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Dreams don’t die as Fashion Sakala shares pitch with his idol, Cristiano Ronaldo 

Meeting one’s idol is a surreal moment and for Chipolopolo Boys forward Fashion Sakala Jnr it does not get any better than the Portuguese football icon, Cristiano Ronaldo

Sakala who now plays in the Saudi Pro League had a chance to finally share the pitch and square off with the five time Ballon d’Or winner.

The dream came true for Sakala on Saturday as his Al Feiha welcomed Cristiano Ronaldo’s Al Nassr. 

It was Ronaldo and Al Nassr who walked away with maximum points as Anderson Talisca scored a brace and Otavio chipped in with one. 

Hussain Al Shuwaish scored the consolation goal for Al Feiha. 

Sakala may have not gotten a positive result in the match but at least shared the pitch with his icon and took to social media to express his happiness.

The ZamFoot Crew understands that Sakala regularly watched Cristiano Ronaldo highlights and games before his matches as part of his preparations for games. 

Ronaldo to some extent has helped shape the style of play and his work ethic as a professional football player. 

The Zambian international has scored five goals so far this season with his idol netting 11 as he leads the top goal scorers chart in the Saudi Pro League and the 2023 calendar year. 

Sakala will be expected to be an important part of Avram Grant’s squad for the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations set for Ivory Coast next year in January. 

Aaron Mubanga
Aaron Mubanga
Aaron Mubanga is a qualified Environmental Health Technologist| Editor in Chief of Zambia's biggest all local football website ZamFoot| Player manager for Copper Queens duo of Barbra Banda and Evarine Susan Katongo |Brand Ambassador for Betway|Talent Scout| Women's Football Ambassador| Blogger | Football Writer|

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