Friday, April 12, 2024

Chipolopolo progress in WC qualifier with win over Sudan

Zambia stormed the final qualifying round of the Russia 2018 World Cup qualifiers with a convincing 2 – 0 win over Sudan in front of a packed Levy Mwanawasa Stadium.

Winstone Kalengo was again at the centre of Zambia goals as he accounted for one with Armenia based Lubambo Musonda opening the scores.

As expected, Sudan came with all guns blazing but Zambia withered the pressure and had their first chance on 15 minutes with Kalengo heading over from a Benedict Chepeshi cross.

Collins Mbesuma was then put through from an Evans Kangwa counter attack but the impressive striker failed to curl his effort around the goalie.

The Zambian defense did well to thwart attacks from Sudan and the team stepped up the pressure in the second half.

Zambia opened the scores when Mbesuma’s corner was emphatically headed by Kalengo for the keeper to parry on to the woodwork but Lubambo was well positioned to calmly finish from the rebound in the 60th minute.

Zambia sat back and started playing on the counter attack though the final ball continued being poor with Evans Kangwa also a culprit when he failed to tee up Kalengo.

However, Chipolopolo goal-king Kalengo took matters in his own hands when he chased down a Sudanese full back, disposessed him of the ball and headed for goal. With only one man to beat, the player with most goal at both national team and local league this year made a few step-overs to put his marker off balance and curl a shot into the far post beyond the reach of the goalkeeper.

Unlike the usual terms were Zambia ends on the backfoot, the Chipolopolo saw off the final minutes with some flair with veteran Mbesuma at the centre of some beautiful touches.

Zambia XI:

Kennedy Mweene – Benedict Chepeshi, Boyd Mkandawire, Buchizya Mfune, Stopilla Sunzu – Nathan Sinkala, Paul Katema (Jack Chirwa), Lubambo Musonda (Spencer Sautu) – Collins Mbesuma, Winstone Kalengo, Evans Kangwa (Conlyde Luchanga)

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  1. Congrats dearest Chipolopolo and no one should under rate any team. Imagine Comoros and Swaziland holding mighty Ghana and Nigeria respectively. All the teams have the same chance of progressing to the knock out stage. Shalom

  2. Sudan is one of the most useless teams in the continent but the real work has began and I know Zambia ll repeat the history again!!


  3. Yes we have won, but we still have a mountain to climb. We are now going to face big teams in the next round. My hope is that our experienced players like Mayuka, Chisamba, Kalaba, Fwayo, etc will be in tip top form by then. I am still not convinced with this display although its’ sweet victory. A better team could have beaten Sudan by 4-0. Those young players still have a lot to learn especially Katema, Chepeshi, Sautu and Chirwa. My outstanding players for the day are Kalengo, Sinkala, Mfune, Lubambo and Sunzu. Mweene didn’t do much as he was just a spectator.

    • I watched the game and it is true we need all the best players in our qualifying matches like Jacob Mulenga,Mayuka , Kalaba,Mbola,kola and Chisamba.Experience will play a huge part in the qualification to the world cup.Most of the featured players in the game against Sudan were inexperienced but Zambia played well.

      • for me I believe these young lads can still that experience by 2018 if they are taken care of.I can see that hunger in them hopefully the FA can motivate them with serious friendlies.

  4. Congrats Chipolopolo for the victory but as it has already been said by my fellow soccer fans the race has just started and more work needs to be done.Mkandawire is slowly winning the hearts of many with his impressive performances in recent games

  5. am worrid about our small inepriencd playrs. sudan is a weak useless team never thretend zambia. any blogger with brains will know that there are tougher teams coming. we are not playing creative football in the middle, the coach, who i insist is not world cup material has got no game and is relying on beating weak teams.

  6. @STUMPY congraturate the boys for winning first my man before getting worried at least they have won for now they deserve a pat at the back. I know you have a point there but lets do the right thing for to day. Zambia has gone through to the next round and that calls for happiness to every soccer loving Zambian.

  7. @ IDI AMIN u never cease to amaze me Sudan loses to Zambia and u call them useless, and meanwhile black stars fail to beat a small team away and u expect your juju beliving players to white-wash that team at home? It is not u who was bragging that Ghana would win in comorroes by 7 goals? What happened? Shameless black stars.KIKIKikikikiki!!!!!!!! You don’t know football and u will never understand its dynamics. For starters give credit where it due youngman. If we meet u in the next round,I hope your boys will be ready to handle KALENGOAL & Co. Adios IDI AMIN, I will be watching your boys on GTV as straggle against comorroes?? What a shame!!!!!

  8. Zambia will be roasted by the likes of Tunisia and Algeria mark my words! Team selection has to change we need big boys for this round. Mayuka is coming back he scored last night and a partnership between him and kalengo can tear the whole African continent. I am also now a big fan of that serbian coach with Uganda that is the man we must target to coach zambia.

  9. Common guys,Sudan is not a useless side Zambia is a good team.we are going to World Cup this time around.there is no better team than Zambia, Kenya hammered cape verld,Chad hammered Egypt, Comoros held Minos Ghana,Nigeria was also held by the season’s,algeria is also useless,which team is better than Zambia?only Uganda is a dangerous team.

    • U shd relish on this feat while it last,but don’t blame caf if u r grpd against the dreaded west and fearful north,I can now understand how u people need comoros ,Kenya,Swaziland, chad and Tanzania to qualify cos monkeys play by sizes isn’t it?

  10. No team is useless,qualifiers are not easy ,all what we need is to intersify trainings and keep playing international friendlies. Im looking forward to seeing whoever will be in the same group with zambia. Congrants Chipolopolo for making us proud.

  11. I am just proud of these locals Buchizhya got very right. He is as cool as Sunzu, Boyd is very skillful and elegant fullback, good going forward and exceptional when defending, Boyd is equally tough and played really well, with time this boy will make rightback his own, Katema is a very solid player and juat needs to work on his final ball and decison making otherwise like someone has just said, he could fill the position left by Chansa. Kalengo? Thats the ultimate striker. No doubt bout that. Viva local football viva young players viva Zambian football

  12. The serbian coach with Uganda is lethal. The man is a top coach and can take zambia to the next level not the likes of pathetic Herve Renard. Renard is so pathetic lwandimina is even better than him.

    • You are also a very useless little pathetic dentist assistant dreamer whose mother never finished breast feeding him so has a mind of a chicken. You have been calling Lwandamina all sorts of names you sick little ungrateful thing. Why cant’you just put your comments plainly why do you have to abuse others? You can be critical without being abusive. The only thing consistent with you are insults and we are frankly speaking saying enough! If admin will tolerate you, we will take you on for the brainless chicken you are and maybe give you pig brain.

  13. Sunzu was immense at the back. Sinkala just won me over with what I saw today. Mbesuma brought the much needed experience. Kalengo is not just a goal scorer, he is such a workaholic.

    We quickly need to find Sunzu’s long term defensive partner and also stop this “trial and error” business regarding fullbacks. I don’t see those two boys handling the likes of Gabon’s Aubameyang or Algeria’s Mahrez.

    Lubambo is still raw and has plenty to learn, but he is knocking on Kalaba’s door.

    • Emeric just failed to tick against Mozambique, just be graciuos, congratulate the boys and encourage them to do better!!!In 1993, following that dark our, when we beat Malawi everybody was saying its just Malawi, and then Morocco came, everybody was calling for that South African based goal keeper-But James Ringo Phiri came and showed everybody what he is made of. If you watched today’s game, in the last minutes, the boys were gaining in confidence and with that, they are capable of taking anybody on!!!

  14. @ OKOLO and SIMWINGA BOAS, I am glad that there are bloggers like u who see things differently.
    Am sure the coach will make good choices going forward. Not everything is bad about this team though, we just need more experienced players for the next stage.

  15. selection of players must be progresive and balanced. teenagers to under 20 midgets to under 23 etc. chiken is a fluke who can only beat weak teams like sudan. he failed egypt and gabon. sorry for typoz am tired.

    #hh 2016

    • You have a chicken brain. This is not a political fora and neither is it for insults. Lets have this site free from these two vices bwana

  16. @ John that Ugandan coach as a contract with Ugandan FA why are you insisting on him.Lwandamina is doing fine, in fact better than Renard i say so because we never used to win away games as it is the case now despite winning the AFCON 2012 and Lwandamina doesn’t have issue with players.That is why say Janza was just a punka.

  17. great game by the boys,hope this is our time to reach a world cup.Kalengo is the beast we’ve been missing all this time,well done.2 clean sheets for the defense and Mweene.
    #go Zambia #go

  18. Milutin Sredojevic has really done wonders with this Uganda, I remember it was a matter of small margins he could qualify to the final 2 legged playoffs to the 2014 world cup, he really is doing wonders working with average players.

  19. Milutin Sredojevic can be poached away from Uganda , even though Zambians are loud and annoying I still want them to qualify for the 2018 world cup, mulutin is a young coach with a lot of experience coaching in Africa.

  20. The serbian coach is the man I want for zambia. He should be contacted immediately. He can even win us another afcon trophy and take us to the world cup. This chicken has poor selection. He will struggle against the likes of Congo.

    • The way you’re talking as if you’re the one running Zambian football. Are you the one who chooses a coach for Zambia? Keep on dreaming.

      • Thats right Billy.Besides I thought word is that we cannot afford an expatriate coach at moment.Moreover, what makes you think he would abandon what he started with Uganda.

  21. Let us start looking for money now we get that Ugandan coach that man is very serious he will take us to the next level. The likes of Ghana and Nigeria will even be scared to play zambia if that man is our coach.

  22. We need Ghana in the next round, we have some unfinished business with them and moreover they are one of the best teams in Africa we have always had 50:50 against. With Ghana there is always an added motivation to beat them

  23. please mwebantu what more do you want is it to win friendlies or qualifiers? George is doing fine he is building the team that will be experienced enough by the time will be in Russia the Mkandawire of to day will be the R Carlos in bemba we say imiti ikula empanga.pafwa Bantu pashala Bantu.

  24. Lwandimina is not a great coach but he is better than Herve Renard who cannot beat any team away from home. The man is devoid of ideas. Failing to beat the likes of lesotho away from home.

    • Just be grateful you ingrate. You where the one saying Sudan will beat us and talking ill about the coach and those fullbacks. Well we didn’t scrap through but comprehensively beat Sudan home and away 3-0. The group stage is something and we will take it as it comes. For now any body with a half a brain will say congrats and urge the team to start preps now for the group stage. Lwandamina has built a team though young will mature with time but because you are myopic you can’t see beyond your nose.

  25. Uganda are top of their group for afcon 2017, have beaten Togo who are also top of their group without even breaking a sweat. this guy almost made final round coming second to Senegal who were eventual eliminated by ivory coast in 2014 world cup qualifiers, like I said earlier it was a matter of small margings that Senegal managed to beat them in the last game of the group by 1-0.

  26. Football keeps politics away and so let’s not mix. The game is unifying, why should we start PF, UPND or any other talks! By the way Landamina is on course to greatness. Viva Zambia even though some dear people never appreciate anything! Ask about the feeling dear Ghanaians, Nigerians and Egyptians after the initial results! Why should we poach the Ugandan Coach when his team is in top gear? That’s not how u get Coaches! Let him achieve something with Uganda the way Herve Renard did before moving on! Thanks

  27. Ghana records many away draws. But One thing the black stars are good at doing is shining when it matters most during qualification matches. Just watch and see. Those saying they want Black stars in their group should think again cos I hear Isaac Vorsah, Essien and Kwadwo Asamoah are were declared match fit this week. That’s not all, the likes of Atsu(now injured)muntari, and Kevin prince Boateng may join the black stars. It will be like having a top team like Germany in ur group we all saw what that squad(when united) did when they met Germany and egypt. Be careful what u wish for.

    • I wish I could use your words, but I think they really are!!!!!!Cant we for once have intelligent conversations without politics!!!!!!Admin, please take note!!!!!

  28. Am happy with new blood in our team come 2018 these ll b experienced GEORGE knows what he’s doing go away with a Serbian coach local is lacker Good to see El in the stadium

  29. Congrats Chipolopolo and Lwandamina let them continue Ukutukana bamutasha kali kwitobo, I don’t care what you are saying about Chicken at least He is bringing results. That Serbian Coach has never coached Chipolopolo and We don’t know what He can do with Zambia currently His home is Uganda period

  30. This is the time to learn our mistakes before the qualifiers, lets work on scoring goal within 45 minutes before the break. Congrats boys u have done us proud, even bakateka was there. Now @John and @ Stumpy kindly avoid bring political parties or your favorites on this site. Its Zamfoot not Zampolitical please, this should also go to Mumbi, by the way am a full time cadre but I will never tell you the party I belong to or ask anyone here to vote for who because this site is about football which makes you and I exchange ideas and most importantly learn from you and other bloggers. In football we are one family,one Tribe,one people, one nation no wonder its One Zambia one Nation. In bemba we say amano yafuma mwifwesa yaya muchulu (Knowledge can also come from an ant-hill to the hill) Am way to junior to you comrades but it is just an advise. We all love this nation with different ideologies. Go Zambia go! We have Muchinga escapement to climb bane, let us put our house in order, pathetic selection of players (borrowed words from Sir John) must come to an end. This time we have to qualify to Russia without boardroom help may be that the reason why we failed to qualify for 2014.

  31. if we had lost,everyone wud b sayin george chicken is a scrap coach,wat do u expect frm a coach,a lose?
    Try to learn to apreciate wen its tym to!! we won,shud we say he’s inexperiencd?
    Perhaps,u,John,shud coach them,u sim to b better experiencd than him!!

  32. I think the record hs bn set right with sudan n the board room points issue has bn put to rest. We hv beaten Sudan home n away convincingly. I think Africa now knows who the bigger boys r. Big up chipolopolo!

  33. Lolx Brother @ Alex zz dont say that cause we were actually beaten by Comoros who were robbed by that silly linesman.
    I think we were also not serious in out preps cause we have an astro turf in Tema where I always pass before going to work every day but they did not train on it hence could not control the ball on that hard surface
    Comoros are also coming here with a rigid defending system so it could be frustrating if ee dont score in 35 minutes. Right now I am laying low until the end of the first half.

  34. I am just wondering where Winstone Kalengo has been all along. He has come on the Zambian football scene rather late, in terms of age, now at 30. Anyway who knows a short football career history of our most prized striker at the moment.

      • This guy burst in the zpl scene some 8-10 when playing for Zanaco and was the zpl top goal scorer, people wondered why a top goal scorer was never considered for national selection. I think he played at under 23 but was overshadowed by the likes of. Songwriter Chalwe, Museums, Chamanga who were upcoming youngsters. So Kalengo has been around, it’s only that older wine becomes better.

  35. fwayo, kola, jacob, mayuka, chisamba. all these are big strong fellows. midgets shud go play with their toys. who can be conlyde luchanga against ghana or senegal. lwandamina is a fluke. 2 qualify for world cup u need to win 5 games. he wont fluke 5 gams. we need a world class coach now

    • If you can remember we have been struggling with these players you are talking about its good that now we have found players that can deliver for mother Zambia.

    • this is interesting. Zambia won without all the mentioned. the coach now is Lwandamina. congratulations Zambia. we beat Sudan as a country Zambia and a team can be made with available players. remember this is a country/nation. we did without Kalaba. no one should even talk about Uganda coach. we have Lwandamina now support him.

  36. @John let’s not go for every or n coach we see.Its like a man who wants to marry n woman he sees as long she has nice hips but he is already married.What you must know FAZ has a program,they train coaches every year and they have to see or test the Knowledge investment they have been putting in the coaches.The Govt can manage to an pay the expatriate coach let’s try our own,the certificates or dipuloma they have are for what.@John you are just a crying BABY.Ghana,South Africa,Nigeria and so on have tried their own.Yes has Chicken has areas to improve olso the expatriate wil have areas to improve.He has only lost 1 competitive match.If we dnt try them they will never gain the experience.

  37. Didn’t watch the game bt frm wht hv read it seems it was the DAY OF THE MIDGETS (boyd & benedict) our criticism has made u work harder. Good lookin 2 kalengo uv announced yoself unlike tht sate sate chap. Congrats Chipoz epologilamu…pobo

  38. for people who were calling for evans kangwa you have seen for yourselves why renard was not using him lwandamina good coach continue giving chances to those young lads one day we will appreciate your efforts just like renard H, the work he did in switching sunzu from the midfield to defence initially even the people who nknew nothing like John looked clever but now where are they

  39. Festus Mbewe must also be introduced in the midfield as is strong, he holds the ball and wins the aerial balls. We must count the complete passes our r and l forwards made, those were supposed to be converted into goals.

  40. We have forgotten so fast…Sudan has been beating our National team home and away in the recent past.Last time I checked it had to take the entire CAF to rule in our favour just to get some points from them.So for us to beat them home and away is a mammoth step deserving accolades…our boys are working tirelessly,doubling their efforts and our Coach is becoming better and better as the competition progresses.At the pace we are going,am seeing Zambia qualifying for World Cup with a Zambia coach.

    • You are wrong Sir!!!!Sudan has only beten us once in the recent past!!!!!After that 2-0 controversial game-which FIFA gave us, they came here to draw. We then met them in a friendly at Heroes Stadium where we beat them convincingly. Stop misleading.

      True the result was good and our boys need to be encouraged

    • I guess you are under thirty and you don’t have live memories. But with the internet at your finger tips to miss such straight forward statistics is alarming for a person your age. Stick to what you know best and let the people who know these things tell you and learn from them.

      Correct version is, since 1968, we have never beaten Sudan at their home, but we have beaten them at here, AFCON and CECAFA regularly. Outside their home they are our customers/

      • @ Bolazed, I wouldnt want to get into petty irrational arguments with you sir!!!!I may need to draw to your attention the operational word in my submission-“I said “RECENT PAST” – you may be 100 years old but that doesnt give you the monopoly of knowledge which you clearly dont have!!!!

        • Sorry if you got offended @Zagwa but again you got it wrong even if you said “IN THE RECENT PAST” Sudan has never won in Zambia and has never beaten us at AFCON but CECAFA and that’s also a long time ago. Am no fountain. I Zambia the best result has been 1 draw post AFCON 2012 at Levy.

          • @Bolapazed’s comments directed at Zagwa have really taken me by surprise, E-Money said and I quote “We have forgotten so fast…Sudan has been beating our National team home and away in the recent past.Last time I checked it had to take the entire CAF to rule in our favour just to get some points from them” the claim which Zagwa refuted but you (Bolapazed) came in and attacked him ruthlessly, did you really read his statement before commenting or you just posted what was at the back of your mind????? in business we call it paying attention to detail. Before you respond to any email, you need to read and understand the contents therein then respond or else you may end up shooting yourself in the foot and create unnecessary enmity. Peace and ceasefire….

      • Thanx Shadbeat, didnt understand his attack either, strangely, he continued even in his followup post, maybe we should be posting in the local language. He clearly doesnt understand english-he was too busy at the grounds when his friends were doing comprehension!!!!!!

  41. Thanks people yes no politics but remember, even as we argue in football knowledge, let us argue with dignite. Respect shouldnt be given to known people only. Thankyou so much God bless our great nation, the national soccer team and the current coach. Amen.

  42. Some of the comments here makes me laugh.Ghana drawing with Comoros so everybody wishing for Ghana in their group.What is the motivation for playing Comoros and stressing yourself on the injury prone artificial turf knowing very well that you will have the job completed on your favourite Kumasi Sport stadium.At the end of these all you will see the usual suspects making it to Russia. Ghana, Ivory Coast, Algeria,Nigeria and the remaining last slot is what Zambia and the rest of Africa are fighting for. Hopefully Zamzia finds itself in a comfortable group so that they are able to qualify. If Zambia finds itself in Ghana’s group they might end up beating Ghana Home and Away but lose the ticket which is the most important thing to Ghana

  43. This win was expected. I told everyone here that the Sudanese team was old and weak.If we had all our experienced players, we should have completely obliterated that PATHETIC Sudanese team!

  44. One wonders were Winstone Kalengo has been all these years. He is one of the most prolific strikers this country has ever produced in more than 50 years!

    • @Kay Hummer, in more than 50 years, no man , we both know that is wrong , what about Godfrey Yuka Chitalu and the like, and then came Kelvin Mutale ‘Malaza’, I always wish we could produce just one striker with half the scoring instincts of that guy, I’m telling you Zambia would be untouchable by many of these so called powerhouses of African football ‘whatever that means?’ but yes Winstone has grown into an all round striker albeit a late bloomer, will make do with him in the meantime, at least he is better than the rest and I like his work ethic an example to others that its not just talent you have to put in some work too.

  45. The team needs to be congratulated for qualifying to the group stage. However, important lessons need to be drawn before October, 2016 when the qualifiers resume.
    My areas of concern are the following:
    1.Those two young fullbacks will not be able to withstand the superior opposition we are going to face in the next stage as they lack the necessary physique, stamina and skills. In modern football, wing backs are essential in attack and these two boys do not have the ability to go forward and deliver crosses from wide areas. All great teams in the world have outstanding wing backs: Barca have Dani Alves, Madrid have Marcelo, Bayern have Philip Lahm. Mbola has the overlapping ability and that is why we need him. Even Joseph Musonda and Nkausu had that ability.
    2. We do not have a defensive midfielder who has the twin abilities of driving forward with the ball and making defence splitting passes that can turn defence into attack. Isaac Chansa was not the quickest, but he had the ability to drive forward with the ball and make clever passes to the strikers. Sinkala is good at foiling attacks but he lacks creativity. It becomes worse when he is paired with Mfune who is also similar to him. Kondwani Mtonga was a good partner for Sinkala because he was comfortable in possession and could make searching passes.
    3. The lack of creativity in midfield would necessitate that Kalaba play in the centre rather than on the wing where his creativity is wasted. Jose Mourinho is also making the same mistake playing Eden Hazard on the wing rather than in the centre where he can wreak more more havoc by going right or left. Kalaba plays in the centre for TP Mazembe. The lack of creativity in the centre is what causes the team to pass the ball from side to side rather than going forward.
    4. The experienced players need to be brought back.

  46. Honestly,i dont understand why Zambians draw inspiration for playing Ghana especially knowing very well that even at the end of the day, even if you did beat Ghana home and away, you will end up not qualifying because of your inconsistency. For Ghana,the greatest deal is to get the team to the world cup. And not celebrate beating just a team and pride your self.Zambia still have a long way to go…..

    • Its unfortunate that we celebrate mediocrity in Africa!!!!!Ghana, Nigeria Cameroon can call themselves whatever, but truth be told, on the world stage, teams celebrate having them in their groups!!!!They know that they ll be a source of points to the next stage! Yes there was some hope in 1990 from Cameroon, then Senegal in 2002, then Ghana in 2010, but for the amount of times Africa has been represented at this stage, this is awful!!!!Boast about qualifying!!!!!But no, we have had enough of your “we were there also” aspiration!!!!!That is why, I wouldnt mind fresh countries going to the world cup!!!!One record Zambia should be pride of which even the Zambians dont seem to pay attention of, ZAMBIA WAS THE FIRST AFRICAN COUNTRY TO REACH THE QUARTER FINAL STAGE OF A WORLD FOOTBALLING COMPETITION in 1988!!!Prior to that, Africa was being treated just like Oceania-Remember Tahiti in Brazil????But zambians dont talk so much about that probably because they realise that we need to do better. Therefore, my Ghanian, Nigerian friends, talk about other successes, not just appearances!!!!!Otherwise on the world stage, we are all MINIONS!!!!!!!!

  47. Ghana has never been considered a minnow in the world football at any stage of competition, be it at the junior level or the senior level.Ghana has been to the world cup trice and for the two out of the three it went pass the group stage as the sole rep holding the flag of the continent.The best teams in the world play at the world cup so if you are not able to make it it means you are not counted among the best.

    • iwe!!teams that get knockedout in 1st or second round only provide stairs for other teams to proceed. For the 4 times Ghana has been to the finals, what can they show for it other than the fluke quarter final appearance in South Africa-anyway, they have provided side entertainment, airlifting bags of money, players wrestling with coaches!!!!comeon, the world cup is not for clowns like that man!!!!!!

  48. Thank God you admitted World cup isn’t for Clowns.Your country will qualify for the world cup if it ceases to be a clown.If a country can not even qualify in afcon group what business does that team got to do at the world cup.Please come back to talk about world cup experience when you team ever qualify for the final.World cup is for serious minded countries not countries that celebrate even to the extent of declaring a national holiday because a first Zambian has scored a goal in a Capital One competition not even a league game.What will happen if that country qualifiers to a world cup and scores a goal against Tahiti? Zagwa or whatever your name is. eschew jealousy and give credit where it is due.

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