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The Top Tier Football Clubs in Zambia

Zambia is a country with a deep love and passion towards football. Football is the most beloved and played sport in the country, as it is in most of the African continent. Every year, Zambia plays its own national football league, which garners a ton of viewers from all over the country. The Zambia Super League sees the country’s best clubs compete head-to-head for the title of champion. And what a competition it is. The Zambian clubs are some of the best in Africa. So, in this article, we would like to have a look at a couple of the top tier football clubs in the country, and list their accomplishments.

ZESCO United

ZESCO was founded in 1974, and is considered to be one of, if not Zambia’s best football club. When it comes to sports betting, they often carry excellent odds. And speaking of sports betting, if you too are curious to try your luck, check out the new online casinos and bookies available at Novibet. If you register on this page, you will not only find the best bookmakers, but also excellent casinos where you can play roulette and other similar games.

ZESCO gets its name from their owner and sponsor, ZESCO, the country’s electricity supplier. Throughout their almost-50-year history, ZESCO United have won 24 of the country’s most prestigious awards, including 9 Zambian Premier League titles (most recently in 2021), 5 Charity Shields (again most recently in 2021), and the Zambian Cup, which they won in 2006. Certainly, they have earned the right to be considered among the best.

Nkana F.C.

Based in Kitwe, Nkana are often considered the best or second-best football club in the country, behind only the Mufulira Wanderers, which we will get to soon. With 13 League titles, Nkana are certainly the most successful Zambia Premier League club, and with 44 trophies they hold the silver medal.

Their most recent Zambian Premier League title came in 2020, however, they have also won 6 Zambian Cups, 18 Charity Shields, 7 Challenge Cup titles, and a dozen more awards, both national and international. The club also has somewhat of a rivalry with the Power Dynamos, with whom they share a city.

Mufulira Wanderers

Based in Copperbelt, Mufulira Wanderers are Zambia’s uncontested, most successful football club. Over their 69-year-long career, the Mighty Mufulira Wanderers have amassed a total of 50 trophies and produced some of the country’s greatest players. In 2020, they were relegated to the Zambia National Division One, where they’ve been playing since.

Though often considered among the best, the Mufulira Wanderers have not been doing great in the 21st century. All of their greatest accomplishments came in the 20th century, with their most recent major honors all being earned in the 1990s. It is perhaps for this reason that they were relegated to the second division of Zambian football.

Still, their accomplishments speak for themselves. And with 50 trophies, the Wanderers certainly deserve a mention on a list counting the greatest football clubs that Zambia has ever produced.

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