Thursday, June 1, 2023

Eagles continental football credentials questioned as Chiyangi refuses Kaunda handshake

Nkwazi boss Chris Kaunda does not feel Green Eagles are good enough to play continental football. Kaunda said that with the way the Choma side were playing they will be knocked out in the first round of they are to make it to the top two in Stream B and qualify for Continental football.


The Former Zambia U17 boss was speaking shortly after his side playex to a goalless draw with Eagles on Sunday at Heroes Stadium.

” For us we are not under pressure we building a team which will compete next year but if they play in our hands like they did with wrong balls baffles me , If they play continental football first round out,” Kaunda told the ZamFoot Crew in a post match interview.

The real controversy however happened shortly after the match as Aggrey Chiyangi refused Chris Kaunda’s handshake accusing him of bad mouthing him.

Kaunda however said the words he said were directed at the referee and not the Green Eagles boss.

” To be honest with you even the fourth official was surprised , I was telling the referee that players are being picked for national team duty from this kind of football so be serious but am disappointed with my brother Aggrey (Chiyangi) he comes to me saying don’t talk to me you were attacking me as a national team coach,” Kaunda said.

“Well he is my elder brother , Let’s keep it that way. He is old he did not understand me , If that word was wrong am sorry anyway he is my elder brother I respect him very much that’s why I call him Dr Aggrey,” He added.

Chiyangi however refused to talk about what really upset him as he chose to talk about what friendship meant to him.

” I don’t want to talk about it if he has spoken about it I don’t want to talk about it,” He told the ZamFoot Crew.

” The only thing is that I’m a human being and people talk. When I hear negatives about, You have to make a decision to either be with me or on the other side. Its life you need to chose, If you have to be my friend be my friend all the time, ” He added.


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  1. Mr kaunda mind your own business. You lacked human manners. Why are you attacking him. Zip your mouth and mend your ruined coaching career.. You failed us as a nation at under 17 level. Idiot useless coach..

  2. Mr Kaunda dont say you are not under pressure. every coach wants to play continental football unless if you say that you have no vision for your team. taking to the referee about national team selection, what did you want him to comment? why discuss national team matters when you are playing club football against a team coached by national team caretaker coach? just concentrate on building Nkwazi while your friends are progressing setting higher targets. you are just bitter because your chances of playing continental are slim. whether you like it or not Green Eagles FC is not a push over but a force to reckon with in Zambian football

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