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International friendly: Chipolopolo to play Egypt in UAE

The Chipolopolo boys will on 11th October face Pharaohs Egypt in an international friendly match to be played in the United Arab Emirates.

According to a report by the Egyptian FA, the two teams will play in the Arab country to prepare for the 2018 Russia World Cup qualifiers.

“Hassan Farid vice president of the Football Association confirmed that he has agreed to face Zambia on 11 October in readiness for the Pharaoh’s World Cup 2018 qualifier,” a statement monitored by the ZamFoot Crew read.

The Egyptian team will play two friendlies on the 8th and 11th of October in the UAE against Senegal and Zambia.

Zambia face Sudan in the World Cup qualifiers in in Khartoum on 9th November, 2015 while Egypt play either Chad or Sierra Leone.

There has been no confirmation of the match by the Football Association of Zambia yet.

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  1. If this is true then well done to Faz. With Egypt you always expect to be tested to the max. They may not be as fearsome as they once were but they are still a strong force with a history of always being a thorn whenever we play them. Worthy opponents.

    • I am telling you man, the current Egyptian team is a marvel to watch. They are a very strong and compact team. If these reports are true of a friendly game, then it’s good for us. Egypt will indeed give Zambia a good run.
      Two of their great teams Al Ahly and Zamalek are also in the semi finals of the African champions league and doing very well. Now that the political situation in Egypt, which affected even their football, is over watch out for Egypt.

    • Bashing who? Egypt? Retract your statement my man. Egyptian football is on the up to it’s known standard. Where as ours, I dont know whether we are improving or going down.

  2. The current Egyptian team is one of the best in africa. I don’t see Nigeria going to afcon 2017. Egypt will win that group easily with the likes of former Chelsea star sallah

  3. Good opponents. I wish we could emulate Egypt by playing two games as well. the George find someone to replace the kids in defence. Even silwimba at zesco n kapumbu at zanaco can do much better.

    • Since when Nkausu played a competitive game? Are you sure you have any latest info on Nkausu concerning his current fitness and form? If so, bring it forward my man. Last time i checked, Nkausu was released by Bloem Celtic, thats over two month ago. I am not sure if he is at Ama Tuks (University of Pretoria), but again even if he is there, I am not sure if he is a regular.

  4. Joseph Musonda and Nkausu can can anchor full r & l wing backs, those young players are also good replacements in case injuries or illnesses. See how Muzo plays when is given chance at Nkana even Nkausu when he he was called to the last Afcon.Sometimes you don’t have to consider the performance of the players at their clubs we assess them ourselves, we happened to our King David at Pirates.

    • In my view we don’t need to call finished players like Joseph Musonda and Davies Nkausu. To me, players like Kabaso Chongo or Donashano Malama (tried and tested players) at tight back or Mbola/Kapumbu at left back can do a better job. Those two kids (Mkandawire & the other guys) can embarrass us against Egypt. I can still give Donashan Malama a benefit of doubt as he is a mature player and at least he is tried and tested (experience)

  5. Did you know that Egypt has scored more goals than any other African national team in all FIFA/CAF competitions. They have scored over 1000 goals. Zambia is second with less than 800 goals.

  6. Egypt is a good opponent, but the question is do we have players who can fit in all positions to match the current Egyptian team?am very much concerned at the back three,only Sunzu is better. For the strikers &mid fielders we have no problem.But we going to give them a tarf game,Chipolopolo is also on fire with kalengoal &mbesuma.

  7. Mwebantu sure what else can one do to be called to the national team. Fackson Kapumbu has done more than enough on the pitch. Kapumbu and Power Dynamos’ Lawrence Chungu are the best two natural left full backs in the league but Kapumbu stands out because of his consistency. Ever since that penalty miss in the match against Ivory Coast the boy has been forgotten. Is Fighton Simukonda a big influence kuli ba “chicken” George? Maybe he is trying to make sure his U23 players are exposed at senior level before the finals in Senegal. Mind you he is the head coach at U23. A normal coach with five sences can not say Boyd Mkandawire is better than Kapumbu. Even Benedict Chepeshi cannot be compared to Kabaso Chongo. Lets be serious!

  8. Zambia has enough talent to sort out the somewhat problem that has been identified in the Chipolopolo rear guard. In my opinion Silwimba is not good enough for international games of that standard. The best Zambia can do is to build character in some players who can plug the holes that have been identified.Players with a good footballers height take long to mature but that does not mean they are useless. Kabaso is surely one example of such players. As for Fackson, I wonder why he cannot be considered.However, let us not be quick in blaming the national team mentors. Their actions could be emanating from trying to create a pool of players to consider for national duty. Zambian players are experiencing less exposure at the moment. The clubs are virtually not playing intercontinental games nor do they play games of such nature at other levels. The national teams are starving from not having enough games. The two youngsters , one could conclude are being given the exposure for the impending CAF competition. All in all Zambia can still consider other options apart from the two youngsters , Kapumbu and Chongo. There are a couple of players in that league who are very much capable of plugging the current Chipolopolo defence perforations. However, that can only be possible if character is instilled in them.

  9. I still don’t get the Kabaso Chongo fan bus? He was okay in COSAFA when I first saw him, didn’t provide much going forward and was hardly tested defensively. Against Brazil, I actually thought that this guy was here to stay. He held his own as best he could, and actually played well. Then fast forward one of the qualifiers after he had moved to TP, I forget which one, but the guy spent more time on the ground than on his feet. It looked like he was trying to draw fouls whenever he could, rather than playing the game. Perhaps I am mistaken and other bloggers can educate me, but I’m calling it the way I see it. I really don’t see the big deal on Kabaso Chongo. I would rather go with the experimental Chisamba Lungu at right back than Kabaso Chongo. Again, I might be wrong, but if someone can point out why this guy is the one, please do.

  10. @ positive thinking, I agree with you on the current form of the player. However consider the difference between the Zambian based Chongo and the Katanga region based one form wise. The former is certainly a better player than the latter. This is hugely due to game time each enjoyed. Zambia must consider rehabilitating definite talent other than letting them become worse when their clubs sideline them.

    • That’s absolutely true, but how much say can Zambia or FAZ have in anyones career. These are personal choices. If you go out and sign a contract and end up being a bench warmer than that is on you as a player.

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