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Throwback Thursday

Name the players and the game.

Share memories of this team in action….

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  1. Uncle Bobs says:

    Standing (L-R). Big Michael Chabala (Nkana),Alex “Computer” Chola (Power), Jones Chilengi (GBFC), Jericho “Russian Tanker” Shinde (Nkana), John “Butcherman” Mwanza (Warriors), Laban Chishala (GBFC) Squatting (L-R) Efford “Fitumba” Chabala (Mighty Impaka Litente), Great Kalu (Cercle Bruges-Bbelgium), Jack “African Pele” Chanda (Warriors), Not sure but played left back coz that is the position I can’t apportion, Derby Mankinka (Profund Warriors)

    • Uzzi says:

      Uncle Bobs the number three you are talking about should be Mustapha Kalizamani, I cant forget this man as an adent Ndola United supporter.

      • Uncle Bobs says:

        Yes yes yes u get it Mustapha “Police and You” Kalizamani indeed. Ndola United had the top 3 bracket master dribbler in Harrison “Muzalada as in Mmuzzle Loader” Bwalya, Kaiser Kalambo, Gibbon Chewe, tough Simon Nkhuwa, Gibbon “Nigger” Chewe, Chola Mulundu, Fred Mwila, Moses Kabaila, Venter Chikolwa, John Lumbwe, John “Acrobatic” Mutuntu, Morrison Chimalasepa etc

  2. Uncle Bobs says:

    Wish we could go back to Copper and Black as Copper and Orange looks like we copied from Cote D Ivoire. This jersey. Was very very neat!

  3. Almost every play on the picture could score while eyes are closed. The question is where have we missed it

    • Uncle Bobs says:

      These days only a wild guess tells u who will score. With the above team Alex Chola, Kalu (not so much then strictly a left winger), Jack Chanda, Michael Chabala, Derby Mankinka, and Shinde all could score at any time

  4. Jojo says:

    Kalusha Bwalya has been involved in zambian football since Forever. Great son of the soil

  5. Kalampa 4 lyf says:

    I miss the days of the copper and black jersey,the real colours for chipolopolo.

  6. Dewenga says:

    The other defender between Derby naba Jack look like Mustapha Kalizamani (Police and you).

  7. Mambwe ZimaNdola says:

    You pipo talkin bout da copper jersey u shud see the AFCON 98 jersey. Tht was a pathetic oversized jersey and it was similar 2 da 1 in da pic. Am surprised Kalu played with thoz guyz he has cm a long way kanshi.

    • Uncle Bobs says:

      That Afcon 98 wasn’t copper-more of yellowish. Kindly look at the above jersey we are referring to or the Afcon 82 bwana!

    • Uncle Bobs says:

      Furthermore Afcon 98 “over-sized” kit was the Reebok brand while this cute one was Umbro!

      • underBODBY says:

        The 98 jersey was actually Admiral not Reebok, it was terribly pathetic!

        • Uncle Bobs says:

          Zambia last wore Admiral in the 80s and Reebok was introduced at Afcon 96, them Umbro with Addias in between. Give me your number I send you what Kalu wore

          • Ace says:

            You’re right. We wore the poor quality Reebok at CAN ’96 & ’98. At CAN 2000, we wore L-Sporto and at CAN 2002, we were the worst dressed team with a horrid Admiral strip which had orange and black stripes. It was bought off the shelf and the players told off FAZ officals: ‘e jersey mwinga shita iyi?’

  8. Billy says:

    Abena Kalusha zoona balikokola muli bola yapa zed for sure. He even played along side Jack Chanda and Alex Chola! Respect to the guy.

    • justice lukanga kafusha says:

      Alex Chola was player coach when Kalusha was at Mufulira Blackpool and was partly instrumental in grooming Kalusha. I watched Kalusha for the second time in 1982 at John Kachofa Studium in a game vs Brave Rangers. Kalu was very young then and was introduced in the second half with Blackpool down 2-0. The crowd went wild

      Kalu was a ball juggler like Alex Chola, especially when he moved to Mighty. He was a crowd puller. A player everyone wanted to watch.The dude could sell tickets for his club. Those of us who watched him while he played for Mighty did enjoy the way he could dance his way around defenders, it was magic. I will never forget those days. Bena Alex and Kalu, ala we were on our feet, aka bansa ukwima, yali ikali ni umfwafye

      • Billy says:

        Indeed. I also remember in Chingola, when Mighty visited Nchanga Rangers at Gabbitas (Nchanga) stadium. Kalu scored a last minute goal for Mighty, and left the Brave Rangers faithfuls in tears. At that time his elder brother the late Benjamin “Tigana Boga” Bwalya (MHSRIP) was playing for Nchanga Rangers. Mighty beat Rangers 1-0 through a late goal by Kalu. Those were days indeed.

        • Brave Nchanga Rangers says:

          @Billy i watched that game thats when i first saw Kalu, he was tightly marked by Rangers players and Peter Mwanza was specifically given to MANN Kalu. When Kalu saw that he was tightly marked he withdrew from the front and started playing in his own half. The goal he scored was a classical one, he picked up the ball from his own half started dribbling Rangers players one by one even Ba Peter Mwanza, took the ball to the corner, run with it and feined as if crossing and beat Vincent Chileshe in goals from his near left post and it was a GOAL. To me the one standing next to Alex seems like Stone Nyirenda, by his usual standing postures, anyway it might be Big Micheal Chabala.

  9. Uncle Bobs says:

    If I’m not mistaken Kalu’s debut came against Sudan at Dag in 1983 the day regular left winger Peter Kaumba was moved to right wing to accommodate 20yr old Kalu.Indeed he’s come a long way. At 23 or thereabout he went as a Pro to Belgium and the rest is history as they say!

  10. Uncle Bobs says:

    And this could’ve been Alex Chola’s final man of the match appearance pa Independence versus Nigeria featuring a young Peter Rufai in goals

  11. Ace says:

    This match took place in 1985. It was a CAN qualifier against Nigeria. Uncle Bobs is right about the line-up and yes, Mustapha “Muzzie” Kalizamani played left back though he was right footed and played as a centre back for his club.

    At first I thought it was the 2nd leg played at Independence but the terraces look different so it must be the first leg on 10.08.1985 in Lagos which ended 0-0 and Zambia finished off the job two weeks later through a late strike by Jack Chanda.

    Kalu was still with Mighty then and only moved to Belgium at the end of the season. Coach Brightwell Banda recalled the great master Alex Chola to bring some much needed creativity in midfield.

    • justice lukanga kafusha says:

      If this was the CHAN qualifier Vs Nigeria then Stone Nyirenda should be in the image above as that was his first international game for Zambia and he was in the starting 11. Stone Nyirenda is the one squatting 5th from the left

      • Uncle Bobs says:

        But that is Derby Mankinka. Big Michael Chabala played centre forward (Stone Nyirenda’s position)

        • justice lukanga kafusha says:

          Uncle Bobs, not in that game vs Nigeria. Big Micheal Chabala was deployed on the right wing to pave way for unseasoned Stone Nyirenda, who was roped in the squad in the last few days before the game vs Nigeria. Nyirenda at this time was the Leagues leading topscorer with more than 20 goals

  12. KK11 says:

    Thats the jersey i remember…..!! yaba, memories from childhood!!

  13. KK11 says:

    I remember that Jack Chanda strike!! yaba, ama goose bumps!! The jersey, the players and yes the guys could all score even Ba Stop children Jones Chilengi!!

  14. justice lukanga kafusha says:

    Standing (L-R). Big Michael Chabala (Nkana),Alex Chola, Jones Chilengi, Jericho Shinde, John Mwanza,Laban Chishala

    Squatting (L-R) Efford Chabala, Great Kalu, Jack Chanda, Mustafa Kalizaman, Stone Nyirenda

    Zambia Vs Nigeria (Scores 1-0)

    • Uncle Bobs says:

      No qualms Ba Duncandino, u can still follow history just like we also never watched bena Zoom, Ginger Pensulo, Willie Chifita, Lukomona (Kitwe United), Emment Kapengwe, Howard Mwikuta, Vava, Garincha, Eusebio, Ferenc Puskas, Gordon Banks, Bobby Charlton etc but have followed them imaginary trough following history like this throwback and watching ama Videos-kekekekeke

    • Billy says:

      This is why this section of Thursday Throw Back is important for those young ones who would need to be reminded of where we are coming from.

  15. Uncle Bobs says:

    1.Efford 2.Laban Chishala 3.Mustapha Kalizamani 4.John Butcherman Mwanza 5.Jones Chilengi 6.Jericho Shinde7.Jack Chanda 8.Derby. Mankinka 9.Big Michael Chabala 10.Alex Chola 11.Kalusha Bwalya

  16. Mwebantu says:

    You guys are good at details. Good memory chips. I remember Kalu with his ball skills thrown in at Nkana as a substitute for Wanderers in 1982. The crowd. Chaleweleketa. Yes those days he was mostly ku line.

  17. Mwebantu says:

    The Copper Jersey was real (including the one fans had with Zambia Army (Nylon-like). Not the yellow ones we see now!

  18. Ace says:

    Uncle Bobs is a fountain of knowledge and is spot on with the line-up. The above photo shows the line-up for the first leg in Lagos which ended 0-0. The Nigerians were then known as the Green Eagles and Stone Nyirenda was not part of the team then and is therefore not in the picture above.

    He was called up to the squad for the second leg (which I watched) and given a starting berth with Mike Chabala on the bench. Chabala came on to replace Nyirenda (who despite the shock selection, actually gave a good account of himself) in the second half and Jack Chanda scored the winning goal off a Lucky Msiska pass in the 85′ and Zambia qualified to CAN ’86 (not CHAN Justice, there was no CHAN then) on a 1-0 aggregate score line.

  19. justice lukanga kafusha says:

    The other good thing about those days and why we will always remember the days was that almost every team in then first division, later Super League, had special players everyone one wanted to Watch. These players were all crowd pullers

    I recall at Gabbitas when teams like Rokana (by then), GBFC, Kabwe Warriors, Might to name a few, came to play Rangers, the Stadium was filled to capacity one hour before kickoff. These were games one would not like to miss. Even after watching the game the following day kushita newspaper to read the report and look at ma photos from the game

    It was amazing, imagine no violence from supporters. In the open wings we used together with supporters of the opponents and no fighting took place.

    God bless Zambia


  20. justice lukanga kafusha says:

    used to sit together


    ala nalikwete a book emo nalecita stick all the pictures from the newspapers and I remember I left it in the servant’s quarter that time we were staying in Chikola crescent in Itawa Ndola I won’t say the number and someone stole it together na Motoka Yandi iya mawaya. I remember when we used to play on the side of the then Dag stadium and watching Francis Kajiya, Kawilo and Tenant Chilumba.

    • Uncle Bobs says:

      Tenant Chembo-Chilumba mwaiche wanomba and never existed time ya Dag-kekekeke


        Tenant Chilumba was around 13 or 14 yrs that time but I may agree it could have been Tenant Chembo and David Efford Chabala saved Malawi’s first two penalties that day and the Zambia national Team were called the Bombers by suppoters. Prime Minister Nalumino Mundia received the KK11 captained by Jones Chilengi on 17 December, 1984 at Lusaka International Airport.


    These soccer stars were passionate about the game and were not afraid of any team in Africa, I remember Philemon Mulala when the KK11 won the East and Central Africa Challenge Cup. Mulala scored a brace if I can remember well and Fighton Simukonda was in the winning team including Lucky “Muchofe” Msiska and Jericho “Tunker”Shinde.

    • Uncle Bobs says:

      Shombo scored a brace muma semi final versus Kenya and we beat Malawi in the final on penalties with Jones Chilengi missing a penalty in the dying minutes of regulation time.

  23. Kalampa 4 lyf says:

    Nowadays a striker in our soccer league can just afford to knock off with only 18 goals the entire season.But during the era of KK11,it was acceptable for a defender or midfielder to score 12 to 18 goals.Talk of Robertson Zulu,Zoom Ndlovu,Sandy Kaposa,Ucar Chitalu,Bernard Chanda,Borniface Chanda,Micheal Chabala,Pele Kaimana,Jack Chanda,Kelvin Mutale,Kenneth Malitoli etc were scoring goals for fun!

  24. chamz says:

    Interesting from you guys. Apart from the 2012 winning jersey, the quality of our jerseys is poor these days. Even the training kit, kit for camping look poor. The jersey above was top quality.

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