Monday, June 24, 2024

Can Napsa Stars be the Eagles of this season

Napsa Stars last year had a season which the memories they wouldn’t want to keep, a very disastrous season which nearly saw them been relegated but survived the jaws at the 11th hour.

And It will be so deceiving to draw conclusions just after one match but can they draw inspirations from Green Eagles who were in the same situation but performed exceptionally well the following season.


With Mohammed Fathi at the helm, Napsa Stars can be a dominate force, that can only be achieved if they have the right mindset. The Pensioners look so determined and different from last season, they have brought in a crop of good players who can elevate the playing standards the of the team.

Notable players recruited are left back Bornwell Silengo who was on the cards of Zesco United, tough tackling defender Eric Kabulo Ngoi from Lusaka Dynamos, pacey midfielder Danny Silavwe from Nkana and striker Laudit Mavugo who has shown positive character already.

The question on everyone’s lips, can the Pensioners sustain the momentum through out the season and be a surprise bag, all those questions will be answered at the end of the season.



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