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Pay back money for the replicas – FAZ tell Pivo

THE Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) is demanding K1 million royalties from the sale of Chipolopolo replica jerseys from Pivoty Simwanza, a former committee member in Kalusha Bwalya’s administration.

In the run-up to the last elective annual general meeting that ushered in Andrew Kamanga, some committee members disputed a letter dated December 18, 2012 authored by then general secretary George Kasengele which authorised Simwanza’s company, Just For Kicks, to produce and sell the Chipolopolo Nike kit in his sports shops.

“The executive committee of FAZ at its meeting held on 14th December 2012 decided to give Just For Kicks on the request of Mr Pivoty Simwanza the authority to reproduce and sell Nike replica jerseys,” read Kasengele’s letter in part and spelt out some of the presale conditions to Simwanza that “the association be given a post-production importation and payment duty and payment of fifteen per cent on all imported replicas.”

Simwanza’s colleagues argued that the committee did not sit to agree on such authorisation.

FAZ is owed millions of kwacha as Simwanza had not declared any money to the association’s coffers.

When he was contacted at the time, Kasengele said he did not act alone.

But in a letter dated June 22, written by FAZ general secretary Ponga Liwewe, the association is demanding royalties on account that there were no records at Football House to show that Simwanza remitted any such royalties.

“It has been brought to our attention that you have been involved in the sale and distribution of replica jerseys on behalf of the Football Association of Zambia during your tenure as committee member. Our records show no remittance of funds to the

Football Association of Zambia since you took up this task. We have calculated revenue of K1,000,000 due to the association during this period. We therefore request your immediate payment of the above amount to the association as it is long overdue,” read

Liwewe’s letter to Simwanza.

When contacted, Simwanza denied ever entering into an agreement with FAZ.

When reminded about Kasengele’s letter and its contents, Simwanza maintained

that he was not obliged to pay anything to FAZ and wondered if street vendors that trade in

Chipolopolo replica paid any royalties.

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  1. Leave it alone Kamanga admin, i think there was a promise the Kalu admin would not be persecuted.

    Let’s leave them alone ensure that right way of doings is shown for future adminstrations to follow.

  2. While one part of says he should pay back, another part of me thinks this is an attempt to divert attention from the abysmal performance of the National team and the prospect of getting humiliated in out attempt to go to Russia. Perhaps they should send ZRA after him. This is starting to look like a witch hunt and Kamanga and company simply need to turn the page and start afresh instead of fighting these battles. This takes us nowhere

  3. Come on Zambians. When are we going to call bad tendencies by their right names. Why should a demand for payment be construed as a witch hunt. Let the man pay whether the national team is performing or not. If the demand for what is rightly yours can be termed as a witch hunt then we all should get rid of these witches.

  4. bakandile are quiet knowing that the person in question was kalu’s inchman. bakandile come out nd say something???????????

  5. Diverting attention!Report him to the police kaili!We want results.This is not Kabwe Warriors!Relegated and abandoned.At this level,we will expose your mediocrity in leadership.Zambezi Portland was nothing like the challenges at FAZ.You thought it was easy.

    You promised to bring the corporate world !Bali kwisa!Stop the witch hunt and give strong leadership!

  6. This is all smoke and mirrors. Rather than chasing such silly things, FAZ should be working on getting Zambia a real coach and getting ready for the World Cup Qualifiers.

    Lets move on from this finger poking and trying to go back to fighting. With that said I am not condoning in any way shape or form what these dunderheads in the FAZ committee were thinking by allowing a board member to sell replica jerseys

  7. Since this is a transparency administration as they claim, kindly tell us how you arrived at the one million kwacha. For me if this guy owe FAZ anything then let him pay. But it’s looking like a witch hunt because he has been vocal. So we will be entering another era of suspensions and expulsions very soon. Watch the space.

  8. If K1m, Was Bing Stolen Throu De Sale Of Replicas Jersey By De So Cald Pivot! Then De Money Has To Be Paid Back To De Association Its Not His Or Kalu Nor Kamanga s’ Money It Simply Blong To Footbal Association Of Zambia. I Honestly Blive He ‘s Not Alone In This Scandal Let Evryone Involvd Brought To Book. We Ar Crying For Money To Hire For An Expertriat Coach And Yet Others Pocketd A Some Of K1milion Money For De Assocition, Come On Guys And Some Of U Ar Suporting This! Why? Unles U Ar Part Of It, Bare In Mind That U ‘ll Be Exposed Bcoz It Belong To FAZ Not To Anyone. Its Time To Wheep All De Old Members Of Faz, Go Ahead Kamanga And Dig Them Up!

  9. Ba FAZ just concentrate on working. Find a good coach, Bakamaanga bena kuwayawayafye. Balefwaya umwakubepekesha. The man has failed. We failed AFCON, COSAFA, COSAFA PLATE balefwayafye umwakubepekesha so that they draw our attention. Natwishiba nabafilwa. umwaice ekalisha ilyo anya. akubombenifye mwe ma failures mwe

  10. So is he claiming that he was dealing in national jerseys like a kaponya? And why get preferential treatment if u are just a common street vendor

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