Friday, April 12, 2024

Euro Update: Kangwa hits a brace, Jacob on target

Evans Kangwa came off the bench to help his club to victory while Jacob Mulenga’s goal wasn’t enough as his side lost.

Both players [Kangwa & Jacob) have been left out of Honour Janza’s squad to face Mozambique and Cape Verde this month

Below takes a look at how the European based stars fared for their respective clubs.

Israel: Kangwa makes it 3 in 2 matches

On-loan Nkana forward Evans Kangwa came off the bench to score a brace for Hapoel Ra’anana.

Kangwa, who was on target last week entered the pitch in the 55th minute and helped Ra’anana to a 2-1 win over Ashdod.

Emmanuel Mbola played the full game for Ra’anana.

On Monday, Rodger Kola will be in action for Ironi Kyaat Shmonna

Turkey: Jacob continues his scoring streak

In the second tier, Jacob Mulenga scored for Adana Demispor but his equaliser wasn’t enough as they lost 2-1 away to Elazigspor.

Watch Jacob Mulenga’s goal by clicking here.

Jacob has scored 4 goals in 6 starts for his new club.

France: Sunzu gets 90 minutes

Stopilla Sunzu played 90 minutes in Sochaux’ 2-1 away victory over Creteil in the French second tier.

Armenia: Lubambo’s Ulisses FC still unbeaten

Lubambo Musonda played 90 minutes to help Ulisses to a 5-1 win as the club is still unbeaten. Ulisses is top of the log in the Eastern Europe country.

Russia: Chisamba on the losing side

Chisamba Lungu’s Ural lost 1-0 to Rostov on Friday night. Chisamba played on the flanks against Gift Kampamba’s former side.

Switzerland: Sinkala sits on the bench

Nathan Sinkala watched from the bench as his club Grasshoppers lost 2-0 to Fwayo Tembo’s former team Basel.

England: Mayuka unused sub in Southampton’s win

Emmanuel Mayuka watched from the bench as Southampton beat Hull City 1-0. Mayuka has just played less than 20 minutes this season.


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  1. Yet this coach has dropped Jacob and not selected Kangwa. He has instead selected Chamanga. Is this what Renard advised him? Seems the coach is clueless.

    • And that is why we are not going to Afon…this so called trainer has just buried us…he needs to call these two boys, no face lost if we are to qualify…CALL THESE BOYS AT ONCE!

  2. the coach is beginning to annoy me. Why is chamanga in the team. WTF im beginning to understand why people want Janza out. I have said it. Mayuka, sate sate and kangwa are the best strikers Zambia has.

  3. the coach is clueless Jacob deserves a place on the bench not chamanga. Jacob is scoring in a European league. Chamnaga is in china WTF is wrong with Janza.

  4. I sometimes understand janza’s selection of new blood however he is sacrificing too much experience. Jacob is surely a better selection than chamanga. Kangwa also never disappoints. The boy scored two goals last time he was selected. And that was from the bench against Uganda. Now he is also scoring in israel. Mayuka is a gamble based on present club form.Jacob and kangwa based on games vs goal ratios are better candidates.

  5. JANZA is a lost coach he doesn’t know where he is and what he is doing I mean how can serious coach leave out EVANS KANGWA and JACOB MULENGA?and he says he wants goals

  6. All the soccer fans can not be wrong, leave the U 20 BOYS for now, may be just take Lubambo because of his exposure in Europe, for now lets go for tried and tested. We have Evans Kangwa, Roger Kola and Jacob. imagine an attack force of sate sate,kangwa and Mayuka.Mukuka Mulenga was the one who destroyed Mozambique at Cosafa .He should have been allowed to do it again. Do We even look at the opposition weakness when calling players for a particular game?

  7. I do not like talking about player selection but i no longer can hold it.I cannot see any wisdom in leaving out Evans Kangwa who has always delivered when given a little chance and insisting on the sluggish and consistently under-performing James Chamanga.Was’nt Janza part of the technical bench when Kangwa saved us from embarrassment at the hands of Uganda in that friendly match?Did Janza see how portent Nkana’s attack in the Africa Confederation cup was largely because of the industry of Kangwa and Sate Sate? The inclusion of Lubambo is long overdue as he is obviously more mature than the young boy Charles Zulu who Janza threw in to the deep end.Only personal issues can make Janza leave out Evans Kangwa and opt for the clearly raw patrick Ngoma and the tired Chamanga!

    • Brother you are spot on , I for one support Janza but I am against on the inclusion of Kabaso Chongo , blurnt Chamanga , raw Patrick Ngoma , Charles Zulu and leave out the explosive striker Evans Kangwe and wen partnered with Sate Sate makes a deadly striking force wen we play 4-4-2

  8. surely janza & kulu must go enough is enough honestly leaving players who ar performing lik evans
    & keep hvng confidence in under performing chamanga. iam begining to smell corruption in players selection.

  9. zambians i dont knw wat u want,last time u said u dnt want tired jacob near the team again and cried 4 young legs but here u ar eating yo……..on jacob the coach is ok leaving him but kangwa deservs a call, chamanga is jst like jacob they jst run aimlessly upfront i dont like these 2 strikers they ar blant,i wud rather use ngoma

  10. Pliz Janza listen to people’s cries and bring back Jacob and Evans. Why do u leave out players who ar outstanding at their clubs? Kangwa cam off the bench to pump 2 goals fo his club , Jacob scores fo his club week in week out and u ignore them. Why. Pliz think twice coz we nid those guyz. To me, as things stand now, Evans Kangwa is the best striker we can depend on plus the inclusion of Sate Sate.

  11. BOZO the clown coach that’s who Janza is surely,cha manga, Malabo, kabaso,katebe am starting to think Zambia is going through that phase if the above players are also part of the cream de la cream.

  12. Ba Coach fans are crying on Kangwa please show some appreciation to some us who supports you! Come on coach don’t forget your job ! Drop Chamanga call Kangwa it will be a jubilee celebrations , don’t remind us on the death of our beloved president Mr Micheal Chilufya Sata! I don’t have to remind you

  13. Janza what the f****k is wrong with u, we don’t want CHAMANGA, the chi guy with his big potato head cant even run….Janza remember it is your ass on the line.

  14. Janza is a joker,how on earth can u iginore Evans Kangwa? i know that he is a clueless coach but as it come to the point ot him not to see the potential in a player,wat has he seen in Chamanga sure? i think a demostration is needed at faz house 2 demand kalu’s removal for being corupt and apoint clueless coaches like janza.

  15. Only fools and blind people do not know that Janza is not a coach. He has been given so much time to show his uselessness and he has shown that he is a lost,clueless, unqualified and failure. Kangwa,Jacob,Sate Sate, Mayuka, etc are the the soldiers that can gun down Mozambique and Cape V. What value will Chamanga and Charles Zulu bring to the team ? Jacob and Kangwa can do wonders. we are wasting time on this coach known as Janza.

  16. Why is everyone complaining here? You are getting what you deserve..mediocre performamce by led by a mediocre, corrupt faz president in Kalu, who appoints useless pathetic coaches and you people always excited about, so now reality is setting in? Oh well, better too late than never. But please quit whining and start acting and do us all a favor, remove corrupt Kalusha Bwalya and elect someone that will respect the Faz presidency and work for the people of Zambia, not one that wants to be president for personal gains. Presidency is a responsibility not an entitlement and Kalu thinks he is entitled to be Faz president hence he does anything he so wishes (like finger points who Zambian coaches are as long as they cut him a percentage of their cheque). I hope Zambia does not qualify to the Afcon because we will be embarrassed by useless teams like Ghana, Cameroon etc. I hope Kalu is flushed out of Faz soon. We need common sense people in that Faz, people that will have respect of the responsibilities of Faz presidency and people that have a will to archive the goals set, not this South African, super sport tourist.

  17. @John, you know very well that Janza is a crap coach, and to be honest, if I am to go with some of your good analysis and some coaches you always bring up here, you should be one of the people calling for Janza’s ass to be fired, I think the reason why you think Janza should be given a chance is because Janza was giving playing time to clubless ,unambitious and indiscipline Fwayo Tembo. Until he realized that Fwayo was is now useless. Prove me wrong and tell him how this clueless pathetic guy is better that Patrice or HR? In your analysis of the later I would like you to be very honest and leave any hatred for Renard. Analyze him as if his name was not Herve Renard. in short be fair.

    • man u re useless, gallant zed fans are discussing soccer and you bring on your tribal sentiments. stop commenting if you have nothing to offer

  18. TC soccer man my bro Herve Renard is a pathetic coach. Stop talking about him as for janza he deserved his chance you had written him off without giving him a chance that is my problem with you. Now that jANZA has been given a chance i agree he is useless. Of what value is it for him to call pathetic James chamanga to the team and leave out evans kangwa. Jacob Mulenga is better than chamanga and deserves a place on the bench. In my opinion Mayuka and Kangwa are supposed to play upfront against Mozambique. Sate sate should come on later in the game. Had we played Mayuka, sate sate and Kangwa we would have beaten cape verde and mozambique

  19. Herve Renard is a useless coach for crying out loud Zambia could not even beat sudan at home under this coach. In fact Janza walloped Niger 3-0 something Herve Renard cannot do. Mark my words if Renard was coach Zambia would have failed to beat Niger at home. The guy is a chancer. Since he left france sochaux are doing very well they keep winning and dont be surprised if they bounce right back to Ligue 1. ivory coast is in grave danger of missing out on the afcon because of the stubborn coach. Forget him,

  20. instead of crying for pathetic renard we are supposed to be looking at coaches like Henk ten cate, Carlos quiroz, Vitor Pereira, Paul clemente, Lothar Matthäus. If we paid useless renard 100,000 dollars a month we can get a world class coach. Since Kambwili wants a german why dont we go for Lothar Matthäus his last professional job was coach of the bulgarian national team in 2011 why dont we go for him. Im sure we could get him for 50 grand a month half what we paid useless renard. The problem is this wont happen because corrupt kalu wants a piece of the cake.

  21. Amazing how fickle we are as supporters, just a few articles before this there was a tremendous amount of comments speaking to the axing of Jacob, now that he has picked up his scoring boots there is a sudden change of weather…..kekekekeke!!!!! I bet if Chamanga moved to Isreal and scored five goals the weather will change in his favour…..some supposed “analysts” make me laugh to be honest. Almost 10 to 15 people made comments about how Jacob should be axed today all of a sudden he is our golden boy. Whats that the bembas say about ukusela ukwa kaba????

  22. @ Big steve Jacob is not good enough to be in the starting 11 of the national team. He is a slow striker. If you watched the mozambique and cape verde matches you could see Zambia lacked mobility up front. What we are saying is that he deserves a place on the bench. Mayuka, sate sate and Kangwa are the best strikers in the land. Chamanga has no place place in the team. Evans Kangwa is scoring goals against teams like Maccabi Haifa which is a big name in european football he is much better positioned than Chamanga in china.

  23. My advice to Janza is that it is never too late to save face let him drop chamanga and patrick ngoma immediately and call Evans Kangwa and Jacob Mulenga. Let him do it now because his job is on the line defeat will not be acceptable against Mozambique it’s do or die and we need serious strikers.

  24. The coach should immediately call Kangwa. If he is able to call Mbola who plays for same club as Kangwa, why can’t he call Kangwa? Chamanga should not even have been called in the first place. On Jacob, I can’t say much as this guy struggles at national team level.

  25. CHAMANGA is a deadwood he casted chipolopolo in niger. i was surprised to read that he was called up for national duty. faz shud look into this seriously . poor african coaches accept bribes from players . especially james whos contract is bound to expire bribes the coach. as for the young ones who are being forced into the team they are being brought there by their corrupt managers. they want them earn national team caps so that they can markert them to better clubs.fayo is one of the players who benefited from this. jaza is poor and too small to coach chipolopolo .most of the zambian players are foreign based players. he knows that they have cash. this has been happening in zimbabwe and this corruption led them to assia gate scandal. faz shud remove that idiot coach. jaza hates evans kangwa he watched him scoring two brilliant goals. but to my surprise he opted to call a rotten player.

  26. Soccer champion says,fire kalu and the comedy will stop. Overhaul FAZ and things will get normal . Then call fwayo,kangwa,sate sate,lubambo,and Manuka. You will then be smiling chabe. Take it or leave it coach!

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