Thursday, December 7, 2023

Power, ZANACO share spoils as Kansanshi hold Buffaloes 

The MTN Super League week nine action for Sunday afternoon failed to produce a winner as both ended in draws. 


Defending Champions, Power Dynamos were held to a 1-1 draw with Green Buffaloes and Kansanshi Dynamos playing to a similar scoreline. 

Godfrey Ngwenya put Power Dynamos in the lead just two minutes into the match but the lead only lasted two minutes as Francis Mustafa drew Zanaco level off a Charles Zulu assist. 

At Edwin Imboela it was Yannick Mulenda who scored a brilliant header from Yanganile Tembo’s corner kick to give the Mabanga Boys the lead.

The lead only lasted three minutes as Buffaloes levelled matters through John Kasamu.

ZANACO move up to fifth place leapfrogging Mutondo Stars who lost to Nkwazi on Saturday. 

MTN Super League Week Nine Results| Sunday, 29th October, 2023 

Power Dynamos 1-1 ZANACO

(Godfrey Ngwenya 2’ | Francis Mustafa 4’)

Green Buffaloes 1-1 Kansanshi Dynamos

(John Kasamu 44′ | Yannick Mulenda 41′)

Aaron Mubanga
Aaron Mubanga is a qualified Environmental Health Technologist| Editor in Chief of Zambia's biggest all local football website ZamFoot| Player manager for Copper Queens duo of Barbra Banda and Evarine Susan Katongo |Brand Ambassador for Betway|Talent Scout| Women's Football Ambassador| Blogger | Football Writer|

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