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Chisamba in action as Ural win at home

Chisamba Lungu starred for Ural FC when they beat Krasnodar 3 – 1 at home in a Russiam Premier League game played on Monday evening.

Chisamba played in the midfield in the wide areas but was not target in a game Padbyarozkin, Fontanelle and Acevedo found the back of the net.

He was substituted one minute into the referee’s optional time.

The win moves Ural into 9th position on 12 points from nine games.

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  1. i always follow this player every game and at the moment chisambadinho is the best player in zambianfootball he has improved becoz he is enjoying game time in russia,

  2. For whatever reason, Chisamba just doesn’t cut it for me with the national team. He’s got great attributes (pace, directness and trickery) but he doesn’t influence the outcome of matches as much. I like the guy’s positivity when playing. But every time I watch him play for Zambia I can’t help but ask myself ” what does this guy bring to the party.” Goals? No. Assists? How many? If he is a starter in the Chipolopolo because there’s no one better than him, then fine. But if he’s a starter simply because he’s playing outside Zambia then God help us coz I’m not convinced he has the authority to command a place in the 1st eleven. Make no mistake about it, I rate the guy highly.

    • Watch the games closer Paddy, the build ups that emanate from central midfield that land the ball in or around the box are balls that attack move starts from Chisamba. Yes our current local coaches who coach the National team are all of this system of the long ball to Kalaba from deep midfield and hope he uses his skill to somehow get the ball into the box. But every time the ball lands on Chisamba’s feet he uses his trickery and in just a pass or two an attack starts.
      The reason you don’t think he influences the game enough is because the coaches play around Kalaba and not Chisamba. The system is a build up for the long ball to Kalaba. The other midfielders play only when opponents lose the ball in midfield and there is no room for a long ball to Kalaba.

      • You could be right Big Steve 4rm SA. May be the system our coaches are using are not bringing out the best out of certain players like Chisamba. Otherwise there’s no doubting his talent.

    • Paddy… I agree with you 100% this guy has very good attributes,he can dribble,excite the fans but when it comes to the overall contribution to the game…he is pathetic.He loses possession easily when it matters most.So far I have hadly seen assists from him resulting into goals and if there is any…not so often considering his local rating,he has never scored for Zambia even when he is in better position to do so ( this creates pressure on the strikers as they are not the only people to score),don’t get me wrong…i like the player like many Zambians do but when it comes to the general contribution to the team the lad is more of an individual player than a team player,especially when he is playing for the national team.I hope next time we will critically analyze his play in terms of contribution to the game rather than how often he excites us in the field of play.All the best Chisambandiho!

      • E-Money you’d think that our team boasting of two very creative players in Kalaba and Chisamba we should be possessing a bit more in terms of goal threat.

      • i really like lungu’s kind of football but the thing is that he plays with his whole heart when he plays for his Russian team and i think his become too big headed,he wants to show his individual skills when his supposed to be a team player,his a difficult lad to handle and only Renard can control him..

        i have seen him play for the Russian team and his exceptional….

  3. This word pathetic, are we surely using it in the right context at ZAMFOOT? Renard was, and now Chicken George is, pathetic. Chisamba is now pathetic, other players have been pathetic before. Are we using it correctly?
    SUffice to say, I have also had my questions on Chisamba before. I questioned what exactly he does to the game, yes there are times when he changes the complexion of the game completely, often times than not this doesn’t help may be I seem to have had misplaced expectations. Now after reading the posting by Big Steve, I will reserve my comments and re-scrutinise him.
    I at times feel with a bit more concentration he can be getting us all those dead balls, and penalties in the box. All the killer passes and he could have been the all time highest scorer in the national team. But I feel the killer finish and precise incision is lacking.

    • pathetic is not the correct word..in my view his just grown too big headed playing for the national team,his too selfish on the ball,i have watched him play for the Russian team and his exceptional and a real team player…

      at the moment chipolopolo needs new talent search players that will play to succeed not those that feel they have succeeded already..

      as long as we have a black Zambian couch we will never win anything because they play names not form and are scared of the so called big players..

  4. fc ural captain, we are behind you we are enjoying russian premier ligue no relegation play off this season, we are safe, wishng fc ural captain, chisambadino all the best!

  5. i watch this game fc ural captain, chisambadinho played very well in midfield with his trick style and the burkina faso captain charles kambole he was chesing the shadows, wishng the best
    my best player in zambia i wil always follow u where ever u go, but from russia next we have to in french ligue 1.

  6. Im disapointed with kalaba who dont want play in europe, and choose to remain in equatoriol rainforest to se the chimpanzeen and golias like a tourist. Hope he change his mind next season.

  7. even if he is playing 4 zambia he is best we alwaz win possetion when he is with the ball, we draw with guinea bissau just becoz he was a super sab, look what happen for game against kenya. or look 4 the game against ghana the way he created 4 goal which mayuka scored.

  8. lwandamina he will remain a pathetic coach as long as he put chisambadinho on bench or substute him coz chisambadinho can take a penalty 4 us to a game.

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