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Moses Phiri off to Portugal for trials

Zanaco striker Moses Phiri has left for Portugal to attend trials at third tier side Moura. understands that Phiri left for Portugal yesterday at 21:00hrs and is expected to start his trials this weekend.

“Moses has gone to Portugal for trials at a lower division team called Moura Atletico Clube. He left at 21:00hrs yesterday” the ZamFoot source said.

“It seems he has been assured of sealing a deal there because I understand he even held on to extending his contract at Zanaco. He did not even travel with the team to Chipata,” the source added.

Phiri who was Zanaco’s leading scorer and was fourth on the 2015 super league top scorers chart with 11 goals despite hardly completing entire games.


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  1. they all go,then come back…trials don’t seem to favour our players…if we pick up our game then we can secure full contracts on transfer without these time wasting trials

  2. South Arican Zungu has signed directly into a first division team in Portugal from Sundowns, no trials. Our players are busy hustling trials at lower division teams, there is something terribly wrong with our soccer.

  3. moses is gud i hop he can make it. This is the difference btwin the old ed the young, if winstone was young he could hv gone 2 europe.

  4. Let him start there- Most players from West africa have started from there, shani bane- Where did you start yourselves, mu mine ya mu SA. easy

  5. small clubs r gud for our players, its up 2 them 2 prove that they r gud. Becoz if we r thinking of man u, chelsea, real etc 4get not this crop we hv

  6. Off the topic have you noticed that caf is so corrupt. How come west Africa hosts all these soccer tournaments and yet other parts of Africa have good stadia to. I am impressed with the facilities in Rwanda. It’s a much better host than Senegal which was given rights to host two caf completions last year. Caf has to stop the bias other parts of Africa exist to and have better stadia than those in West Africa

  7. I thought u said CHAN is a useless tournament…why r u bothering to watch it??…….Eat humble pie n wash it down with a glass of yo tears Mr.John..

  8. John has a point caf is very corrupt
    we all know qualifying even wining chan is not an achievement
    we watch not because we like the tornament but to see our boys play international friendly games since faz can’t organise so can this is a good international friendly competition I think of that’s why Ghana is not there they have quality international friendly games
    my point is caf is corrupt …We can’t have all important tornaments consecutively in West Africa. ..faz is corrupt like fifa

  9. One worrying issue is that of Mweene being kept on the bench. Let the guy ask for a loan move or is it about money? Chicken tell Mweene either you play or you won’t be part of chipolopolo

  10. The results of these trials are rarely reported ba Zamfoot. Where is Charles Zulu ? is he back. Trials for Patson Daka – we were not told the results and what Renard’s feeligs were on the players.

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