with ZESCO for now.

      • @Amos, FAZ Gets $750,000 per year from FIFA guaranteed, this is just from FIFA, not the help from corporate world and tax payers money from Government and other endorsements from contracts with the national teams, can you explain where all that money goes for you to say Faz does not have money? Yes Faz does not have money because all those is supposed to be used for its intended purpose ends up in corrupt Kalu’s pockets and all his corrupt inner circles. Don’t pretend you don’t know about this.

      • Amos. I whole heartedly disagree with you. FAZ has a budget, yet you are telling me they have no money for a coach. They have money for the President and other staff members. A coach for the national team is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

        So you are saying Lwandamina is right now working for free?? That just proves how even more ludicrous this whole arrangement is.

        • Ba Positive thinking..If we have Accountants on this forum,kindly go through the budget that is presented every year to run football,FAZ hardly breakeven.In the past despite all these FIFA grants,FAZ was even operating in deficit.The government’s role in the budget is to fill in the gap for the senior National team and coach’s expenditure.When in the middle of the year,GRZ says they do not have money ,it throws the whole budget offline.The revenue lines are very narrow.FAZ has to foot all expenses for all National teams except for the senior national team which is paid for by GRZ. These expenses run into billions of kwacha and that FIFA grant is just a drop in the ocean.Lets learn to appreciate the challenges that come with running football bane..right from club level to the national levels,its not an easy task. Kalu and team have done their best thus far. Kamanga is known to be a succesful business man ,tell me what has his companies done to even sponsor a local club in Zambia and what corporate influence did he bring to Kabwe warriors that should a reference case for him to claim he can do better?At least business men like Katumbi have proved it in DRC!

  2. The time is now to rescue Zambian football, Zambia cannot afford another 4 years of failed football by this corrupt Faz leadership, its time they are booted out and have some responsible and transparent leadership at Faz. Zambia will suffer more decline if Kalu and his corrupt friends are retained at Faz. Zambians please don’t allow this if you love your Chipolopolo, enough is enough.

  3. We can change. Sorry Great Kalu ,your are still young another chance will come. Dont be afraid of stepping aside.

  4. Fwayeniko umbi naimwe not kamanga can’t you see how terribly he failed at warriors n power
    on issue of coach it’s logic we have no money to hire a foreign coach that’s why the government can’t say anything they know the situation
    lastly @ soccer guru ukafwa nechikonko boyi and it seems you have a candidate in mind to replace kalu please tell us

  5. oh common guys, yes Faz gets $750,000 per year, but do also no that government only sponsors the senior national team? the under a7, 20 and 23 including the women teams are sponsored by Faz. Hotels, food training allowances all by Faz. What about the workers and other necessity all by FAZ. And you are talking about ka $750,000 per year really? Even other training like for the coaches, referees are footed by FAZ. Ask Kamanga how he failed at Warriors and Power then you will know that it is not easy to ran football pa ZED. The current administration is doing fine.

    • Its amazing just how people thrive on rumours without facts and yet the FAZ budget and audited accounts are in public domain!The best candidate to take over from Kalu will be one that will one day present a better alternative and not unsubstantiated accusations!Even Kamanga at some point when he takes over FAZ will still need Kalu as a global football brand!

      • Amos, you seem to be doing excellent in pointing out to all the “Sacrifices and great work” absentee, remote control control Faz outgoing president Kalu is doing for mother Zambia, you also seem to be pointing to us fans as thriving on “rumors” as you conveniently put it, but you also forget that, we the fans are sick and tired of the non transparency that is going on at Faz. How about the “Kaili yali ni nkongolefye” debacle? Isn’t that a rumor not worth enough to be angry about with the direction of our football is heading to? How about govt coming in and paying bonneti when it was Kalu’s mismanagement and not knowing how handle contractual obligations that landed us into that mess, isn’t that enough for the tax payer to demand answers? The fees raised from Japan/Brazil friendlies(2 million) are another example of the mismanagement and corrupt practices going on at FAz. The money won from Afcon, how di it help develop Zambian football? I can guarantee you, 80% of all those monies ended up in Kalu and his corrupt punks pockets. And oh by the way, the corporate world(mining companies) paid HR and government never abandoned this team. The corporate world pulled out of paying the coaches after they realized they were being taken advantage of by Kalu and his team. Gov’t has always chipped in on yearly basis through its budgets. How about the money from TV on the leagues from South African broadcasts? Is that peanuts too? the Jersey contracts? oh wait never mind on the Jersey contract issue, we know what happened there(counterfeited cheap crap and the public was made to believe that we paid a lot of money of the original nike jersey). Money raised from match day ticket sales? Nobody, I mean NOBODY in the public knows how much is raised on those games as Kalu and his corrupt punks handles all that. We the tax payers need to know all those transactions, I won’t even dare to get into Amy Cassetti hand on the marketing deals that her and her husband are using to rip off Zambia and you “Yes Sirs” won’t dare to say a word because you have either been brainwashed, or also benefiting from ripping off Zambia, Only you know the truth on that. Not every Zambian is stupid and naive as you might think, but it gets to a point when enough is enough and people need to start being responsible and Kalu has not been, does not feel he has to answer to anybody, you are ok with that, but I am not.

  6. The real reason why there is no transparent budget that answers every question is because there is an epic mismanagement of funds that are supposed to directed to our national teams. Lack of planning,budgeting within our means and corruption is why keep struggling to even pay a coach that is worth taking Zambia to its greater heights. Until you can, you have numbers to back that up, until Faz, a public association, not Kalu’s association or company can be transparent and answer the basic question raised, we not going to sit here and turn the blind eye, when we know that our football deserve better, our players deserves respect and better payment packeges, our kids deserves better football development programs, Our Faz president NEEDS TO HERE to control his house(FAZ) and see the day to day operations on the game development, not being in South Africa and getting paid to do nothing.

  7. Some people never stop amazing me, really I can see you hurt this man. Have you guys taken time to know how much Nigerian player are paid. Yes they are paid well but the FA up to now still owes the guys. What’s the point of promising the guys huge sums of money when you cant even pay them. What FAZ is paying our players is ok as it is in our budget line. Lets give credit were it is due, before Kalu administration do you guys recall the kind of jersey our players were putting on. Eish they did not even have training kit. As at now there is no one who can take ZED Football to another level apart from King Kalu. Let me ask you Ba TC if you were in Kalu’s shoes by the time RB, Kamnaga and Simaata if it is not you though wanted to hijack FAZ want would you, teti ukongole? Come on hurt him or note the man has changed the Zambian football.

    • @Wesu, you are missing the point, I don’t see why it is wrong to ask for transparency. Kalu came in with hopes/view of being transparent and being a good Faz leader as he had experienced the ill treatment as a players himself. We all thought as a former player he would understand the basic travelling arrangement for international engagement for example, but teams have continuously been subjected to shambolic travel arrangements every time to say the least. Kalu would have been a good Faz president if
      1)He was not Pompous, arrogant and never felt he was untouchable
      2) If he did not influence player selection in hopes of advertising those players he wants sold in that he can get a cut on the transactions.
      3) If he and his team of clowns were not corrupt as phuck at the expense of Zambian football.
      4) If he could man up and quit letting his wife dictate on the on goings of our national teams issues, from literary everything including the way marketing contracts are conducted and awarded.
      RB was right at that time, WE COULD NOT AFFORD TO KEEP KALU AT PAMODZI HOTEL, It is very expensive, what part don’t you understand on that? Kalu could live in an upscale neighborhood right there in Lusaka at a cheap price, but no he wanted to be treated as though he was from out of this planet. in retaliation, that is what we got with the firing of Dario whom was brought in by RB. So there is your answer on that.
      “teti ukongole?” …man you are kidding right? $80,000 went to Kalu’s pocket Not FAZ. but he tried to lie that the money was nkongole on behalf of Faz. There is no trace on those funds on FAZ books.

  8. Oh by the way one does need to be in the country and ran a business or even football. In modern world! no ba wesu.

  9. @,Amos Mumba
    So you are telling me that Lwandamina is working for free? Then FAZ and government are basically useless entities. Kali himself, refused to coach Zambia for less than expatriate pay, let alone for free. Yet he is now in a position of power and sees it fit for Lwandamina to be working for free, and have observers from all around the world show up at the pretense of auditioning for the Chipolopolo job. This is a mockery of our football, a damn shame and only 4 years after our greatest achievement we sit at such a low point. If people are okay with this kind of management, then why bother supporting such mediocrity. As for me, I refuse to support outright negligence on the premise that nothing can be done. Government is lying and FAZ is too. They are ministers right now pocketing more money to attend meetings at 5 star lodges, than what Lwandamina can make in a month, and FAZ instead of fighting for a real budget, find themselves without real sponsorship. Why? Because they have failed to be transparent in their dealings. If this is the case, why hasn’t FAZ come forward? Why are we the fans the ones asking the questions before we can get some direction out of FAZ? Football is in a state of disrepair and you Mr Mumba are asking us to simply accept the status quo and that’s straight up a loser and defeatist mentality that will keep us at number 70 chakuti in the rankings and dreaming of World Cup 2032 instead of 2018.

  10. So people u wanted Kamanga to sponsor Warriors using his own money ? RSZ did not fund the team adquetely. Kamanga was a club chairman not the sponsor. At Power he was only a committee member.

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