Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Kamanga suspends FAZ veep Richard Kazala

Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) president Andrew Kamanga has suspended his vice president Richard Kazala for gross misconduct.

Kazala had been suspended together with Blackwell Siwale for acts which the ZamFoot Crew understands are related to the embezzlement of funds from the gate takings during the FIFA World Cup qualifier match against Nigeria.

The duo are said to have failed to account for K1.6 Million which they got from the head of state after he opted to buy off half of the stadium tickets.

In the run up to the Saturday meeting, ZamFoot also understands that Kazala was trying to arm twist the executive committee into signing a letter for the nomination of Kalunga Bwalya for a FIFA position.

In the photo Kazala with Kalusha Bwalya

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  1. Kamanga u r yet to know Kazala,wait until he insults all of u @ FAZ, Coz that’s what he’s known for in Chingola at Mining Haulage.

  2. Richard Laski Kazala is not educated & lacks wisdom.While Kamanga is the opposite. I conquer with the above writer.He knows him very well.So Mr.Kamanga put your foot down & remove him together with his henchman Siwale,or else you will fail to work.Remember he was nchanga mp for five years & failed to debate in Parliament not even a single day.Now what meaningful ideas will this guy bring?

  3. Kalusha’s lackeys r falling one by one. During Kalus tenure Kazala wud have gotten away with this crime, the money wud have ended up in their pockets; quietly! As i posted b4 Kalusha and his exco were getting rich in the dark. He doesnt deserve to b supported.

  4. Kawalala uyo. Cane him, not just suspension, he needs to be fired. These Kalu’s thieves should have not been allowed in the new executive. Kazala is a thief and I hope Kamanga is helped by the Zambian people to weed out the remaining thieves at FAZ.

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