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Kaunda takes over U20 coaching job

THE Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has elevated Chris Kaunda to the under-20 national team.

Kaunda, who was in charge of the under-17 national team, has been promoted alongside his assistants Joel Bwalya and Reuben Njavera.

Kaunda guided the under-17 to a maiden appearance at the Africa Under-17 Championship in Niger in February this year.
Tembwe said it is the association’s tradition that whenever a team graduates even coaches should follow suit.

Kaunda replaces Hector Chilombo, who is now tipped to take over the under-17 national team.

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  1. Does qualifying the under 17 and going out from the tournament in the first round gives enough merit to take on under 20 jod?Instead Chris Kaunda was supose to continue at under 17 with the xperience he has aquired by losing by going out in the first round.He should have gone with a better plan but now he will have another xperience at under 20.All in all I think they are rushing him.

  2. the under 17 that qualified to afcon has been graduated to the under 20, so Faz saw it fit to promote the coach also. not a bad move for continuation purposes

  3. Are you going to fire every coach that loses.The strategy to retain the same coach with almost the same set of developmental players is meant to assure continuity.The guy took us to our first under 17 AFCON ,something no other so called successful coach has ever achieved.Gentlemen,put aside these Kalu politics and for once be objective in your analysis of issues.We are not the strongest at this level but he qualified us to our first ever under 17 AFCON and has picked some valuable experiences coaching at this level.How do you expect to start afresh with somebody else?

  4. I’m liking young coaches like i do young players and the following need keeping a tab on:
    1.Chinama-Green Eagles
    2.Perry Mutapa and Matsauso Tembo
    3.Numba Mumamba
    4. Wilson Mwale-look at how good Napsa looked against Zesco after the lackluster 1st half season after one Dinosaur after another flopped (Patrick Phiri, Peter Kaumba, Fred Nasilele etc)

    On the old timers the following have shown a strategic outlook:
    1.Manfred Chabinga(Mighty)and Elijah Chikwanda (Nkwazi)-from Division 1 (Manfred) and joining them (without marquee signing taking the Premier League by storm.
    2. Big Figh-always my wish for Nkana with the U23 seemingly saving our face for a not so good year for National Teams (albeit be best ever outings for U17)not only as in winning but even playing the typical Zambian exciting play not the long ball approach we seem to be slowly adopting not to great effect

  5. Ba FAZ stop sleeping, wake up and go get Cyril Chibwe platnum stars goal keeper. He can be under 23s goal keeper as well as give Mweene competition…

  6. Rubbish,people why do you always support mediocre.Sucessfull age group teams like Ghana donot allow that Tete coach to graduate with his always winning teams he comes up with.So what this Faz is saying is this Kaunda will go all the way to senior team with the missfiring lads.

  7. To be analytical & objective is what some bloggers are demanding out of us & to leave kalu along, bla, bla, but critically thinking, our foot ball z in jeopardy , technically, adminisratively worst , am not clear financially because accountability is non existance pa FAZ so , we go keep on like this for next 50 years

    • The world cup is a joke. How can we qualify over 1 Algeria 2 Nigeria 3 Cameroon. Impossible. Probably in 2030.

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