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FAZ court French coaches for Chipolopolo coaching job


THE Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) is courting renowned French coach Philippe Troussier as well as Patrice Beaumelle to take over as the next Chipolopolo trainer.

Apart from these two well-known coaches to Zambian football, the FAZ is also having discussions with two other French coaches in Sebastein Desabre and Bertrand Marchand as well as Belgian Tom Saintfiet, who is coaching Togo.

Impeccable sources told the Times yesterday that Troussier has already had talks with FAZ chief Andrew Kamanga who is in France watching the ongoing Euro Championship.

Troussier is also scheduled to meet Sports Minister Vincent Mwale, who also left for France believed to watch the Euros but with these meetings coming to light, his emergency trip can now be explained.

Soon after Zambia failed to qualify to the 2017 Africa Cup, Kamanga hinted that the FAZ will get an expatriate coach before Zambia plays its first Russia 2018 World Cup qualifier with the games set to kick start in October.

“Kamanga is in France for the European Championships but is also having talks with some coaches the FAZ is targeting. So far, he has had a word with Philippe Troussier, who is going to meet with the Minister sometime this week. Others will be seen later,” the source said.

But information reaching the Times yesterday suggested FAZ yesterday interviewed Frenchman Sébastien Desabre as they continue searching for a coach.

Of the coaches lined-up, Troussier has the biggest and most impressive curriculum vitae as he has coached at the World Cup with Japan and also qualified Nigeria to the 1998 World Cup but was fired before the tournament started.
His success in Africa both in Ivory Coast and Nigeria and then in South Africa led him to be nicknamed ‘The white witchdoctor.’
Troussier has had national team stints with Morocco, Qatar, Japan, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Burkina Faso and South Africa and his last African national team post was in 2005 with Morocco.

For Tom Saintfiet, he has coached Yemen, Qatar and Bangladesh and then coached on the African continent with Togo, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe and at club level with Free State Stars and RoPS of Finland while Desabre and Marchand have coached only at African club level.

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65 Comments to FAZ court French coaches for Chipolopolo coaching job

  1. Seen from Afar says:

    We desperately need the work ethic Beaumelle will bring. He is A young coach still and that stands him in good stead.

    Toussier cv is impressive.

  2. soccer fan says:

    Ba Kamanga Kuwayawayafye,Lets hope nabeshiba ifyo balecita

  3. Peter l s says:

    Patrick is gud,who knows some pleyer here in zambia

  4. PINK FROG says:

    However will be called for chipolopolo coach must be assisted by Jani Simulambo or Charles Musonda

  5. A coach must be found as early as posible he must spend a lot of tym with the team before qualifiers.

  6. soccer fan says:

    All we need is a Coach who will be picking deserving players unlike the so called useless Zambian coaches who likes nchekelamo pakubikamo player. I have always been consistent in saying that the following are the players who needs a National Team call

    Kennedy mweene, Danny Munyau, Jacob Banda, Joseph Musonda can still deliver, Emmanuel Mbola, Davies Nkausu, Fwayo Tembo,Christopher Katongo – Captain, Kalengo winstone, Collins Mbesuma,Jacob Mulenga, Chisamba Lungu, Rainford Kalaba, AARON kATEBE, Kondwani Mtonga,Buchizya Mfune, Lubambo Musonda. Evans Kangwa, Stopilla Sunzu,Isaac Chansa

    Starting Line-up
    1 Kennedy Mweene
    2 Davies Nkausu
    3 Joseph Musonda
    4 Kondwani Mtonga
    5 Stopilla Sunzu
    6 Nathan Sinkala
    7 Chisamba Lungu
    8 Isaac Chansa
    9 Collins Mbesuma
    10 Christopher Katongo
    11 Rainford Kalaba

    Danny Munyau, Jacob Banda, Fwayo Tembo, Jacob Mulenga, Winstone Kalengo, Lubambo Musonda,Emmanuel Mbola, Evans Kangwa


    Ala bu Coach tabwashupa ngamwafumyapo corruption, its about picking players on merit

  7. Zacheus says:

    we need a coach who knows substitutes very well not substuting a powerful player and put in zikolokolo he will go as earlier as he comes.

    strong players are needed who eat nshima not ba ma biscuits and rice no please.

  8. Pungwa says:

    I would second Patrice’s appointment, he is young and ambitious. These big names like troussier are temperamental and they resign apabula no mulandu.

  9. Chinsburg says:

    It’s time to ressurect our beloved team.

  10. Chinsburg says:

    Pick a coach on merit for quality performance and results.

  11. Sibs says:

    @Socer Fan. You still want Joseph Musonda in the team? Do you want him to play until he is 50yrs? Man the man is done his part as a National team player and has played for i don’t know how many years.

    He is supposed to be handing over the button to younger players.

  12. Sibs says:

    French Coaches have the highest success rate Coaching in Africa. If we can afford Philippe Troussier let him come.
    We tired of WANNA BE’s who have cost us since HR left.

  13. 90minutes says:

    patrice’s should be on the top and get it if he will accept. patrice’s sure

  14. soccer fan says:

    Sibs says
    Football is about results not aging. Lets avoid retiring the players before they hang the boots them selves. The inexperienced young players cost us AFCON qualification. What is better, bringing in an experienced to help us go to AFCON or keep on using the young inexperienced players who can deliver? Advise me

  15. Dincto says:

    Me I wil support Patrice Beamule that game Brazil vs Zambia is stil fresh given him good support from Government and Association Zambia can become a threat in the continent.without key players at that time I feel proud and a credit to say we can do better than this.go Zambia go 2018 Russia.

  16. soka says:

    I don’t see Patrice to be a gud option taking over the job,the man has been renerdz par
    pet so all by himself hez nothing.

  17. Vinkubala says:

    For me, Patrice Beaumulle can deliver because he knows the Zambian football culture very well. Some of you will shake your heads in unison, as you can recall those friendly matches against Japan and Brazil. Players were very fit and comfortable with ball which made opponents run in sixes and sevens, except for those silly mistakes which could be corrected, anyway. Having watched those two games, I felt confident that Zambian football was destined for higher heights. So, bring back PB.

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      I agree with you, Zambia was playing very entertaining high quality attacking football when Patrice was coach, the game in particular was the Japan game. I would say we bring him back if we can.

  18. ngizo says:

    Is it not the same patrice who deserted us when he was needed most,anyway since natupelelwa we can go for him coz he’s. young and ambitious

  19. Brave Nchanga Rangers says:

    Yes bring back PB as long as he does not abandon ship to follow HR in morocco

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      He is already there with HR. Its just a matter of knowing if he has the confidence of being a head coach and quit being HR’s shadow all the time.

  20. Football lover says:

    Patrice knows zambian football no time for experiments,

  21. Football lover says:

    No time for experiments just bring patrice,

  22. benny says:

    yes exprience coach is needed in zambia not lwandamina bcoz he likes ukusenda abaice abashakwata exprience abena mayuka alebasha

  23. NAZO says:

    Beaumullulle is still raw and he doesn’t trust himself that is why he had to abandon the chipolopolo job.Philip Trousier’s character is also questionable, he might as well leave without any notice.We need a coach of a sober character and experience.

  24. Mumbi says:

    PB should return back.

  25. NAZO says:

    Overall, we need an expert coach because Zambian coaches are not serious they have limited choices of players to choose i don’t know what they consider.Honestly,who is better M’kandawire and Lawrence Chungu,Patson Daka and walter Bwalya.

  26. Even if you like hire MOURINHIO and allow FERGUSSON to assist him still ZAMBIA will not win a single game….. It is not the coach that matters….. What if the coach comes and he discovers there is no single football DNA in any of the zambian players????? how will he cope????? #Food for thought from a concerned NIGERIAN…

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      Shut up Noni, worry about your super chicken, you no be fit talking trash on this site. Only Ghana can talk. Nigeria, like Zambia will be watching AfCON on TV so why are you spouting nonsense here?

  27. SAMUEL says:

    @ Tc soccerman,it will be better for nigeria to qualify for the world cup than nations cup.Nigeria is ready to face zambia any day any time.We are not bothered about our opponents.Its our opponents that are scare of nigeria,ask anybody.

    In two weeks time nigeria is announcing either a serbian or french man as its national team coach.

  28. TC SOCCERMAN truth hurts man…. yea truth hurts….. No coach, i repeat no coach no matter how good can manage ZAMBIA team successfully….. Its not possible… Quote me anywhere….. Your present team handler is a very good coach, just that he is being made to manage sets of useless players who tried loving football but football doesnt love them…… Dassor

  29. Adebayo says:

    ba patrice is the best, hope he accepts he left bz he was not paid by faz on philipe trouser he is good with a good cv any of the two can make a good one but patrice has a relationship with the players and i think 75 percent of the players re still active

  30. Ba Zambia says:

    I agree with the one who you suggested the inclusion of ever bright Joseph Musonda. This man is a perfect choice for the national team left back at the moment and is the one who can withstand the strength of W.Africans and the Arabs. In place of Mtonga we can call M.Chaila since the latter is currently performing, strong and doesn’t tire easily.

  31. Coach says:

    I think it is time Zambian hired a
    world class coach instead of employing amateurs and novice s like Patrick what ever. That unexpected miracle with HR will not happen again. Football is a serious business. Having said that, I sometimes wonder if any good coach can succeed with your below average players who though have the talent but lack the mental fortitude to succeed.

  32. Boksburg says:

    We can beat nigeria,they are no longer super eagles but super chickens.

  33. isoka says:

    In view Patrice would be my choice to leads us into the qualifies for the world cup his philosophy of play and formation structure ,player development would suit our Chipolopololo further more he has shed blood and cried tears of joy with us zambians he knows our league eats nshima and speaks bemba , nyanja, but the issue at hand is he under contract is kamanga ready to work patrice gaven that he has close ties with Kalusha . Troussier has an ego which us Zambians find it hard to with people like that, the other list of coaches personally think they ain’t better than Patrice

  34. sly says:

    At times I wonder why adults would behave in a stupid way. Why did they allow PB to go when he had shown interest in guiding Chipolopolo the time he was left behind by Harve Renard? Zambia could have made strides in improving her soccer with that man.PB is the man.

  35. MULENGA PULU says:

    Patrice is a Coaching Novice that shouldnt even be mentioned if we are serious about going to World Cup

  36. Kamata says:

    Busy enjoying yourselves in france whilest our football is going under.

  37. charles says:

    pb is wanted very soon bcoz alishiba bwino amaplayer akeseba assistant coach elyo phillipine akabe head coach ala ngamwafusha abena chintu kampamba tapali ifingacitika bushe kanshi mutontonkanya shani bonse amaplayer abali na exprience baleteya bwino saana mayuka aleteya bwino saana pazamalek

  38. john says:

    Patrice cannot take zambia to the world cup. Let’s get someone experienced.

  39. Brian kaunu says:

    bring in an experienced expatriate coach before the world cup qualifiers start in October. Zambian coaches are not good at reading the game.

  40. Mambwe ZimaNdola says:

    PB doesn’t hv the guts 2 coach a team on his own. He’s used 2 being renard’s chola boy better go 4 Troussier. Now Zambia(mapolopolo),SA(bafunny) and England(E-polopolo) hv one thing in common…A BUNCH of LOSERS end of quote.

  41. o'kei says:

    I bet you won’t see a draw in that your heroes or levy stadium 9ja is coming to pick up 3points there #iheanacho/musa/iwobi/ighalo…chipos watchout!!!

  42. o'kei says:

    we re on the rise

  43. Chu says:

    haahahahahaahaa gosh I meet that name on Kickoff almost every day- bafunny, banana and now Mafropolo and now Super Vultures. Akwasi Appiah taking Gh to world cup, Keshi for Nigeria etc. It might not be an expatraite solution but rather the quality of materials available and at the moment The Vultures and the Mafro singlet teams are short of quality of Algeria and Cameroon who are going to further build their teams in the AFcon.
    Tanzania collected 7 in Algiers but Nigeria drew Tanzania
    Ethiopia collected 7 Nigeria always struggle against the Antelopes. A 7-2-1 formation must therefore be employed to ensure Nigeria and Zambia enjoy Monday Night Sports highlight after the game.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Super chickens of Nigeria.
    Nigerian fans boast only to be disappointed.
    Noni talks bcus he knows Naija will
    Get whats coming to them!
    I aswear the way we mean this chickens.
    Them mo pray sey we no give them 5 goals in Ndola.

  45. Don says:

    Al Ahly dropped another 3 pts at home as Asec Mimosa beat them 1-2 in Cairo. Meanwhile Zega got a chance to be runaway leaders if they can overcome Wydad Casablanca 2moro. Go Zesco go!!

  46. Tembo says:

    NO matter how good PB is, that man is a let down. Where does he now think Zambia will get the money to pay him? Lets go for someone who is willing to work under difficult conditions.

  47. abram says:

    if we want to qualify to the 2018 fifa world cup we shud go for Troussier. We dont need experiment this time.

  48. abram says:

    Ba FAZ we dont need patrice here.


    PB left because he was not paid for six months even you what will you feed your wife and children if you do not get paid who can say that nigeria is finished how many afcon tournaments have they missed since 2010, two so what are you saying even your chan team came out in the first round stop yapping nigeria is a finished powerhouse your enyimba lost at home to zamalek and zesco beat the greatest club on the planet what are you yaping about .

  50. PHOTON says:

    Mmm! It is somehow trick

  51. Nigeria is nt a threat to us just keep on yaping and enjoying your jokes.

  52. philip Mubu says:

    Pleas Lts get a better Coach than Pb
    that one is just Herves Chola boy

    Find a well renwn coach like trouser watever his name is

  53. Andres says:

    We need patrice beaumelle ,who atleast knows the players not anybody else,im pretty sure patrice can take us to the world cup,coz in that freindly we had with brazil,most of the strickers didnt come,but he manage to player brazil with young players,he is just the perfect man for the job chapwa.

  54. Twenty to have-(2012) says:

    Ba Kamanga was busy attacking Great Kalu for head hunting as opposed to advertising alas he is doing the same thing Kalu did. Any way what is important is an expatriate coach, we are behind you.

  55. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    Kalusha’s tenure as FAZ president taught me to be very skeptical about such information. Until I see a picture of the coach signing on the dotted line I will not hold my breath.

    We are running out of time with this whole hiring a coach story because if it takes too long the coach will then have to rely on information about players from the local coaches and that will mean players like Patson and Mkandawire coming in very highly recommended.

    I hope the current FAZ leadership pull this off and we have a coach in the next couple of weeks.

  56. We need a good coach chipolopolo Will bounce back

  57. Revel says:

    Let’s not talk of qualifying to the wrld cup but building a team that will be able to be feared by Namibia again not a team that when faces Namibia we would even start saying, “this game will be tough.”

  58. kalondwa jr says:

    i think patrice knws zambian players beter than all those applyin.i mean if he made sweat japan like that.this group cant hinder zambia for world cup.i go patrice beumel

  59. Abel says:

    brilliant! man i lyk de line up.

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