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Fighton Simukonda fired?


COACH Fighton Simukonda has been sacked after Zambia’s disastrous outing to the ongoing CAF 2015 Under-23 African Cup of Nations finals in Senegal.

Impeccable sources revealed to the Times yesterday that Simukonda would no longer drill the Under-23 team and had equally been dropped as Chipolopolo assistant coach to George ‘Chicken’ Lwandamina.

“Simukonda has been sacked. It is suicidal to continue with him. It is unacceptable to lose all three games at such a competition when our aim was to go to the Olympic Games,” the source said.

Zambia failed to win a single match after losing three of its group matches following a 2-1 defeat to Tunisia that was followed by a 3-2 thumping against South Africa, before wrapping up the campaign with a 1-0 loss to the hosts Senegal.

The source added that the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) executive committee found it unacceptable for the team to lose to South Africa when it had about eight players that were part of the Chipolopolo that beat Sudan in a Russia 2018 World Cup qualifier and beat Kenya in the Africa Cup of Nations qualifier.

“It is just so obvious that FAZ can’t continue with Simukonda who had a team comprising about eight (Chipolopolo) players that beat Sudan and Kenya can’t lose to South Africa.

“Even at the national team I doubt his stay because if he can fail at Under-23 level what value can he add to the national team?” the source said.

[Times of Zambia]

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    • It doesn’t matter if Kalusha choose the players, the coach has a right to resign if he is forced with 11 goalkeepers.
      Zambia needs coaches with balls.

  1. FAZ should quickly find an expatriate coach for the national team. lets not be fooled that George is the right coach for chipolopolo, these coaches will fail when it will matter the most then FAZ will react and drop him. FAZ should be proactive.

  2. Faz needed to suck the entire coaching staff. He was not alone but was being assisted by Lwandamina. Those tactics are almost the same deployed in the senior team. Its very embarrassing at this moment to be Zambian were any team can easily overpower us.

  3. Simukonda is just a sacrificial Lamb.
    Who chose Simukonda as coach for the U23?
    How many preparatory games did the U23 play before going to Senegal?
    How much time was he given to drill and polish the Team?
    Is the problem really with Simukonda or the entire FAZ?
    It is good for the FAZ to notice that things are not well somewhere and the best to do is for ALL OF YOU to resign.

    Since most of us were not born after Independence, we will not be fooled into believing this was Simukonda’s undoing alone. ALL OF YOU ARE USELESS.

    Aba Lozi, balikwata saying about ‘Litapi starting to rot from the head.’ SO if the U23 were bad then the rot started with and at the head, and the head must be copped off, removed and discarded.

  4. Its just stupidity to claim that Kalu select the players . We saw how confident Kalu was as a coach ,fielding young but talented young stars who went on to become chipolopolo dependables . This current stream of coaches lack the much needed confidence and skills to identify and mentor young stars into successful senior players .All we see is overusing the already developed players into junior ranks . Death has also robbed us much of the best coaches we had ,the remainig coaches cant even embrace the traditional chipolopolo football

    • clearly you never interact with players and coaches. Try and be in contact with one or two of the national team players and get their views on how team selection is made.

  5. Though I agree with step taken, I feel he was used as a sacrificial Lamb, How can a coach who was able to beat the like of Cameroon in group stages, display such like of tactics like a headless chicken, which at the end of the day said he did not know what happened.

  6. No surprises with this report. This is common practise in the footballing world. If a coach cant deliver he is fired but we cant ignore the fact that FAZ did not come to the party either. They did not have a solid training camp for the lads did not have friendlies and had a very short camp before the tournament.

    Its pretty obvious that they thought this was not very necessary as 7 or 8 of the player had already been together with the senior team, very short-sighted way of seeing things. It is shocking that Kalu who was a professional soccer player for two decades still does not seem to place the level of importance required for training camps and friendlies as should be required. FAZ have done their time and we thank them for the successes but it is time for fresh blood at football house. The failure of the U23 is not only the coaches fault but as usual football house will never agree to take any responsibility.

  7. Why Simukonda alone?even Lwandamina should be axed,I so the same performance even at Senior national level.we need an expatriate coach to avoid biased in selection of players

  8. Faz should have fired the entire technical bench because it is clear that those guys are armatures they lamentably failed to guide those boys.with this news I expect Simukonda to give a sounding report of what happened from the day he was handed that position to the day we lost our last the first place Simukonda was not suppose to be appointed as under 23 trainer because he has failed to prove his worthy at his own club nchanga. Lwandamina suppose to be the best for that job then we go for an expatriate for our senior team.we are not going anywhere if faz is not checked us well.this time government should voice out and show their supremacy since they are the main sponsors.

  9. Sacrificial Lamb,,,,!!! why did they as k lwandamina to join the U23 team,,they should have let him go along …!!they were both in Senegal and are still together with the senior Team…”’ I guess they should fire both”” or Keep both…

  10. Nigeria U-23 coach Samson Siasia hopes Senegal can beat South Africa to a place at next year’s Olympics.

    The top three finishers at the continental event will represent Africa at Rio 2016, with South Africa taking on Senegal in the third place play-off.

    “I’m very happy to win against Senegal again after the Africa Cup of Nations in 1992 and achieving our objective, which was to qualify for the Olympics,” Siasia is quoted as saying by CAF’s website.

    “I think the ‘gods of football’ were with my team today because Senegal created most of the chances but they failed to score.

    “Emmanuel Daniel [goalkeeper] kept us in the match as he made some brilliant saves today. On another day, we could’ve been embarrassed.

    “We did the best we could because we had lots of injuries heading into this match but I hope that Senegal can qualify to Rio so as to have a strong African representation in Brazil.

    “Creating chances and scoring them are different so I’m not concerned that we allowed Senegal to have the best chances of the match.”

  11. Firing simukonda is unfair game
    He has been with the chicken at senior
    Chiken was brought to assist
    The same game of chipantepante at senior was seen at U23 meaning these two a chicken not a duck fused to play amalabishi tulemona in our Zambian football
    Kalu once said we are not ready to have local coach not pipo here crucified him…
    Don’t get me wrong am not saying kalu he is the Saint he has many managerial faults that I think it’s time for him to leave office
    The fact is….Janza in my opinion has some football coaching brains
    Though him too can’t read games but he is.the only thing close to today’s coaching we can afford looking at the current economic situation in zed
    That’s why the government can’t say anything in this regard otherwise faz will just tell them we need an expatriate which the government can’t afford but can afford bribery during election with our money…We who pay taX
    So my point is dissolve faz since we like going to drawing board and start with new fresh ideas even if they fail it’s okay we are used
    Secondly Perry mutapa Jr can be brought near any Jr team it seems chintu cant learn but song leader like my katolika so we put him as a patron
    Just maybe we can reap when I don’t know
    Lastly faz don’t say you can’t lose to SA they are more organised than you
    Why didn’t you say you can’t lose to Senegal n Tunisia I guess that infriority complex to the west and north Africans we are the same so stop this hiding and accept you have failed n apologise to the nation

  12. This time we need a good tournament in preparation for Chan.surely we have 10 provinces but we are failing to select good players.let the clubs in each province select their best players put them into two groups A and B.teams in each group will play each other.groups should look like this group A:Copperbelt select,southern select,Muchinga select,Eastern select and luapula select.Group B:Lusaka select,northern select,western select,central select and north western select.these games should be played at two venues levy mwanawasa and heroes A should now select best players and group B should do the same.the two teams will now be called chipolopolo orange and chipolopolo green,on the final day best selected players from chipolopolo orange will play green.this time the national team coach should be engaged in order to pick the final players to represent us in the chan tournament.these proceedings should be shown live on znbc and muvi tv in order for everyone to see and allow suggestions from the viewers through SMS.

  13. Simukonda don’t allow Kalu to kick u abt like cannon fodder! Clear yo name buddy! Everyone is expecting u to truthfully come out with the truth on team selection. If Kalu the omniscient of Zambian football interfered with selection don’t spare him! Mutafu has already set the tone; call a girl a girl and not a fat lady. Kalu is quiet abt Mutafu’s allegations hoping the docile Zambians will forget!! Fighton go down fighting boy release yo fire into the den of thieves that is Football House.After all Chagwa Lungu has assured the nation of his unflinching support for the fight against corrupt individuals such as Kalusha!

  14. Herve Renard to take over as
    Ghana coach if Avram Grant
    leaves for Swansea City
    Published on: 10 December 2015
    Ghana are being tipped to go
    for French coach Herve
    Renard to be the next Black
    Stars coach if Avram Grant
    decides to join English
    Premier League side
    Swansea City,
    This comes after Black Stars
    coach Avram Grant emerged as
    a shock contender to replace
    the recently-sacked Garry
    Monk at Swansea.
    Huw Jenkins and and his
    Swansea City board are
    reported to be turning to the
    former Chelsea boss — who
    has plenty of top flight
    experience after stints at the
    Blues, West Ham and
    The Premier League club are
    searching for a new leader
    after deciding to part company
    with the 36-year-old on
    Wednesday. The team had only
    managed to claim one win in
    11 Premier League games
    when the axe fell on Monk,
    who spent 10 years with the
    Swans as a player.
    Even though the move to
    Swansea City has not been
    confirmed, the Ghana Football
    Association (GFA) could be
    forced into acting fast before
    they are taken by surprise if
    Grant is named as coach of the
    English side.
    Sources says the GFA will be
    tempted to go for the proven
    Africa Cup of Nations title
    winner Herve Renard who is
    currently club-less after being
    sacked by Lille just last month.
    Renard, who previously
    worked as an assistant coach
    of the Ghana, twice edged past
    the Black Stars to win the
    Africa Cup of Nations, mostly
    recently with Ivory Coast in
    February after beating the
    Ghanaians on penalties.
    The Frenchman who was
    sacked by Ligue 1 club
    Lille after only 13 Ligue
    matches in charge of the top-
    flight side, also supervised
    Ghana’s defeat by Zambia
    enroute to the Chipolopolo’s
    Africa Cup of Nations title
    success in 2012.
    Renard took over at Stade
    Pierre-Mauroy in May, signing
    a three-year contract after
    leading Ivory Coast to glory at
    the Africa Cup of Nations.
    However, the 47-year-old has
    now been relieved of his
    duties after leading Lille to just
    two league wins this season.
    He is an ardent follower of the
    Black Stars who is keen on
    returning to coach the Ghana
    national team.

  15. That is a good move. These coaches must learn to voice out if things are not good for them. Simukonda was suppose call players like Moses Phiri, Mwila Phiri from Green eagles fc, evens KANGWA, Emmanuel mbola, Charles zulu, mukuka Mulenga, and call for a friendly game at least two with Congo Dr or a north African tram just to gauge the team.

    • So its the coach who calls for friendlies? Does he also do the travel arrangements? Forgive my sarcasm, but you’re pointing fingers at the wrong person.

  16. How can you fire someone who was not even under contract. This means he will be begging for payments for the work he has done, but FAZ will simply shake their heads like they knew nothing. How can you expect local coaches or junior teams to improve when these men are being treated as expendable as a janitor.

  17. Good move ba FAZ now next it shud b yourselves. And the govt wants a commission of inquiry 2 probe why the U23 exited prematurely and yet we all kno includin the minister himself reason why. Thts hw far Zambia can go these days talk about U17,U20,U23 and U40.

  18. Even if ghana acquire the services of H erve Renard, they can not win a morden afcon tornament with 16 teams taking part. They will remain ancient winners of a 4 nation tornament for a centuary!

  19. Zambia has alot of talented players that needs polishing. This was the complaint by Herve Renard, and we need our local coaches to do more in polishing these raw diamonds. The National Team is not a place where you learn to trap or pass the ball but to tactically plan for downfall of opponents. I think it’s the responsibility of all our local coaches to try and upgrade themselves to modern day football, don’t wait for those FAZ sponsored coaching clinics . Let’s learn to invest into our professional careers instead of crying out loud for help all times. I heard Mr Danny Kabwe is now in Europe studying, he had to stop work and Zanaco to go and upgrade his coaching skills. I wish some of our Coaches can think in the same line. There should be competition among coaches and this will raise our game’s competitiveness

  20. You wish you’d re hire Herve Renard but you can’t.
    You are poor and can’t pay him.
    Not even offering him citizenship could tie him to your Chipolopolo.
    Stop the hate,swallow your pride and concentrate on your down spiraling teams.


  22. you are talking about ghana? cant you see that your zambia teams are disgrace to africa after being eliminated in the first round of all tournaments in 2015?….can you tell me when zambia team ranging from u-17 to snr team qualified from the group stage of any recognized tournament since 2012?….Concentrate on farming,football is your thing..Now everyone call you guys “THE WHIPPING BOYS OF AFRICA FOOTBALL”

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