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How Zambia voted in the 2026 World Cup bid

Zambia threw its weight behind Morocco in the voting for the World Cup 2026 bid which was awarded to the United (North American) bid comprising of Mexico, Canada and USA.

The Zambian vote was carried by FAZ president Andrew Kamanga and he stuck to earlier pronouncements in April by then acting Minister of Sports Charles Banda who had told in-coming Moroccan ambassador that Zambia would side with the North Africans.

Eleven African countries voted against Morocco in the bid despite the Arab nation counting on the strong support from fellow CAF member for the vote.

South Africa, Guinea, Liberia, Benin, Sierra Leone, Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Cape Verde, and Zimbabwe were the eleven African countries who voted for the joint United States-Canada-Mexico bid.

There were 65 votes (33%) for Morocco’s bid. The United (North American) bid received 134 votes (67%), and Iran was the only country that voted for “none of the bids.”

With its fifth attempt to host, Morocco was hoping to be the second African country to host this far-reaching tournament. The 2026 tournament will be the biggest World Cup ever with 48 teams playing 80 matches over 34 days.

Both Mexico (1970 and 1986) and the United States (1994) have previously hosted World Cups. Canada staged the Women’s World Cup in 2015.

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  1. Traitors, afracans truth be told even if the all 57 african associations had voted for Morocco they would have still lost now its 2030.

  2. The age old slogan “united we stand divided we fall” does not seem to resonate with Africans. How can you opt to vote for the American bid when your own brother is also bidding. But truth be told I am not surprised and the worst thing is that there will even be people, Africans for that matter, who will support this form of being traitors.

    I mean till this day I am still shocked that there are people who support Kalu for not voting for Kalaba.

    Typical African mentality of always seeing better in the neighbor than your own home and yet we sit around wondering why the continent seems doomed.

  3. I believe most African Countries did not vote for Morocco because of its continued occupational of another sovereign nation in Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic. Remember they were even banned from the African Union til last year when they were readmitted.

    Botswana and South Africa clearly stated they would not vote for Morocco because of the same.

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