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Disaster at Heroes as Zambia lose to Zimbabwe

Zambia 1 – 2 Zimbabwe (P. Daka | K. Billiat)

The Zambia national team on Tuesday evening recorded a second consecutive loss in the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers after losing 2 – 1 at home to Zimbabwe.

A Khama Billiat brace  on either side of Patson Daka’s goal was enough to ensure the Warriors carried maximum points.

With the 5 – 0 loss to Algeria lingering, the Chipolopolo have recorded another disaster in less than a week by losing at the National Heroes Stadium for the first time.

Zambia has conceded 7 goals in two games scoring only once.

The Chipolopolo are bottom of the group without a point while Zimbabwe move into second position on 4 points behind leaders Algeria who have 6 points.

Botswana are in third position have one point.

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  1. Aside from our team being a total disaster, ba Zamfoot you are a bigger disaster to soccer fans. Just close this BS of a website! All these years you are still behaving like kindergarten kids?

    • While losing is acceptable in sport, Zambia’s losses have gone beyond imagination. I don’t know where to start from in terms of see as a person not doing enough to realise success. But in every activity there is always a leader whom people should look on to. To me I suspect things are going well with the entire executive committee of FAZ, starting with the president himself. There in FAZ inner circles there must a problem brewing for there is no smoke without fire. There must a solution.
      Zambia is a footballing nation, that it cannot all of a sudden dwindle as it has done. No. The FAZ President must do a right thing which is stepping down before it is too late.

      Paul Simbeye

  2. I agree with you Paddy this zamfoot site is a disaster to the soccer fans. They pitch up at their own time not at the time when you need them the most.

  3. No afcon 2021 unless a miracle happen. You can’t leave experience players chiyangi mwenee and kalaba. Kangwa, and shonga and even Mulenga this guys are finished resign kamanga and chiyangi with immediate effect tmrw

  4. The issue with Zambian soccer is that we easily forget where we are coming from. Zambian soccer fratenity including Kamanga owe Kalusha an apology. You dont just wake up after drinking Maheu and Tobwa and insult a guy that lived all his life promoting the Zambian game. The soccer gods are not happy with you Kamanga and the Zambian soccer fratenity. Apologise to Kalu and things willl work out better for you.

    • Steve Mesheck please we respect your opinion and please if you think Kalu is a semi-God in football stop it.We need to look forward otherwise we are doomed braa?Coaching is the problem with the technical team especially recalling tired people to that role just to earn money and do nothing that the nation can see and be proud of.

  5. Zamfoot the big cry baby that takes things too emotional so there fore we need our comments to be checked before they post it up just incase someone says that Zambia is not a good foot ball team hahahah what a fucking joke grow the fuck up… ZAMBIA THE 2012 AFCON FLUKE WINNERS THAT YEAR WAS MERE LUCK NOTHING ELSE THE SOONER WE ACCEPT WE ARE NOT A POWER HOUSE THE SOONER WE CAN MOVE ON.

  6. We need seriousness. Apart from being embarrassing that Zimbabwe can come and claim a convincing win in Zambia. Our administrators are not serious pertaining to our coaches. Zambia no longer have tough defenders. At one time Zambia would be referred to as tough tackling. Where has this gone.

    With all due respect all our local coaches have failed us. Reasons for this might be plethora. In all this FAZ is complicit. Zambian identity dovetails with the football

  7. Zambia has great talent, what we are lacking are effective genuine football administrators and coaches who understand football. check the performance of under 23 with all the talent, not to forget their quarter display final at world cup under 20 but you know you blame them …No, its coaching! even our national team has enough players who can do a good job even local ones but we are lacking coaches with the technical know how…. please Evas Kangwa is a good guy but you need a good coach to use such. The way forward….. FOREIGN COACH SHALL HELP REBUILD THE TEAM’S CONFIDENCE.

  8. In Zambia we have people who can do better, the only problem is corruption comes first. If it’s to make a team or line up why can’t they make a program on TV let people call or SMS to suggest their opinions on players who should play the game, and finally make a team. Not what is happening other wise it’s not now when Zambia will qualify for AFCON.
    Corruption must be reduced from where ever % it is to 0% things we’ll work out and be well..

  9. If you are a keen follower of Zambian football you will agree with me that our national teams over the years have produced one of the most talented and skillful players. What we need are simply good managers that will always focus on effective preparations before each match or tournament. Each time we prepare we do very well. The under 20 become champions after effective preparations, we worn the 2012 Afcon after effective preparations, 1994 we were runners up to Nigeria after effective preparations and in 1988 we performed so well in the soul olympics after effective preparations. In all those situations the government provided the needed resources. If government together with FAZ takes the remaining games zambia needs to play with siimilar commitment accorded to the previous by elections worn ! I have no doubt we can qualify for 2021 Afcon.


    • Where is the little boy who hated Kalu and campaigned against Renard? I am sure we all know who it is. He was with a friend at Lusaka Times. Now you are happy right?

  10. How can someone win a game after their main players r added night before. What I noticed is zambia is never ready on corners, all goals r allowed r always on corner kicks. Zambian defence is never prepared on corner kicks and they are always sleeping.

  11. Apart from good managers our talented and skillful players should learn to work hard and ka disiplini and setting the bar higher. Most of our players for example are satisfied even when they always sit on the bench and play 10 minutes or non minutes week in week out. Kalusha and Musonda were regulars at their European clubs. What is wrong with our players in South Africa and Europe??? Food for thought. You check out match reports from their respective clubs where we are having the so called pros. The only pros that are serious is Patson, Mwepu and Fashion, as these have made impacts at their clubs. The rest are struggling. Dont know why. As for those in SA it is even worse sabula, sabula, bench, bench. The guys should be told the fact that no one will give them a starting place in the first 11 at their clubs on a silver plate or through God (Bola na Lesa). It is only through hard work and self belief cahapwa

    How many times am I gone sing this song? If we are not careful Zambian football will be dead and no one will respect us. All teams in Africa will be wanting to play Zambia who at this stage is father Christmas, giving away gifts to Algeria and Zimbabwe as early as October Waooooooooooooooo We are the Greatest Nation in the World

    I rest my case

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