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Nyirenda: Zimbabwe exposed a lot of our weaknesses

Zambia national football team coach Wedson Nyirenda has described the international friendly match with Zimbabwe played at the National Sports Stadium on Saturday as good preparation for the upcoming 2018 Fifa World Cup Group B qualification match with Cameroon.

Zimbabwe won the match 1 – 0 through a goal scored by Teenage Hadebe on 54 minutes.

“It was a very good friendly game. It has exposed a lot of our weaknesses as we prepare for our World Cup qualifier against Cameroon. It was also good that the game enabled us to see our strong points which we can hold on to. We played a good game but Zimbabwe utilized their only chance which came from a set piece. Our defenders could have cleared that ball but they were caught sleeping.

“We have another match on Tuesday against Uganda. We are going to make changes to the team in that match because some foreign-based players will be joining us on Monday. That will be another good preparation. Although results are important we are only using these friendly matches to see the things that we want to do with the team.

“Cameroon will be at home so they will try to use home advantage but we believe that we have an equal chance of winning. We want to prepare well so that we can turn the result in our favour.”
Nyirenda’s men play Uganda in another international friendly match on November 8, four days before travelling to Cameroon.

Zambia is placed at the bottom Group B after losing 2-1 at home to Nigeria in their opening match on October 9.

Nigeria lead the group on three points with Cameroon and Algeria tied on a point apiece.


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  1. Zamfoot this is a poor report…… Give us the lineups, substitutions and tactics the coach employed…..If we have to get a result in Cameroon we must employ a more Conservative 4-2-3-1 formation with two holding midfielders in Chaila and Sinkala……Or Chansa and Sinkala…

    Please we cannot beat Cameroon with an all out attack system of play….In addition Fwayo is a good play with the ball but not very good defensively and must be psyched to help win balls otherwise leave him out if you want to play counter attack type of football as Chisamba is a better option in such a game plan….

    • Why give chance to a losing coach? It’s like employing a minibus drive who is causing accidents in local roads, and you give him chance to drive a Marco Polo big bus on a long distance.
      Why take Nyerenda all the way to Cameroon?

    • Good observations and good analysis eventho with our Zambian mentality of football you would be crucified for that ,I feel Fwayo tembo can be spoken to and defend as well .coz so far he is one of the star performers.

  2. Cameroon is falling , the friendly against Uganda its a win employing mind game a draw will do. Lelo lelo cameroon atendeka .. lelo lelo!

  3. @egwugwu do you want John to support Nigeria because we lost at home, we shall never stop supporting our chipolopolo till the end its Zambia all the way, national teams ar different from football, lose or draw we are still Zambians.

  4. Ba Coach wesu sure. From the two previous losses you could not assess our defensive weaknesses? I’m afraid, Cameroun might teach us a terrible lesson!

  5. Zambians are talented, watching this current team I see a lot of individual play. Its like in the pitch some players would prefer to score even if teammates have better chances.the 2012 team spirit is needed. We also should try other striking partnerships, those which worked at club sate sate and kangwa. Even rejoining the bond of mayuka and kola .then trying to build other striking partnership with new players as well.kalaba should know when to take things personal or wen to pass to friends. Some through balls and crosses should be utilised at least even just 70% of them. Substitute mbesuma in the 55 minute or 60 tops for speed strikers like kola, luchanga, kangwa, or sate sate who if utilized is deadly. Let us fans and supporters be patient and stop misleading the bench too.but coach to pick some of the obviously inform players eg other fans ‘s constructive views soccer can be reclaimed in Zambia .

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