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If I offended Charles, I apologize says Lwandamina

George Lwandamina says he has no regrets about handing Real Betis midfielder Charly Musonda a call-up despite the snub from his family.

Charly’s mother Angela issued a statement on social media over the weekend indicating that they would rather consider options from England or Belgium for the 19-year-old prospect.

Lwandamina said official procedure was followed and that it was not intended on undermining his Charly’s father and ex-Chipolopolo star Charles Muosnda who is also a personal friend of the Zambia coach.

He said it was only right to make a bold move on the boy for this months 2017 Africa Cup qualifier against Congo-Brazzaville considering that he is a strong interest for the senior Belgium national team for Charly’s services.

“Maybe I moved too fast before even talking to Charles. I would have loved maybe to go that way but I was too eager and thought we might lose out on the player,” Lwandamina said.

“If I offended Charles, I apologize.

“But we have heard some great descriptions of the boy from some great coaches, that is how great the boy is rated otherwise all Zambians have seen his potential and what we are talking about here.

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  1. is he better than Lubambo? even if he came where will he play? coz upfront we have
    9. Mayuka
    10. Mbesuma mupashi
    7. kalengo.

    he has to fight for his number against the proven and reliable
    Captain fantastic
    Lubambo and
    Tripple C

    its still a tight battle for him.let him jst stay kubasungu where underweights have an impact.other wise in Africa let him ask Mukuka mulenga the light weight…
    Even Neymer the light weight found it dificult to negotiate through a Crapy Kabaso Choongo in that friendly we had against Brazil.

  2. Like tika and lamisha…charly will just be a mere bench warmer with belgium. There is no way I’m hell that charly can displace de bryne or eden hazard. In fact those are not the only creative players these guys have. The competition is to stiff for him. Just like he was a bench warmer at Chelsea the same will happen in belgium. But with zambia the boy has a chance of becoming African footballer of the year. He has a chance of winning afcon just like the unknown Renard did. He also has a chance of going to the world cup. Belgium doesn’t qualify to the world cup regularly he has no guarantee of featuring at a world cup with belgium. So the ball is in his court he can decide wisely and follow the footsteps of players like eto, the ayew brothers, drogba etc and become world famous or play for Europeans and end up like Wellbeck who rejected Ghana and now is a mere bench warmer with England.

    • Ati “Belgium doesn’t qualify to the world cup regularly he has no guarantee of featuring at a world cup with belgium” you are talking about the highest ranked team in world football…They will always qualify for the world cup for the forseable future

  3. Why apologize? FAZ should not dignify the arrogance the boy’s parents displayed toward the Country. All he or the parents had to do was respectfully decline the call up – PERIOD.

  4. Chicken you don’t have to apologise for calling this boy
    if musonda is your friend like he claim Wether the call was tweeter FB,newspaper a friend will not make this an issue
    we all know this is about revenge musonda is doing for kalu
    musonda umu guy’s uyu wachikonko kwati mwana batanine ibanz
    there no need to apologise unless chicken wants some connection from musonda
    I rest my case on this issue am proud to see a Zambian by heritage playing in la liga
    wish him all the best let’s deal with what we have and the game at hand
    lastly iwe unpatriotic musonda don’t be a mbuli just come in open and shout or vomit your frustration on kalu not if ifyakupita mumbali kwati ni gelo

  5. Liberia had geoge weah in the team they lost all the games therefore, this boy alone cant win us the trophy it is the team nd anyway we had lost jeff etc congo has lost a lot of players to beljium

  6. The Coach Chicken is being used as a fall boy here. The lack of leadership at Faz is beyond belief and people say I hate Kalu? yeah right, we all do if we expose corrupt clowns like kalu and his Gang. Where is the Faz president when the coach is the one making statements like this? A coach has to apologize all because of the incompetent FAZ? They(Kalu and his punks) can never do anything right, from wacky team travel arrangements to just paying players their dues. Corruption and dubious deals and contracts, is all they do right because it fattens their pockets. Call me a hater on great Kalu, but nigga is flat out pathetic in the way he is running Faz.

  7. John don’t expose your ignorance.Players are nurtured and developed and as part of his development he has been loaned to Betis to gain 1st team and match experience.He has shown his levels of maturity and ability to adapt from reserve football to the real thing. If he chooses to play for Belgium that’s his prerogative. We live in a global environment and options are wider for individuals.If you had the chance to work overseas and earn decent money in a society with proper health, education facilities and other advanced services do you think you would decline that oppo4unity? Don’t use your limitations and lack of opportunity to condemn those who have other options

  8. I thot this issue was dead and buried now it seems its another mufalali case of resurrectin frm the dead. Ba Zamfoot poseniko amano this story is draining us.

  9. This issue is now becoming boring. The earlier we forgot about this and move on, the better. Viva Chipolopolo boys team and it’s players. We have a team and we have players who can still make Zambia proud again. All the best to the Musonda boys with their european soccer careers. They are europeans, not Zambians.

  10. This boy should just make the best choice. Zambia is his home, he will get match opportunities by playing for us. He will become a bench warmer in the belgian team. He can’t hazard.
    He will rule Africa for long like yaya toure if he should pitch his tent with us. This guy will receive his first Africa best award within the next 2-3 years. He is just too good and I don’t see any other African player in his age bracket that his better than him.
    We’ve never been to the world cup so I wouldn’d know if we can gaunrantee him that opportunity. Belgium presently have the best collection of a young, bright team that will surely make the 2018 and 2022 world cup. We may not qualify to this tournament and that is the truth.

  11. Charly musonda will definitely become African footballer of the year if he chooses zambia he needs to be advised correctly. Belgium is to stiff for him. Hazard is the best winger in the world and with experience as well how will charly musonda displace him?

  12. Unknowns like Renard have cashed in on zambia. Charles musonda can use zambia to cash in on his son. Zambia is a great marketing ground. Once charly musonda is African footballer of the year he can play for any club in europe. Don’t be excited and live for the moment charly cannot play for belgium let alone England there is too much competition be realistic

  13. Jonstin………….. Did you just typed best African player of his age bracket?

    Seems you’ve not head of Kelechi Iheanacho of Man city.

  14. And what is so special about him. The next rated player, the lad that is pulling all the news, gossip and attention in Spain right. The boy is balling it hard in Real Betis and is obviously the best African U-20 in Europe right now.

  15. This issue is boring. I’m very upset with lwandimina ignoring red hot Mayuka who is now a god in Egypt. Go to the zamalek Facebook page the guy is worshiped like a god. He as already scored 3 goals in 3 games. Hitting 6 shot on goal with 2 hitting the upright I’m very upset with George he is not selecting on merit. Patson daka has failed.

  16. Hmmmm, there are people saying they are tired of hearing about this issue and that makes me wonder….

    You know it is simple, Kalu FA president of Zambian football p needs to reach out to Musonda familly if they really want him. If they don’t i think it is safe to say they(Kalu doesn’t want him). Charles has come out and said his part, some people say Charles has a problem but at least he is open. Kalu has not said anything, how many young Zambian there floating around EPL La Liga, we can assume Kalu still has problem.

    That is all.

  17. Jonstin………….. Next rated? By who please

    I am surprise you know little about Kelechi Iheanacho. Kelechi won the 2013 fifa best U17 player in UAE. Man city bought him and he was in the EDS team (youth team) till 2015. He graduated to the senior team in 2015 just like Musonda.
    But the difference is that Musonda couldn’t secure a place in the chelsea squad, they had to send him out on loan.

    Man city had to offload 2 players bcos of Iheneacho. Offload to proffesionals bcos of an 18 year boy. The two are Dzeko and Jovetic. It would even be easier to break into chelsea first eleven than to break into Man city first eleven. Do you know how crazy the city squad is, check this Aguero, Bony, Sterling, Yaya toure, Jesus Navas, Kevin de bryune, nasri and this boy compete with these stars.

    Making waves in spain really? And what team does he play for? Yeah real betis, not Villareal, sevilla, Atletico but an average team like real betis that can neva get near an Europa league spot not to talk of Champions league. How can you even compare these two Real betis and Man city.

    Iheanacho has played 25 times for city this season and has 9 goals. This is his first season has a proffesional and he has 9 goals already.

    Alex Iwobi of Arsenal is another 19 year old Nigerian. He is presently playing against Hull city in the fa cup match.

  18. Great is the boy but greater is chipolopolo, chipolopolo produced his he shall definitely produce another one, Chipolopolo we are Chipolopolo we shall forever be

  19. Jonstin..,….. You need to see the posts of man city fans in England to know how much the rate him. They now rate in above Bony, the former player of swansea. Bony was bought with of 30million pounds from swansea but the fans prefer a boy the bought to their with just 250k pounds.

    Man City Fans Prefer Iheanacho To Bony

    By Johnny Edward:

    Despite Manchester City 4-0 thumping of Aston Villa at the Ethiad stadium to make up ground at the top, Blues fans have voiced their disgust over the choice of Wilfred Bony ahead of Kelechi Iheanacho.

    Bony copped some flak from City fans online after failing to impress, missing a couple of sitters and struggling to get hold of the ball in the 62 minutes he played before being replaced by Raheem Sterling.

    A City fan, Sparkinbluefire, wrote on Twitter : “There was one man who had failure written all over him ‘WB’. Why he started in place of Iheanacho raises some serious concerns over team selection even when City are not exactly cruising in the league.”

    Another fan IanLovegrove added: “Playing two up front is a plus but Bony ahead of Kelechi is ridiculous. Same old lack of imagination from Manuel Pellegrini, as always!”

    Emmett also thinks the Ivorian doesn’t deserve a place in the team ahead of the Nigerian youngster.

    He wrote: “Bony does nothing to deserve his spot in this team over Iheanacho. As we’ve all seen, Kelechi is miles better for us that Bony.”
    Iheanacho has scored nine goals in 25 appearances in his debut season for Manchester City.

  20. Atase,we av a lot of players in zed,let de boy chicken thnx 4 de effort u made bt its lik de mother knws hw 2 player football as if she z nt a real zambian.let’s move on pipo

  21. Badosqi your posts are very boring bragging about your naija boy. Nigeria won’t even qualify for afcon watch this space. That is why oliseh has resigned.

  22. John,Badosgi is not boring at all. Lets call a spade by its name…how on earth do u rate this boy ahead of Kelechi or Alex. Honestly this issue made me to google him and watch some of his videos and i also followed what the football world think of this boy and i bet you, he is immensely overated in zambia maybe because Zambia has no playwes in europes big teams. He is not worth the attebtion the nation is giving to him. Have watched how my nation ( Ghana) played against zambia and how talented some zambian players are( my boy Kalaba and Chansa) .trust me zambia has better players than this boy and his brothers for a nation to waste their time on them. The only yhing lacking is player development and the hunger to succed by zambian players.

  23. I don’t mind our colleagues from other National Teams joining and blogging with us, but can we please learn to stick to the topic at hand, or open another wall where we can blog on these other players you guys have brought up.
    The topic here is Lwandamina (the Chipolopolo Coach) apologizing to his friend Cahrles Musonda (Senior). So lets either stick to this or stop wasting other bloggers time.




    Chelsea youngster Charly Musonda Jr has a chance of being included in Belgium’s Euro 2016 squad, reports in Belgium have suggested.

    The 19-year-old was loaned to Real Betis in the January transfer window and he enjoyed a brilliant start to his career in Spain.

    Musonda largely impressed in his first five La Liga starts, scoring one goal and producing another assist, which proved enough for Belgium head coach Marc Wilmots to take notice.

    The highly rated tactician was in the stands as Real Betis hammered Espanyol in midweek, and he must have been happy with what he saw as Musonda set up the second goal for his side.

    This is enough to suggest that the son of former Anderlecht midfielder Charly Musonda has a realistic chance of going to France, and he will probably receive a call-up for international friendly vs Portugal, taking place on 29 March.

    Belgium have high ambitions at the Euro 2016 finals, where they will battle the likes of Italy, Republic of Ireland and Sweden in Group E.

  27. as country lets not b desparate on one player,infact in my own opinion charles musonda snr wud hav encouragd his son 2 play 4 zambia so dat he may b honoured as well.

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