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FAZ to sack Nyirenda


The Football Association of Zambia, FAZ are on the verge of terminating the contract of Chipolopolo Boys coach Wedson Nyirenda, the ZamFoot Crew understands.

It is believed Zambia’s exit at the hands of Sudan in the quarter finals at the just ended CHAN tournament in Morocco has acted as one of the catalyst.

According to the ZamFoot Crew sources at Football House, FAZ President Andrew Kamanga, General Secretary Ponga Liwewe and other some of executive committee members are believed to have met on Friday to decide Wada Wada’s future.

“It’s an open secret now that Wada will be sacked in the coming few days,’ the ZamFoot Crew insider.

The ZamFoot Crew insider also revealed that the meeting tackled the hiring of a new coach.

“They might even announce a new coach in the coming few days.

Nyirenda took over from George Lwandamina in August 2016 and under his tutelage he qualified Zambia to CHAN tournament.

But just like his predecessor, his side fail short in the last 8.

In addition to the disappoint in Morocco, the Chipolopolo Boys were demolished in the Codafa Cup final last year.

After a poor start in the World Cup qualifiers, Zambia finished second in the group which had Nigeria, Cameroon and Algeria.

Wada Wada’s highlight was that back to back win over Algeria.

His lowest point was when Zambia lost at home to Mozambique at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium last year.

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  1. FAZ has the financial muscle now to get a top notch coach??I hope they get a tried and tested tactician if indeed Mr. Wedson Nyirenda is axed.Going for rookie or recycled coaches (both foreign or local) is definate no no in my opinion. We need a coach who will build and improve on what coach Wedson did and given a clear mandate of qualifying to the next Afcon and lifting the cup.

  2. Why not just waiting for his term to end? where the world cup is concerned, he said it the moment he was appointed that qualifying the team for the world was not his priority.
    We need not just to look for faults in people because we will find them. Is FAZ so innocent for our Chipolopolo’s failure to qualify to the quarter finals? if I remember well, did Zambia have any friendly games? NO. Was it the coach’s fault not to have any friendly games? I don’t know. The Team delayed to go to Morocco and was it the Technical bench to put logistics in order? And for the new coach, is he a Zambian or expatriate coach? Do we have money this time to pay foreign coaches?
    I do have issues with the current coach but I think it would have been better to let him finish his contract. if soccer fans, FAZ and all stakeholders can arise and support the technical bench in faith then we can see a better Chipolopolo .

  3. I got my popcorn ready…its all systems go now! I am interested in continuation but Mr Nyirenda has had some poor results against oppositions that are no where near our quality, Mozambique and Sudan for crying out loud??

    • Are those reasons you have on your plate? I see why you are not King yet! There are many reasons that can lead to a team losing to minnows please give concrete reasons why WADA must be given a boot, I am not supporting Him but I also don’t want to have his successor to sail the same boat, we must get to the root of the problem here. Setting the Coach on fire is not the way forward.

  4. The unforgiving man should go, proud and pompous, we ended up stranded in Nigeria when we had Fwayo, Kalaba and Lubambo Musonda to to name but a few. He coated us the world and now chan. Faz do it fast, that man Carrie’s the unforgiving spirit

  5. Faz remember, you planned to camp the team in west Africa but that man, forced you to camp the team in Month, when you tried to reason with him, he went crying in the media, out of pressure you gave in. His team selection, look at the team he took to chan, John Mwangeni, katiba, Friday Samu, Chirwa etc, were they the best Zambia has locally? What of Cletus chama, Fwayo Tembo, Martin Phiri, Chingandu, Zulu from zanaco etc. Fire him, Mwibeshamo umutima napapata,

    • Justify your comment and points don’t just thumb something because you want your comment to be seen, We need Brains to help! If WADA is not doing the Job right the door is wide open for Him to go out. Bloggers be serious for once and stop this nonsense of name calling Zambia is our dear Country we need to move forward!

  6. How accurate is your story ba zamfoot because I have just read another online publication attributed to FAZ saying they will maintain Wada Wada

  7. IF FAZ will fire WADA then I am certain and mark my words the Kamanga led administration has no vision. What I can say is the problem here is not the Coach but the whole FAZ Admin as the Coach can not perform without the necessary tools. As for undisciplined chaps like Fwayo, Kalaba, CCC etc I do not regret the Coach leaving them its time Players started being responsible see what happened to Clifford Mulenga.
    Inferiority complex also is the order of the day most people on this site are parading for a white Coach which is very pathetic I don’t see Zambia moving forward with this kind of mindset (Muzungu – boot likkers).
    I am not a blind supporter of WADA I know He makes mistakes but atleast He has done better than many a Coaches and should be given time, His replacement must be better than him an excellent tactician who will not come cheap.

  8. Is Faz mad not log ago they said they are going 2maintain wada but now they are saying something else, some of the blogas crying 4 Martin phiri did they see him playing 2 the left wing? Wada did not make mistake by selecting Mwangeni.Mwangeni just needed 2 be tested in international matches if Faz failed 2 arrange 4 international matches it means they are the ones 2 blame Wada just failed because he was using same tactics which his opponents aware of. And he left out chama Cletus but not Fwayo he z too old

  9. You have serious monkeys….on this site…bakolwe proper. How do u fire Wada Wada when the performances and results of the team have been on the rise. Qualifying for the world cup from that group…do u smoke? Are u for real….ba Satana

  10. Truth seleniko,and soccer guru, I agree with you.Ealrier on this blog after the exit from Chan, I mentioned that Faz should do a postmortem, and if they contributed to the poor performance of the team,then they should apologies to the nation. That statement was a polite way of telling Faz, that, they deeply share the blood guilty of the national team poor performance..Now they want to sacrifice WADA wada,in order to shield their Uncleanliess.Faz administration are appearing to be holier than the coach. We all know that Faz never arranged high profile friendlies for the national team.They are suppose to Be humble and acknowledge their error. It will be a cowardly action by Faz to terminate wadas contract without acknowledging their mistakes.

    • Well spoken. Yes the National team failed but was it entirely wada wada’s fault and the technical bench or maybe even administration-wise we failed too? Am not in any way supporting Wada wada but i think it will be unfair for FAZ to sack wada wada and hide their own shortcomings when they never provided him with enough tools/resources to win the competition. Everyone should shoulder the blame including those in the offices not just the coach and the technical team

  11. The CHAN tournament showed me personally that wedson Nyirenda doesn’t have a wide array of tactics or even just a few. How do you go to a tournament with the same game plan?? I mean its not like you are managing a club in a league. Thats tournament football and you will meet all kinds of styles. Yeah i know people can say that he left some better players at home for the tournament or he made the wrong calls during the Nigeria clash by axing kalaba and the likes of ccc but thats not enough for this job. A coach needs to be tactically sound too. Thats before a game and during a game. During the Namibia and Sudan clash, you could see that our technical bench didn’t have another plan which is just devastating for watching fans. Watching a game fade away without a proper shot at goal against an opposition like Sudan. As a player or soccer fan, you win some and you lose some but the manner of the loss will determine the peoples reaction after the match. I will sight this example:

    After the Namibia game, it was obvious that the tactic used against Uganda and Ivory coast had been identified and therefore nullified by our opponents. He should have worked on a different plan to carry the ball forward such that we could mix up wing play and midfield. Even without creative midfielders, i believe he could have tucked in the wingers and instruct the fullbacks to hold the width during build up play when in possession so that we stretch the play from one wing to another through short passes and triangles. The Sudanese could have been chasing the ball and we could have found space eventually.

    Furthermore, i feel the best game to try out Mwengani was the Namibia game and not a quarter final clash with a lot at stake. That was a very naive decision by the coach and it cost us dearly. If we are serious about going to AFcon 2019 and probably winning it or qualifying to the 2022 and making a serious impression, we need a shrewd coach with creative tactics in order to utilize the full potential of our talent at the moment. Yes Mr Nyirenda can say that he learnt some lessons as a result but can we afford to gamble on lessons learnt anymore?? Next year is Afcon and the qualifiers are just around the corner. We already lost the first game to Mozambique at home. There is no room for error and we just cant afford to miss another AFCON.

    At the moment, we have some fantastic young players whom i think can take us places. But if we fail to make use of them because of poor selections and tactics, we shall regret more in the near future. Last years u20 Afcon victory and exhilarating world cup performances was evidence of the talent we have at our disposal. Its the kind of talent that can win you consecutive AFCONs and make a long lasting impression at a world cup.

    Its just a matter of a coach making the right calls. Quite frankly, i feel Mr Nyirenda is not the man to take us to those heights. I have lost faith in the man. He won me over slightly after those Algeria victories but i am afraid that has all evaporated. Right now, after those u20 performances, we should have been looking at building a spine around those talented young players. But that hasn’t happened. Carefull now,…because the situation could be such that these boys will grow older and we still wouldn’t have made a formidable unit. We have an opportunity to do wonders here but we need a coach with tactics and someone to combine these young players. It doesn’t have to be a white guy no! Just someone who knows what they are doing you know…..

    Lets not wait to fail to go to AFCON 2019 for us to think of changing. If there ever really was an ‘eye opener’ at the just ended CHAN like the failed Zambian coaches like saying, it has to be the realization that a change on the technical bench has to be made. Over and out…..

    • Prolific Winger I love your analysis in some points like tactical approach ,towards each and every game, you are spot on but my cry and the cry of most people here is;
      What is FAZ doing to help the Coach prepare for each and every tournament? When other teams were busy playing friendlies to sharpen their teams the Chipos were stuck in Lusaka playing a friendly against a division 1 team. As if that was not enough the players allowances were not paid on time I believe they,players, have not been paid to date.
      What I and most people are saying is this trend by FAZ has been ongoing, when is FAZ going to be serious? Even if WADA WADA is found wanting how can you justify that? They,FAZ, might hire a Coach and end up firing him as a scape-goat. Its time FAZ put their house together and let the Coach carry the burden!

  12. hehehe….bambi batampa ukumfwa uluse!!! if it was in another country were progress and results are taken very seriously, this coach would have fired just a few hours after the sudan game. But hey…since we are ‘christian nation’ why not let the guy stay???…..jokers….

  13. hehehe….bambi batampa ukumfwa uluse!!! if it was in another country were progress and results are taken very seriously, this coach would have fired just a few hours after the sudan game. But hey…since we are a ‘christian nation’ why not let the guy stay???…..jokers….

    • Prolific Winger I believe you follow the EPL, do they fire a Coach based on one or two loses or they take a lot of things into consideration? Even my 12 year old Son when I asked him for an opinion with regards to Chipos performance He told me that, “Dad I think the people who run the team ‘FAZ’ need to be serious with friendlies and transportation (logistics) of team ” My Son has his own team he know what players to buy and sell, He also tells me how his team must prepare for a cup or league game and most of the things He talks about are money and resources.
      What FAZ is forgetting is that the league is now a “Professional (Money)” league and most players are more inclined to money as a reward/remuneration. Therefore, it is pertinent that the management of money is done excellently if we are to succeed.

      • @ truth… have a point boss. FAZ will also have to take the blame here. They should be taking care of things like allowances, proper logistics and timely friendly matches. They could have provided the coach with more resources when preparing for the tournament. The failure at CHAN is twofold: the football association and the technical bench. However, in addition to FAZ’s negligence, the technical bench also exhibited a lack of tactical variance at that tournament and i think you would agree with me on that one.

  14. Prolific winger,you sound reasonable, with the good analysis. But don’t you think if FAZ had arranged two or three high friendlies with teams having different playing tactics , those serious flows could Ave been spotted and corrected?.if such flows in the coach could Ave been sported during friendles,then wise people like you could Ave given good advice to the coach.Just like all us ,the coach is not allknowing ,he has failings like all us and need advice to became a better coach. Unfortunately, high profile friendlies were not there to act as litmus test for the national team and the coach. It is this reason, your bothers and myself included, feel that the Faz administration share a heavily blame to the bad performance of the team.We feel that it’s hypocritical and criminal on part of this administration to sacrifice wada,wada on their blood guilty.Ok, Let us assume Wada is axed, the new coach comes in,then Faz does not provide necessary tools for the new coach.will they fire him if he does not perform?.It will become a coach comes,he does not bring results due lack support, then becomes like a Mary go round. Wil just be on the place. Then it’s a course of wisdom for us to look for a “root course “.If we examine the root,then FAZ is at fault.I do agree with you,that the coach ,could Ave done a better job.But what withholds me from. Being overly critical to the coach is ,what he was subjected to.lack of high profile friendlies. FAZ should not appear cleaner than the coach.let Faz not use Wadas termination as a scapegoat.

  15. Sad to say .Selection of players is sometimes influenced by the very people in the administration .Report is coming to our ears, That local coaches are not respected by this administration.This is proving true due to FAZ adamant and false justification on not arranging high profile friendlies for the coach and the team.The Administration rationalise,the failings to appear as if it’s not big error. It took time for FAZ to respond to the coaches request to comp in mongu.All this is a sign, showing lack of respect for local coaches request. Hypocritically, they coach is free to select players on merit,recommend the kind training the team need.But they are the ones who pull strings to which player should be picked. The selection of buffalos players,chirwa,sum and katiba had influence and blessings from some Bad guys in FAZ.

  16. Wada Failed To Manage His Players Thats Why We Could See Players Misbehaving. We Want A Fatherly Coach Who Will Unite Our Players Not Ba Wada Who Ar Just There To Make Grudges With Players. Wada Was Always Careless When Handling Displine Issues. Petty Issues You Drop A Player Is That Good Management That Wil Take Zambia To Afcon Or Wc. You May Be An Exellent Tactician Like Bene Ferguson But If You Lack Good Human Resource Management Your Results Will Always Be Poor.

  17. fire the bagger! What friendlies didnt faz give him,are you telling me to beat sudan that day we needed to play a friendly?i think wada lacks man management he is too proud the national team is a high profile job we need coaches who understand the morden game look all chan games zambia could barely put together passses the boys relied on there abilities not ba wada..kasambe

  18. Hiring of an expatriate coach is the best way to get football in our country to its picky. From past experiences not one local coach has gotten the chipolopolo job and has satisfied zambians.

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