Friday, September 22, 2023

Feature: Mix what fans love in order to attract them to Stadia

Yesterday, Gift Wamundila ( Mbuzi Yamwa Zigolo ) posted something interesting about Green Buffaloes having a Stadium ku Buffalo Park.


With duty free beer he feels it could attract alot of people to the games.

I kind of agree, one thing we have not done in Zambia is exploit what fans love so that we combine them with our beautiful game.

People love to drink beer why not have a nice Stadium ku Buffalo Park obviously also provide plastic cups and proper security.

It’s an idea to work around and fine tune to perfect.

But that’s not the only thing, We also need Family friendly Zone especially for teams like NAPSA Stars and ZESCO United who play in huge stadia, so this designated area, only people with kids can sit there free of the insults and bad behavior that may erupt, very secluded.

The idea is to entice people to come with their kids kuchibansa, Obed Bwalya can come with my niece and nephews and sit in the area and watch the game while getting his quality family time in.

The current set up is not ideal, people avoid it because here there is Patson Kawewe with his colourful language next is Samantha Samwill Miyanda with little Gabby, that won’t work for Sam and Gabby.

We have a lot of things to work around to increase the fan turn out.

It’s good to see teams like NAPSA Stars being proactive and doing something.

We should also work on the Entertainment aspect because am not coming to the stadium to watch a game where 90 minutes no shot on target and only people pumping the ball forward for ninety minutes completely deprived of any excitement.

Puncherello Chama always posts some great ideas on how to attract fans to the stadium.

Tanzania is doing fine in this area we can learn a thing or two.

[Aaron Mubanga]

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