Monday, July 15, 2024

AUDIO: Fashion Sakala Bombshell! MaFasho reveals it all as he talks about his fall out with Grant

The 27 year old has blocked Avram Grant following the perceived the fall out.

He also discusses the role of Nir Karin at the national team.

Sakala also revealed how Karin has threatened two Chipolopolo players after they dumped him.

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  1. Not good washing dirt stuff in public. They are structures to present this issue unless those structures are invalid

  2. That’s we call love on country. He ended with apology that “sorry for the tone, am angry”. Respect him.
    Stop calling him Fashion, call him Passion.

  3. Now that you have washed dirty linen pa lwalalal…
    Bring that passion on the pitch we want to see how good you are. Prove the coach wrong. The fans will definately advocate for your inclusion. Do not fail us.

  4. He talks to much.How I wish he can also do the talking on the pitch. If he wants Faz to be talking about him let him prove it. We don’t have time to be talking about someone who’s not performing. Actually even me if I was a coach was gonna drop him, his performance at Africa cup was the worst not even worse but disaster.

    If I was him was gonna just humble myself. We only hearing one side of the story,tell us also what you said to the coach for him to send your such audio msgs. Grant is a professional coach he started coaching before you started playing soccer,he can’t just say want he said you must have said something to provoke him.

  5. No coincidence that with Fashion’s speed and enterprise we finally qualified for Afcon.
    He was badly missed after ???? falling out with previous coaches .
    Grant is too skilled as a coach to let this be to the detriment of Zed.
    Hopefully this is a minor blip.
    By the way had FAZ refunded Fashion yet????

    • This is purely about money but he is not the only one to be owed by FAZ so he should just relax himself.

      The entire technical bench can’t watch such injustice assuming what he is saying is entirely true. Which is doubtful, Grant is an experienced coach & i doubt he would risk his carrier just like that.

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