Saturday, December 9, 2023

Copper Queens ready for Spain says Kundananji

Copper Queens striker Racheal Kundananji has said that Zambia is ready for Spain ahead of Wednesday’s encounter in Zambia’s second game at the FIFA Women’s World Cup.


Speaking today, Kundananji, who plays her club football with Madrid CFF, said that Zambia will play its game in the match against Spain compared to how they played against Japan.

“The game we played in the first half against Japan that wasn’t our game, but the way we played in the final few minutes that’s how we play,” she said.

Kundananji attributed Zambia’s loss to Japan to nerves among the players, probably because it was their first time at the World Cup. She also said that the team lacked confidence.

“We were too much nervous, we lacked confidence and we were moving like we didn’t know what we were doing,” she said.

However, Kundananji said that the team is looking forward to the Spain encounter and urged fans to continue supporting the team.

“Don’t stop supporting us like you have always been doing, we promise to do our level best in order not to disappoint you,” she said.

Zambia will face Spain on Wednesday at 09:30hrs in the morning.

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    • We have already lost hope, Spain is better than japan, , let those girls continue taking selfies and posting on TikTok,welcome to Europe from chibolya to Auckland, that can cause quite a shock to the brain , its like one who hasn’t waken out of a dream, they are psychologically defeated, they needed a psychiatric coach than a football coach at this time.

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