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Wada Wada resigns as Chipolopolo coach


Wedson Nyirenda has resigned as Chipolopolo coach after more than 24 months at the helm.

The Football Association of Zambia, FAZ announced in a statement on Thursday.

“The Football Association of Zambia wishes to announce the resignation of Mr. Wedson Nyirenda as Head Coach of the Zambia national team with immediate effect,” read the statement

He served as national coach from September 2016 to May 2018.

“The association wishes to thank Mr. Nyirenda for his contribution towards the national team and for the sterling work he put into his job.

FAZ also announced that the association are on the look out for the replacement.

“The process to fill the vacancy of Head Coach will begin and the Association will conclude the process in the shortest possible time to meet upcoming engagements.

Wada Wada was set to attend a coaching course in Spain.

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11 Comments to Wada Wada resigns as Chipolopolo coach

  1. Slim says:

    Good riddance! I hope this is the last we hear of Wada. Most players felt like they were playing for his personal team. Cheers Faz!!! Hooray to all potential national team players. This is your opportunity to bounce back on merit. The next on the chopping block is Beston, his reasoning sense is extremely poor and below par; a bench warmer at Nkana suitable for national team, sounds like bullshit to me.

  2. Mulenga Pulu says:

    Thanks was a and all the best in your future endeavours

  3. Anonymous says:

    Faz should look for a foreign coach. This local coaches are very corrupt. They accept bribes from managers who would like their players to get international caps. This is because of poverty.

  4. Mulenga Pulu says:

    Beston will soon be in bigger problems than wada because of his poor team s3lection

  5. Luapula bize says:

    Sad reading. All the best Wada in your future assignments. I know you tried your best despite achieving less.

  6. GRAND says:

    AK becarefull next time dont give somebody a 3 years contract without any
    form of probation.
    That alone showed that AK has alot to learn in football administration

  7. Pundit says:

    He should have been fired after Chan Exit…These local coaches are not ready for the national its like they are corrupt,they are so arrogant treating national team like a club..Check Lwandamina,Wada and now Beston there selection z so poor veeri narrow minded!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    It’s an answered Call, Thanks and Good bye 🙋 WADA WADA!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    It is an answered Call! thanks and Good bye 🙋 Wada Wada!


    It is an answered Call!! Thanks and Good bye 🙋 Wada Wada!!!

  11. Tony mash says:

    Let him go. One thing i dislike about this idiot he didnot want to work with professionals.

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