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Up close with Emmanuel Banda

This week on our edition of Zamfoot tizibane we feature “Brave” Nchanga Rangers enterprising Midfielder Emmanuel Banda who started his football career with Malalo Sport in Chililabombwe and then went on to feature for three more Football academies namely Ambassadors in Sport, Edusport and Chilenje Youth Soccer Academy before joining Nchanga. He also had a stint with Green Buffaloes.


Zamfoot: What are your full names?

Emma: Emmanuel Justin Rabby Banda

  Zamfoot: Any nick name?

Emma:(laughs) well! they call me play-maker but most of my childhood friends call me Wilshere.

Zamfoot: When were you born and where?

I was born on 29th September, 1997 in Chililabombwe at Konkola Hospital.

 Zamfoot: Who inspired you to start playing football?

Emma: Well! I used go and watch my home team Konkola Blades with my dad back then maybe that’s were the interest came from. And I must also mention that there was a clip of the highlights of the Zambia vs. Italy game that I saw on TV and I liked Kalusha. I would say I partly got the inspiration from him.

Zamfoot: Growing up…who was your favourite player and why?

Emma: Zidane. I liked him after I saw a goal he scored with his left foot against Beryar Leversken in the UEFA Champions league finals. I have liked him ever since that time.

Zamfoot: Which other clubs would you want to play for in the future?

 Emma: In Zambia I would love playing for Zesco, Power or Red Arrows….but am more ambitious on playing professional football in Belgium in the standard liege.

Zamfoot: Are you not happy at Rangers?

Emma: I am….I really am…but in life we have to upgrade and look for greener pasture. I am however, more focused on going pro than local.

Zamfoot: Who do you think is the most underrated player at Rangers?

Emma: I would say Chewe Mukuka. He has a small body but very tough on the ball and hard to beat.

Zamfoot: Which teams/players in the local league have been your toughest opponents?

Emma: Nkana and my toughest opponent (player) so far has been Jubel  Sakala of Lusaka Dynamos.

 Zamfoot: We recall seeing you training with Green Buffaloes what happened?

Emma: I was not registered with them and in June (2015) they told me to join Young GBFC by then division two (2)…but I had other plans.

Zamfoot: We have seen a number of upcoming footballers giving up football because of lack of opportunities, how easy was it for you to break through in the premier league?

Emma: It was not easy. I had set targets and I knew that no matter what i had to play for a super league team by 2015. I would say determination and hard work played a part and most importantly commitment God.

Zamfoot: You played under the late coach Fighton Simukonda, how was the experience of working with him?

Emma: As a young player working with the late was one of the best things to have ever happened to me. He was like a father.  I would say he was the best in grooming young talent and he had confidence in young players as long as they played well. He never played names but played us on merit. I am blessed to have worked under him before he left. M.H.S.R.I.P.

Zamfoot: Currently you are under the tutor-age of Mr Bruce Mwape, what would you say of him in comparison with the late

Emma: We have been together since week two (2) and I would say he is also a very good coach. I am learning new things. He too believes in us just like the late.

 Zamfoot:  Apart from assists you have added goals to your game this season, any secret to that?

Emma: Yes. I have noticed that the best way to help the team away from assists is to be scoring goals and that is what I will be working on the most this season.

Zamfoot: This season, which game would you say has been the best for you?

 Emma: The power dynamos game.

Zamfoot: How many caps do you have at National Team level?

Emma: No not yet, (laughs) none but I have been with the Under 17 and Under  20 National Team setup though am yet to play any international match.

Zamfoot: What would you say have been your greatest achievements in your career so far?

Emma: (Laughs) well! I would say winning promotion to division two (2) with Edusport in 2012 and winning the Airtel rising stars tournament in 2013.

Zamfoot: Well! Thank you very much Mr Emmanuel for chatting with us.

Emma: You are welcome, thanks!

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  1. Some questions better not answer them otherwise they will expose yo age cheating. U’ll get carried away and 4get tht u were born in “1997”. #YesIsaidIt


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