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Zambia unveil 20 man Cosafa Cup squad

Zambia have named the 20 man squad that will represent the country at the Cosafa Cup tournament.

Unlike the 2015 edition which saw Zambia field foreign based players, George Lwandamina will carry only local based players to the tournament.

Regular goal-minders Danny Munyao and Racha Kola have made the team together with young Lawrence Mulenga for Kabwe Warriors who has lost his number spot at the club.

George Lwandamina seems to have options in all departments the major worry will be in attack with three strikers who have 2 goals amongst them in the league expected to lead the Chipolopolo attack.

The team will leave for Namibia on Thursday.

Zambia join the competition at the quarter final stage and will have the first game on Sunday.

The ZamFoot Crew understands that Chipolopolo coach George Lwandamina will join the team on Sunday.

The Full Squad

Goalkeepers: Lawrence Mulenga, Danny Munyao, Racha Kola

Defenders: Buchizya Mfune, Adrian Chama,Emmanuel Musekwa, Webster Mulenga, Benedict Chepeshi, Boyd Mkandawire, Donashano Malama,

Midfielders: Steward Chikandiwa,Paul Katema, Jacob Ngulube, Salulani Phiri, Charles Zulu, Spencer Sautu, Clatous Chama.

Strikers: Patson Daka, Festus Mbewe, Conlyde Luchanga

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  1. Now who is the coach we hear of dan kabwe,aggrey chiyangi and nw lwandamina again, the idea of going with local players is okey bt the tecnical bench is nt stable lwandamina to join the team on sunday, we need a coach who will be able to give confidence to the players nt today with zesco tommorow with chipolopolo cimo nokupa impali pliz ba Faz we need an expatriate coach before w.c qualifiers, i’ve been a diehard fan for some tym but nw am a dying softly fan.

  2. Poor selection, cgepeshi and imperishable Mkandawire. The coach can’t see Fwayo, Walter Bwalya,Munthali, Rodrick Kabwe,the Sakala’s at Zanaco. Rubbish.

  3. chepeshi ,Boyd ,katema ,daka ,luchanga,instead of testing real players like Walter,ziyo tembo,kapumbu,fwayo,warren kinda not amafi yama players ayo chi coach iwe.

  4. what about Chris, I have never known a prayer who is as good as Chris with headers. Fwayo, stumbeko,R.Kabwe, even Muntali could have made a difference in that squard.
    Kalusha was corrupt yes but his team selection interference was helping out otherwise Lwandamina has been exposed without kalu’s help.
    am learning that Lwandamina is full of grudges but that is mixing emotions with professional which is why today we have kissed good bye to afcon. our toothless kamanga is still quiet, except on get takings. pathetic, if kamanga was wise enough, government is at present vulnerable, looking for votes, even from soccer fans.

  5. Kamanga should be careful…. He needs to fire all those that worked under kalu….never liv an enemy behind for he might rise against your throne….lwandamina might be trying to work against him ….that player selection and insistence to remain as coach despite Zesco asking him to remain at Zesco raises eyebrows…

  6. Lary bwalya, walter bwalya,fwayo tembo,rodric kabwe,fackson kapumbu,the mufulila wondrers cuptain and davy daka good option not patson,festus ,boy,chipeshi. Am sure in zambia the only couch who can try on that position is patrick phiri but we need a good couch we ar in trouble.

  7. That must be a joke!!!! really dont we have strikers to pick from?i min you pick strikers like festus mbewe,daka these are not strikers i dont know the last time both scored,luchanga has been blank at club level him too has been struggling,imwe wat criteria do u use in selecting players for national duties kanshi?thus why u ar felling to send the team to afcon poor management ataaaa

  8. You better dont send that poorly selected team to cosafa just miss using taxpayers monies,lwandamina again?oh God help these pipo hez failed us and u stil want to entrust him with same responsibilities?wise pipo learn from one mistake and its never.repeated,we have gud talented players but this leaves much to be questioned basically on hw some faces stil appear and recalled for national duties regardless of their poor performancies and both club and national duty,local coach is rubbish and no results wil ever come…

  9. If Zamfoot will be at Kamanga’s press briefing today, kindly ask him how the national team player selection is done. I don’t really understand how you can bring in a player like Patson, who is a bench warmer at club level, Luchanga, who’s being a shadow of his old form this season and Festus who again has not done anything at club level this season to be the top men leading the striking force. Maybe there’s something we missing here. Why not take an approach of South Africa where the coach, after announcing the squad, can actually give journalists reasons why so so a player was picked over so so a player. This would really help in clearing our minds so that we can whole-heartedly support the team when they are playing otherwise like this, we shall just be watching local football instead of rallying behind the national team.

  10. Can someone explain why Patson Daka continues to get selected? The player has been given several opportunities and has done nothing. Another is Luchanga and Festus Mbewe. How??? Lwandamina should also be given the boot and this would have been the time to start blooding a new coach for Zambia.

    FAZ is also moving very slow. Its time to have a fulltime national team coach. If you can’t get an expatriate at least get a local coach to do the job and give him the job, not this club vs country thing. Lets be done with that. That will be step number 1 in the right direction.

  11. our football has been taken to dogs! Kamanga has failed. this is the same team which has failed for along time to give us gud results, so u think this team can win us cosafa cup? we wil also fail at cosafa. mark my words. useless!

  12. Kamanga costed us to qualify for 2017 Afcon he allowed lwandamina to continue as our coach until this time he is failing to fire him, it seems like he is happy with these pathetic results, we need to watchout this man he came to destroy zambianfootball. fans we need to protest before its too late. rubish kamanga shud go!

    • Kamanga issued a statement after Guinea Bisau hammered us that we need an expatriate coach going into the world cup qualifiers. I think he is working on that. He didn’t say George will lead this campaign. Protests for what boss ? the pathetioc results did not come under his reign – those draws which we should have won at home ( effectively what cost us qualification ) were under Kalu – shouldn’t you have agitated for protests then ?????

  13. It is clear that FAZ and Gvt do not have the money to engage a fulltime coach. Kamanga says he will engage the private sector for help in this endeavour, but lets face it, only companies like the mines, Zambia sugar, zamefa, zambeef, trade kings, mobile phone operators and the banks can have the capacity. In this economic environment, they all find themselves limping hence such help is unlikely to come. Solution ? lets go back to the Gvt to Gvt technical assistance provided by cooperating partners eg Germany, Turkey or Sweden, Denmark etc and then we can top up for incidentals. these can give us a qualified coach whom they will pay.

  14. piking a goalkeeper who has lost his spot? players who are warming bench at their clubs? strikers who have 2 goals in a ligue & you expect them to lead our frontline?

  15. no any company can com in with these pathetic results, so you mean even selecting players you need govment to com in? even if we dont hav saport with gud selection of players we can produce gud results & qualify to the world cup.

  16. it is very unfortunately that the same players who cost us in Bissau we are stil with them thats why we cant improve our football standard more especialy having dull leaders at FA is becomes …..

  17. Y pick those useless strikers then leavin out a proven goalscorer like walter. I thot Chicken wud want 2 @least redeem himself by pickin a strong local team tht can easily win cosafa aftr tht GB disaster. It seems to him poor selection is his biggest ‘STRENGTH’ unlike 2 sum of us. More embarrassments await us @ CASSAVA Cup. #puzzled

  18. if those strikers bang goals,i will be suprised because they will only do what they’ve been doing at their clubs;firing blanks! may be thats what got them selected.who is the zambian top scorer ,not Were J.J.? is he in the team?

  19. Rewarding mediocrity that is why Zambia is failing. All these players are worthless at their clubs, but gets call ups? So why even work hard when you already paid your way to the national team? Useless Kamanga will get only one term and that will be a blessing to Zambia because this fool won’t fix Zambia’s issues. He has ignored our calls to hire a foreign coach. Useless Faz, Useless Coach.

  20. This selection reminds me of the good old days when the national team could face the rest of the players not picked in what was termed ALL STARS VS THE REST.This national team could be badly beaten by the rest if it was to happen now.Thanks the Euro is on. instead of killing myself with BP will be watching Euro games.Abash chicken and your team.

  21. I am shocked. What is Zambia up to? Can a nation’s football plan/selection to the national team always be a mystery to the citizens, let alone those who live bola? It is time to act.Take heed Zambia.

  22. Surely why would a coach select a somewhat weak team despite being given an opportunity to assess the strength of the possible opponents?Zambian football is undoubtedly on the hospital bed.

  23. Zambia will play Swaziland who have won group A after beating Madagascar 1-0.Zimbabwe bows out despite beating Seychelles 5-0.Swaziland ends up with 8 points.Madagascar 5points and Zim 5 points,

  24. Zambian you have reaped what you sowed. I warned you about this kamanga but you didn’t listen. look you are now complaining just in two months, wait their is more that is coming under kamanga zambia is going no were

  25. why is Lwandamina destroying the national team,poor selection of players at its wonder he named himself Chicken, truly he is a Chicken.

  26. I hope we get booted out real fast! its a mystery guys for a coach of any sport to pick a front line of strikers who have not scored at their clubs! Make Me understand pliz? What’s the rationale here!

  27. Moreover we don’t even kno who the coach is! Heard dan kabwe then chiyangi now chicken again. Next we shall hear Dr. Kabungo is in charge. Euro 2016 has indeed erased the GB nightmares such tht watchin cosafa will be like watchin inter-schools.

  28. Zambian football,any1 who watches div1 football,1 wud tell that there is massive talent,gud players compared to the dakas,mbewes,mkandawires,zambia will neva produce good results like that of (Herve Renards) not untill we learn to pick players on merit,perfomance based,shame

  29. i think lwandamina is blind we watch the league player sellection this lwandamina is not himself, we need a good trainer again mukandawire, katema were is lodric kabwe , fackson kapumbu, water bwalya

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