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Mayuka gets a run against Arsenal

Emmanuel Mayuka has continued to make cameo appearances for Southampton this time coming in as an 80th minute substitute for the Saints in their 1 – 0 loss to Arsenal.

Third placed Southampton who ended the game with 10 men looked set to hold on to an important point but they fell behind via an 89th minute scrappy goal from Alexis Sanchez.

Southampton looked comfortable until they were reduced to 10 men and even the introduction of the Zambian international did little to help matters.

Mayuka who was introduced for Shane Long is looking to break into the first team and will be happy to have been given a run after he made an appearance over the weekend against Manchester City.

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  1. Koeman is now finally showing faith in Mayuka. I feel sorry for the saints. They lost their defender and had to play 10 men towards the end
    They would have gotten a point. The saints shouldn’t lose heart they must keep pushing. They are not a bad team.

  2. @john this is a comment from southampton fan in their forum-Mane is alright, just having a
    right old mare at the moment
    Mayuka, well, what the hell is
    that? He’s horrendous. If there’s
    only 1 thing we do in January, it’s
    to ship him out and replace him
    with a better player (which
    wouldn’t be hard)
    Full Member S-Clarke’s
    S-Clarke S-Clarke
    Originally Posted by Whitey
    Whatever the problem, I’m not
    convinced that Mayuka or Mané
    is the answer.

  3. Southampton fans dont rate mayuka that much -Unlucky Saints. Injuries are
    starting to cost us points.
    Just as a matter of interest
    though. Has anyone ever seen
    Mayuka have a good game?
    Full Member obelisk’s
    obelisk obelis

  4. Koeman is a. Erly good manager
    but what a mistake to take Long
    off and leave 2 wild cards on
    inMayuka and Mane. Ok great to
    gamble on a break away, but
    Long had done really well and we
    didn’t need to roll the dice
    Full Member
    OldNick OldNick

  5. No luck tonight. Alderverweild
    was excellent. Thought Mariner
    was very poor. If Mayuka & Mane
    are our best substitutes then we
    are a mid table. Both were very
    poor tonight.
    Full Member
    corky morris corky

  6. Got to shift out Mayuka, Osvaldo
    and Ramires in January and get
    in at least one PROVEN premier
    league standard offensive player
    Registered User
    hackedoff hackedoff
    Originally Posted by S-Clarke
    Mane is alright, just having a
    right old mare at the moment
    Mayuka, well, what the hell is
    that? He’s horrendous. If there’s
    only 1 thing we do in January, it’s
    to ship him out and replace him
    with a better player (which
    wouldn’t be hard)
    Quote View

  7. Played well against a good team
    who we made look pretty
    Ultimately though, we haven’t
    got a squad nearly deep enough
    to get a top 4 finish and still 6th
    would be a brilliant effort.
    Now Tadic isn’t managing
    90mins we are seeing more of
    Mayuka who is just not up to it.
    Size of the squad is our biggest
    problem and we haven’t even
    had an injury to Pelle or Forster
    Full Member Saint
    Avatar Saint Charlie Saint

  8. Personally I thought Long and
    Wanyama had great games
    today. Pelle held the ball up well
    but clearly ran out of steam in
    the end. Mane disappointing and
    it shows the lack of depth when
    we have to bring Mayuka on.
    Alderweireld was superb (again)
    tonight. Hope he’s back soon.
    With him and Schneiderlein
    missing for any length of time,
    that will be a big blow.
    Full Member TwoPints’s
    TwoPints TwoPints

  9. That’s the opinion of English biased, clueless people that have not respect for Zambian players. So that does not count Mr Alex zz.

  10. Alex Zz. These guys are rating Mayuka on 9 minutes in a game. I think it’s rather unfair and ridiculous. An impact sub needs at least 20 to 30 minutes to make a difference. John is right, Mayuka is not been given enough opportunity. The saints run of bad luck is not on thrm, it’s just that they are finally playing the top teams. The schedule has been flattering thus far, but not anymore.

  11. At times I fail to figure out certain situations,MAN U let go of Chachirito and brought in Falcal bad solution,now the Saints have faced the real enigma in a short space,Man city and Gunners,and Mayuka suddenly is their problem.I do not think Ramires can leave Chelsea for that I don’t see it coming.The Best solution now I think is the coach to start playing Mayuka in the cup games and be resting Pelle since now all the new players know each other.

  12. Mayuka
    Waste of a squad space. Would
    rather see Seager or McQueen or
    some other young striker on the
    bench. He has done the sum part
    of zero in his Saints career.

  13. My own opinion of Mayuka is that the guy should just “pull up his socks” and improve his game. I think Mayuka has not been himself since Afcon 2012, and since joining Southampton. Even at national team, he may have scored a goal against Niger and made assists during the CV game in Ndola. But I still believe that the guy is not himself at the moment. He should just continue working hard and make use of those 10 minutes (though not enough) that he is given by the coach. Or alternatively, he can find another club in Europe where he can be playing regularly. At 24, this is the time he should be at his peak playing regularly and banging in goals.

  14. Could go with Gaston right now,
    as well as having Isgrove on the
    bench. Could Sims/Seager be
    worth including? Can’t be much
    worse than Mayuka or Mane…
    Full Member Send
    a Saint
    Avatar Saint Garrett Saint

  15. Its ok to defend our own but being blind to the truth is not helping anyone.. The complaint a season or so ago is that the coach hated Mayuka and didn’t use its that hes not given enough it will be that he plays 90 minutes but with bad combination.. The same way you can see which chick will be a cock is the same way you can see a striker whose hungry for goals and just needs more time..
    All those fans in the comments cant be wrong… I don’t know whats up with that thing Mayuka does of holding the ball too long and not heading to the 18..Instead he wants to fight off defenders with physical power..naku national team he does that…and well the statistics are there to show….. He must improve, period!

  16. Alex zz if one thing I can tell you about those saints fans they are clueless. They don’t anything about soccer. Mayuka has never played a full EPL match. Most of those saints fans are lunatics. Mayuka played 10 minutes yesterday what did they want him to do. They have little or no understanding of soccer what so ever. Mayuka and mane are some of the finest talents to come out of Africa. A lot of those fans just play Fifa and are highly ignorant. Mane and Mayuka have come a long way and that is what most of those saints fans don’t even know. I’ve seen Mayuka come off the bench and win the saints penalties. They are highly clueless and ignorant fans. Last season they were saying osvaldo is world class he turned out to be a complete flop. They don’t know anything I hardly pay attenttion to their pathetic comments.

    • John, i remember a time not long ago when you were singing praise of saints fans, how all of us should to the website to see the quality of their comments. Now you say this, are to believe anything you say?

  17. Most of those saints fans are pathetic ignorant blokes. Last season they bragged osvaldo was going to do something. Where is osvaldo? Most of them had never seen osvaldo play. Osvaldo turned out to be a complete failure. Mayuka has never played a full EPL match. I don’t think Koeman will listen to their immature and ignorant noises. Mane and Mayuka are pure class and will come good.

  18. The saints fans are complete lunatics how can you rate mane and Mayuka on that short game time. The saints lost because they played 10 men how is that the fault of mane and Mayuka. Osvaldo is a failure he won’t bring them anything now they want to blame mane and Mayuka for their losses. Lol complete lunatics.

  19. Osvaldo this osvaldo that. Is that not the same osvaldo who failed in england after they paid 15 million pounds. Is that not the same indisciplined osvaldo who had a fight at their training ground. The saints fans are clueless osvaldo is a failure don’t blame Mayuka for your losses.

  20. The English fans have totally no respect what do u want Mayuka to do in 10 minutes. Are u mad? U bring him on with 10 minutes against man City and you’re already losing and suddenly it’s his fault. Get a life you’re absolutely pathetic analysts. Osvaldo is a failure he failed even after playing 90 minute EPL games.

  21. @ chipombwa nonsense Mayuka and mane are not to blame. How many touches can Mayuka get in 10 minutes? Some of you need to be realistic. From the time Mayuka came on pelle didn’t even touch the ball. 10 minutes is too short. And he came on at a time when arsenal were attacking. The saints fans are just lunatics. Don’t blame Mayuka for your loss to city or arsenal. City arsenal Chelsea united etc will beat you with or without Mayuka. Your team is simply not good enough to be in the top 6.

  22. @john you like comparing apples and bananas bro?? Chelsea were foolish to loan him to everton, everton have ambitions, playing atsu while they have the likes of barkley was always going to be a challenge. Atsu will play as injuries pile up. Anyway atsu is more proven than your toothless mayuka.

  23. Atsu is a better prospect than mayuka hence why he was signed by chelsea while on the other hand mayuka can even feature for a midtable club like southampton.

  24. Mayuka can do it but he will have to work of scraps like coming of the bench for 10 minutes! Bring it on! He can do it.

    Other strikers like Wilfred Bony will have hours and hours to find the target and then be hailed a good striker. Atsu is another problem but atleast chelsea probably paid big money and they will try to recoupe at some point or cut their loses and its bad for him.

    Mayuka you are doing well, keep going.

    • Mayuka is nowhere near bony’s level, → Sparta Prague B (loan)
      Sparta Prague
      Swansea City

  25. So what if atsu was signed signed by Chelsea. Atsu will never be a serious player at Chelsea. He is not in Chelsea plans. With the likes of charly musonda jnr in the youth ranks at the bridge you think your average atsu can play for Chelsea.

  26. Alex zz you are wasting a lot of time attacking Mayuka. Mayuka is going to perform well at afcon and find another club. You should be more concerned with how you are going to qualify from the group of death with a red hot shakes mashaba, Algeria and Senegal. If you are not careful you will be disgraced like you were at the world cup.

  27. If you guys follow soccer you will then know that there is no way Ghana wouldn’t qualify.
    Consistently, Ghana have been making it to the semi final of every afcon for the past decade or more.
    In 2010 in Angola, with U23 Players, Ghana made it to the final , tell my the last time Ghana exited at group stage just like Zambia did at the last Afcon?
    Ghana and Senegal will make it out of the group, forget Algeria they have hardly made any pact and as for South Africa they will be the whipping boys of the group

  28. Alex ZZ. We just have to agree that the premier league is cut throat. Mayuka has not really been given enough opportunity to prove himself, but I do agree that he needs to take advantage of those 10 minute cameos in order to get any traction. Saido Mane was also initially introduced as a sub and was able to make an impact before getting more opportunities.

    By the way, I do not see any difference in Atsu and Mayuka’s situation. Both are players trying to make an impact in their respective clubs and Atsu though brand new to the league is going through the same things Mayuka has endured. Limited opportunities, with stiff competition. If anything, Mayuka is dealing with more competition than Atsu. Atsu has only Barkley to contend with, whereas Mayuka is below Pelle, Long, and Rodriguez once he is back, heck even Mane is ranked ahead of him. So lets not just throw stones from our glass houses.

    Mayuka needs to step up. He has to understand that if 10 minutes is all he gets, he is going to have to run his socks off in those few minutes. That one thing that has disappointed me with his cameos. You have 10 minutes to make an impact, and then you are jogging on the field. You better be fighting for every loose ball and be screaming for the ball when your teammates have it.

  29. @Positive Thinking, I have always known you to be real but you have disappointed me big. Mayuka did not make it in relegation threatened team like Sochaux in France where he was permanently kept at the bench by our very own Jordan Ayew even when his own national coach was in charge. I was asking myself what he was going to do at Saints, the guy is simply not good. As for Atsu, I see him as over hyped player, by his performance, I think he is below average

    • @Coach. I disagree, because Mayuka is a good player. I just don’t think he is an exceptionally talented enough player to make it in the English Premier league. The expectation of instant success in that league is what has dragged down English international football. There is no patience, especially now because clubs can’t afford it. Remember when Diego Forlan first arrived at Manchester United, he was considered a flop until later on, but Man U were on top of the league so it didn’t matter that he wasn’t an instant sensation. You guys forget that there are world class players who have struggled in this league, like Amokachi, George Weah, Diouf, and even Fernando Torres. I am not making excuses for Mayuka, because I think if he can increase his work rate on the field and stop trying to be Pelle i.e. lurking around the penalty spot waiting for the right pass. I think he can be successful, but we’ll wait and see.

    • @coach, dont be over confident of your black stars team pls, you can be eliminated in this group,’ because all the teams in your group have the capacity and squad to beat you(ghana)

  30. coach, ghana didn’t qualified for 2004 afcon in tunisia, in 2006 afcon in egypt you were eliminated in the grou stage by nigeria and senegal, have you forgoting in a hurry

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