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Video highlights: Congo 1 – 1 Zambia

Billy (ZamFoot Blogger)

I am not impressed with the display. I do not know why the coach even employed a defensive line up in the first half. In the next match, Lwandamina should start Chris Katongo ahead of Jack Chirwa.

Then he should use his discretion to choose between Conlyde Luchanga and Lubambo Musonda. With the coming back of Evans Kangwa and Chisamba Lungu, we can dismantle Guinea Bissau at home, in Bissau.

We started slow to the game. We should have started fast and stronger. Otherwise that Congo Brazzaville team is not very strong.

Otherwise, it’s good we avoided a defeat. We are still in it. I am sure from these two game, the coach must have seen for himself what he needs to do going forward.

The absence of Sunzu was clearly seen. The left back also was porous. Kabamba needs to pull up his socks, the reason why we calling Mbola to be recalled.

Watch the match highlights below……..

Photo courtesy of Fazfootball

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  1. Heeeee Mbesuma was on fire!!
    Defense they tried people, sometimes we need understand.
    Zambia missed: Sunzu, Kondwani, Munthali.
    Coach still have a task to find: Left back, central defender to partner Nsuzu, and midfielder of Chansa caliber!!
    Thanks to Mweene!!

  2. Brazil U23 vs South Africa U23

    Second friendly match for Brazil olympics team, they lost 0-1 to nigeria U23 in their first match. Second match is againt south africa U23.

  3. Peter’s comment after south africa lost to brazil U23
    South africa lost because they played brazil at home, you don’t really expect an Africa team to defeat brazil at home. South africa must have featured real Under 23 that is why they lost.

    Zim Bullet’s comment after south africa lost to brazil U23
    Nigerians are age cheats, they cheated brazil at home. Cheated their way to secure an olympics football ticket. In fact all west africans are age cheats!!!!!!!!!

  4. I liked the defensive formation, but rather we needed to start the game on a fast note. The idea in a fast game is to confuse the opppornents & get a quick goal to unsettle the home side. In the 2nd half Congo had little to offer tho gifted with a goal. The perefect Mbesuma/ Kalengo combination needed a ‘tanker’ Chriss Katongo to feed the balls with prowessness. Overall, Congo’s strategy was a simple logic ‘cut down the bullets’& they managed getting solid life jackets.

    In the Bissau game we need to open up a bit.

  5. West africa this west africa that. When will zambia ask for soccer development tacticks from the west africans rather than this envy and jeloussy it will get you no where. Ghana and Ivory Coast were in the finals of afcon not because their are cheats but simply because they ARE GOOD TEAM. IF ZAMBIA FEELS THEY ARE BETTER THEN PROVE THIS BY SCORING GOALS AND BEATING EVERY TEAM IN YOUR WAY.. NONCENCE. JUST WIN YOUR GAMES AND SHUT UP IT YOU CANT WIN THEN ITS SIMPLY “THE OTHER TEAM IS BETTER” FULL STOP!.

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