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Fwayo Tembo leaves Israeli club Ra’anana

The story of Fwayo Tembo continues as he has now left Ligat ha’Al club Hapoel Ra’anana, barely a three weeks after joining them.

Tembo who is on the books of Power Dynamos joined Ra’anana on loan from Power Dynamos and he made two substitute appearances for the club in the opening two matches.

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However, the talented midfielder is out of the Ra’anana fold after the club tereminated his 10 moth deal.

The 27 year old’s last stint in Europe was when he played for Romanian top club Astra but he returned home after disputes whith the team.

He has also played for Basel of Switzerland as well as Etoile du Sahel of Tunisia.

He is expected to return to Power Dynamos where he scored 7 goals this season but he has received interest from South African PSL clubs.

Ra’anana also have Emmanuel Mbola, Rodgers Kola and Ngosa Sunzu on their books.


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  1. Anyone surprised by this? Lack of good parenting shows when one leaves their homes. Fwayo’s are not his own issues. At this level, I tempted to say that his parents failed him as a kid and as such, he can not humble himself to actually work with those that are different than he is. It is sad for the young man as he is losing a lot of money with all this nonsense. Good luck wherever he ends up at.

    • Awe guyi. Why involve the parents, like you were there when he was growing up. This MAN is 27 years old. He is a grown man who has failed himself. Lets not try to get personal to a level of disrespecting the persons parents, whom you don’t even know.

      • @Positive thinking, I don’t mean to disrespect the parents, but studies have shown that kids whom have been poorly raised with minimal supervision to lack of insistence on education as a plan A, plan B, Plan C, tend to have issues to even execute what they should really be good at..which in this case, he can’t consistently play football which is his primary source of income I assume due to issues consistence with his behaviors. People treat you based off how well you carry yourself. It all boils down to how well one was raised. I speak this from experience. I was raised to never talk back to my elders(granted I now stand my ground if poked), be it my relatives or not. I was taught that education was my plan A, plan B, Plan C to Z. I was taught to acknowledge my mistakes/experiences and learn from them, obviously Mr Fwayo does not learn. Fwayo, in the past has talked back to the fans in a bad way, elders that have tried to correct him on issues pertaining to his behavior that is detrimental to his playing career. Sometimes fans don’t criticize just to be malicious,we criticize because we see potential, we care for these guys even though they are not our relatives. Take a look at King Kalu for example or Katongo, it looks like he(kalu) comes from a family that emphasized at minimum humbleness and respect for those older than he is. I can guarantee you that if Kalu’s mommy tells Kalu to quit any nonsense if he was doing something wrong, he would do it in a split of a second. I doubt if Fwayo would do it.. Fwayo, just wants to be Fwayo, drink his Chibuku and get over weight and he does not want to answer to anybody, let alone being corrected. We are all not perfect, but come one man, when is it enough and start acting like an adult? He has been acting childish ever since he became famous. He has this attitude that everyone is out to get him and that’s just wrong. He needs to calm down and evaluate himself. Sources indicate that he been kicked out because he is overweight…that’s just a stupid reason if you are an athlete and you ignore what you eat, but instead gets fat. This is not american football where we need our offensive linemen to be 350+ pounds. You have to be disciplined and watch what you eat. Messi, Ronaldo got a load of money but ain’t getting fat. and oh,by the way they are very humble, they understand what it takes to succeed, not our own Fwayo. Like I said, good luck to the youngman, I hope he succeeds for the sake of his life without football as his age is catching up to him.

      • @Tc Soccerman.

        Those things you are saying are all assumptions. How many people here have not seen individuals raised in regular households who have turned out to do the sort of things Fwayo has done i.e. live up to his potential. I know hard working parents who have sent straight A students, who were respectful and loving to college and university only for them to come home after being kicked out for bad grades or behavior. Heck, I went to college (University) with guys like that.

        Fwayo is a person who has been given opportunity after opportunity. He lacks the personal discipline to succeed, and maybe he is a product of his environment, but then again maybe he is not. Trust me, no one who follows Zambian football is happy about this. How can a club fire a player for simply being overweight though, it may take some work, but firing him was drastic.

  2. Ba Zamfoot. Are we just going to pretend that Zambia didn’t play on Sunday or what? No match report or player ratings or any news? What’s going on. I know the team failed to qualify so does that mean they will no longer get coverage.

  3. Fwayo can’t succeed in Europe due to our national breweries failure to export Chibuku Shake- shake their. Very soon he will be back home coz even @john the dentist can’t convince him to sign for Perth warriors fc in Australia.

  4. Fwayo can’t succeed in Europe due to our national breweries failure to export Chibuku Shake- shake their. Very soon he will be back home coz even @john the dentist can’t convince him to

    sign for Perth warriors fc in Australian league.

  5. The media should do us a favour by granting thr player or his manager an interview to establish the cause of his unstability at foreign clubs. Otherwise we are all just speculating. The club also signed Luchanga.

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