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Fans Perspective: Turn down FAZ TD as Football House receive a backlash over Sikazwe’s appointment

Following the Football Association of Zambia’s announcement that Zambian top referee Janny  Sikazwe is the new Technical Director, fans have turned to social media to express their displeasure.

Should the decorated referee accept the position, he will be assisted by Moses Sichone.

Below are some of the comments from the Chipolopolo faithful.

Mwewa Kapiri Kapiri Chanda wrote:

For Jani to accept this appointment it means that he has opted to retire as FIFA referee. He earned more than $ 60,000 at world cup Russia alone besides other assignments. His income as FIFA at his level was better than Technical Director at FAZ. Well, it  is said leave the arena when they are still clapping, if that the case he decided to leave when he reached the apex of his career, the world cup, of course we are still clapping for him as being the first. Its career you retire on a good note or a sour note, in his case its on good note.

Kebby Sichoonda: I know FAZ you have ears and you have heard, people have said NO to the appointment of Janny. We expect you to reverse the appointment like any of those decisions you have reversed eg the awarding of points to Kansanshi dynamos,the eagles/dynamos etc

Blessings Tembo feels the down to earth Sikazwe will do it for patriotism.

Ok apa ine kuti nakana FIFA is making me travel the World then to join the drama and politics at FAZ hmmm Ni ka dilemma  anyway abena Janny Sikazwe baliba sana down to earth full of patriotism he will do it  for the love of mother Zambia ?? who knows it might open other doors for him congrats  J.S  FIFA.

Ronald Kampolwa: This FAZ nicipantepante,Technical Director Mr Sikazwe,no leave him in his role of referring and let him rise in that area for the nation to produce world class referrers

Clive  C Mwewa: How do you make a referee as technical director
With all due respect to mr sikazwe i think he is good on refereeing
Mostly that’s mistake that use pipo make thinking if someone is good in one area then he is good in all
Anyway all in all we wait for his contribution.

Mwape Nkonge: I would be interested to know the qualifications and the role profile for the position of Technical Director.

If there’s an area best suited to Sikazwe’s expertise at the moment, it is in refereeing. We must allow his refereeing career to proceed as he is one of the best whistle men on the continent. Let us not curtail such a blossoming career with this appointment.

There’s one eye on the Namibia game as Enock Ntoka wrote;

We need results on the pitch not such news which doesn’t add value to our happiness.

Peter Choma: Anyone with sikazwe number I advise him?

Kamalonga Kamz Kasota: I knew it,  they want to Finish Janny Sikazwe or Retire him early.  Before long when he starts putting things in order you be the same people calling for his neck “Ati this is FAZ and not RAZ” Who do you think you are. Go back and Blow your whistle. We know you.

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  1. This is Zambia, a christIan natIon But a jealous nation. basikazwe sakamaneni upwards lwenu.mwileka bu alupitre. Thi_ is Faz a political association but a jealous association. Tilililililili

  2. This is Zambia, a christIan natIon But a jealous nation. basikazwe sakamaneni upwards lwenu.mwileka bu alupitre. Thi_ is Faz a political association but a jealous association. Tilililililili.ooooh what a Zambia. Tilililililili.

  3. I like Jani Sikazwe and how far he has come in his career as a referee. Though I need to ask; what are the roles and responsibilities of the FAZ football director?

    I don’t think any of us can argue that Sikazwe is not qualified without understanding what the roles and responsibilities of the football director are. For me, simply based on know that the position was previously held by Honor Janza who was a qualified coach and he set up the qualification program for local coaches; I don’t see how a referee would somehow be expected to execute the same responsibilities.

    But I will end by saying that if he meets the necessary criteria and has the right qualifications then let him do it.

    I mean look at football house; it is a football administration that has plenty of people with football brains, but FAZ always seem to have issues with the administration part of football.

  4. For Jan as a teacher should learn from mr Fred nasilele the former sportmaster of chiz metal, what happened to him at faz. Let him take the faz job at his on risk.

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